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Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast

Pruvit Keto Reboot Review

When Pruvit launched their Keto Reboot kit at the Epik convention in January 2018, I was able to buy it before it went public. I was also certified to be a Keto Reboot Coach!

Feb. 11, 2018 was the first official Keto Reboot and thousands of participants joined, hence the excitement was at an all time high!

Never in my life have I seen so many people excited about not eating for 60 hours and taking a huge step towards better health!

Keto Reboot review

In this Keto Reboot review, I’m going to tell you all about my experience so you can educate yourself and decide if it’s right for you.

Don’t leave without reading my Pruvit Keto OS Review Here if you’d like to learn more about incorporating Ketones into your daily life.

Next community reboot starts Sunday, January 18, 2021!

Purchase Your Keto Reboot Kit Here for $79

New Keto Reboot Kit

New Keto Reboot System July 1st, 2019

Keto Reboot Prototype

Since I’ve written this post – Pruvit has given the Keto Reboot an upgrade! Here is a picture of what’s in the new Keto Reboot kit that just dropped July 1st, and this remains to be the current kit for 2021.

keto reboot system
Keto Reboot System – New Optimized Kit!

New Keto Reboot System – What’s in it?

  • 4 Better//Broth (2 flavors)
  • 4 Keto//NAT (4 flavors)
  • 15 Signal//OS for AM
  • 15 Signal//OS for PM
  • 3 Mito//Plex Electrolytes
  • 1 Keto//OS Pro Orange Dream (this is to break your fast – it’s the new protein powder with ketones + mct)

What’s different in the new Keto Reboot Prototype Kit?

The Keto Kalm Tea is gone, there’s a variety of Keto NAT flavors instead of just Raspberry Lemonade, there’s new Signal OS specific for AM and PM (and 30 pills vs 10), they’ve included the new Mitoplex electrolytes, and there’s the Keto//OS Pro + MCT (protein shake with ketones) to break your fast.

I think the new Keto Reboot System is amazing! More variety is always a good thing!

Keto Reboot Prototype Results

I just completed the first Keto Reboot Prototype kit July 21st! I have to say, it’s been a while since I rebooted. The last six weeks or so my diet went way off track! I’m up in NJ for the summer and I indulged in too many carbs! Pizza, bagels, etc.

My results from the Keto Reboot were great, and still going strong! My diet and metabolism have been completely RESET.

keto reboot before and after
Keto Reboot Results from Prototype Kit. Results will vary.

keto reboot results

It’s been so much easier to stay on track, making healthy choices comes naturally now, cravings are big time diminished. I lost 4 lbs from the reboot, and have lost another pound the days following. So much bloat gone. 

And I’ll be completely honest, I only lasted 40 hours…. yes, that’s right. If I have any advice that’s from the heart, it’s do the best you can!

I have completed several Reboots in the past and done the full 60 hours. I think it was harder this time because I was eating garbage leading up to it! So…I felt the detox symptoms more, but I don’t see this experience it as a failure AT ALL.

I think next time however, I’ll lower my carbs a bit more the days leading up to the reboot. I hope you appreciate my candor because not everyone will have the same experience every time. Again, you DO THE BEST YOU CAN! 🙂

Instructions for new Keto Reboot

keto reboot directions

When is the Next Keto Reboot?

Pruvit hosts the Keto Reboot on a monthly basis, on roughly the third Sunday of each month. However kits are on sale only the 1st – 5th of each month. 


Keto Reboot Kit – What’s in it and what is the Goal?

The review that follows is based on the original Keto Reboot kit, but it will be very similar, except no Keto Kalm tea before bed, Signal//OS for am and pm, and a Keto Pro shake to break your fast.

Pruvit’s Keto Reboot is a variety of exogenous ketone powders you mix with water to make drinks, broths and teas. This is a 60 hour “fast” or “cleanse” and all you need to complete the reboot is in the kit.

The goal of this 60 Hour Keto Kleanse is to reboot your system back to its “N8tive” state and get your metabolism reset and fired up!

Whether you want more energy, to get in shape, eat a healthier diet, or simply want to feel better, the reboot will give you the optimal reset you need to get on track.

The Keto Reboot and Optimization post reboot is designed to keep your fat burning potential at its peak!

There are no artificial colors or sweeteners in Pruvit products, and everything in the Keto Reboot kit is gluten free, sugar free and dairy free. The only products that are not vegan are the Better Broths (bone broths).

What’s in the Keto Reboot Kit? (Original Kit)

  • 2 Raspberry Lemonade Keto Max Charged
  • 2 Raspberry Lemonade Keto Max Decaf
  • 2 Caramel Apple Keto Kalm Teas
  • 1 Chocolate Keto Kalm Tea
  • 2 Better Broth Thyme flavor
  • 2 Better Broth Caramel Apple Flavor
  • 10 Signal-OS capsules (DNA repair)
60 hour fast Keto reboot
Original Keto Reboot Kit

What else do you need to complete the Keto Reboot?

  • Water, and lots of it. Pruvit recommends 1 gallon a day during the reboot
  • And of course your desire and commitment towards better health!

keto reboot water intake

Who Would Benefit from the Keto Reboot?

Anyone would benefit from this metabolic reset, so long as you’re at least 18 years of age and not pregnant or nursing.

Many people have asked me, why would you not want to eat for 60 hours? Are you nuts? 😉

Not nuts, but I’m into health, wellness, and anti-aging. I’ve done plenty of different fasts before and I know they are of great benefit to your health.

The Keto Reboot was the easiest, and most effective cleanse I’ve ever done!

Keto Reboot Schedule

Keto Reboot products

The schedule and timing of drinking your Keto Kalm Tea, Keto Max, Keto Broth and Signal-OS is easy.

You can also adjust it to your schedule no problem! I happen to be on a very late schedule so I pushed everything two hours.

It always starts on a Sunday night and ends on a Wednesday morning when you wake up to break your fast. People often ask me why it starts on a Sunday night and the reason is compliance. Generally people cheat on the weekends.

While you can do the Reboot on your own time, doing the Reboot with a large community is encouraging.

Keto Reboot Instructions

Keto Reboot Day 1 – Sunday Night

Keto Reboot keto kalm teaKeto Kalm Tea Chocolate

The Keto Reboot always kicks off on a Sunday night and that’s when you drink your first Chocolate Keto Kalm Tea, easy peasy.

Keto Kalm Tea contains ketones (BHB), magnesium, L-theonine and other ingredients to help you relax and promote restful sleep.

It tastes pretty good and is sweetened with Stevia. Think hot chocolate more than a tea…it’s a powder you mix with warm water. It is on the sweet side for my tastebuds…

The Signal-OS is packed full of AC-11 for DNA repair and high levels of Vitamin B.

It’s best to eat a light meal Sunday night. Don’t go binging on pizza and cookies before fasting, instead eat a sensible meal, preferably one lower in carbs.

Get a good night’s rest Sunday night, as Monday will be your first full day without food.

Don’t panic at the thought of this…ketones are a fuel source and provide energy. They are also filling and suppress your appetite. This is why you feel so good during the reboot!

Keto Reboot Day 2 – Monday

Keto Reboot schedule

When Monday arrives, you wake up and drink a Raspberry Lemonade Keto Max which tastes just like a country time lemonade.

Making it is simple, you just add 12-16 oz of water and ice and shake, shake, shake!

Keto Max flavors are a main stay of Pruvit’s line up, and the only ketones on the market bioidentical to the ketones your liver makes naturally. I drink Keto Max on a daily basis and it comes in many flavors.

Keto Max now comes in a new formula – Keto//OS NAT (you can read my blog post there to learn about the new formula).

If you have other Keto Max flavors on hand, or Keto Unleashed, you can drink any of these in place of the Raspberry lemonade if you prefer! I drank the Keto Max Heart Tart to switch things up!

pruvit reviews

A couple hours after drinking your Keto Max, you take your Signal-OS capsules.

During my experience during the reboot, some people preferred taking their Signal-OS with the broth, which is perfectly fine.

Lunchtime consists of Keto Thyme Better Broth which contains 7 grams of protein (it’s real bone broth with ketones). Tastes like Grandma’s homemade soup or Ramon noodles, it’s delicious!

Keto Reboot Better Broth

Afternoon you drink a decaf Raspberry Lemonade and then dinner is the Better Broth Salted Caramel, which tastes just like caramel popcorn!

While I drank my Better Broth Salted Caramel with warm water as directed (not boiling), some people really enjoyed drinking it cold with ice. It doesn’t make a difference. It’s on the sweet side so diluting with more water is fine to suit your taste.

I also had no problem taking my Signal-OS separate from the broth, I followed the Keto Reboot instructions to a “T.”

better broth caramel flavor

Your last drink of the day on Day 2 is the Keto Kalm Tea Caramel Apple flavor, which is a bit sweet for my liking but easily drinkable.

Pruvit does a great job with their flavors but remember, ketone salts are just that…BHB salts (betahydroxybutyrate)…. so masking the salts is necessary. If you don’t like the taste, suck it up and know it’s all worth it!!

Don’t forget – drink LOTS of water during your reboot! It’s very important. You’re detoxing and you need to give the toxins a way out, or you could wind up with headaches or other unwanted side effects.

However, detox symptoms shouldn’t be view as “abnormal,” in fact it’s normal to go through some ups and downs during the reboot.

If you do get a headache, up your water intake and add a pinch of Himalayan salt to increase your electrolytes.

Having some of the new Mitoplex electrolytes is acceptable during the Reboot. You would mix these in with your ketones.

We didn’t have these when the reboot first came out, I wish we did!

Happy to see these in the new Keto Reboot system!!

pruvit mitoplex samples

Keto Reboot Day 2 – How I Felt

keto reboot results

I am used to intermittent fasting….every day I start my day with coffee and Pruvit’s MCT//143 oil and then drink Keto Max a couple hours later. I usually don’t eat my first meal until about 2:00pm.

So how did I feel on Day 2? Pretty awesome! I wasn’t hungry at all and I went for a 4 mile run.

They recommend depleting your glycogen stores on Day 2 to shift your body into ketosis more quickly.

This isn’t the day to break any personal records at the gym, just doing a light workout is good, just do something!

It wasn’t until late in the evening that I started dreaming of how good buttered toast would taste, LOL!

I was on a text thread with a few friends who were also doing the reboot, and of course we were “commiserating” together. It’s great to have accountability partners! And yes, you’re gonna feel hungry at some point.

It was also the evening of Day 2 that I starting really detoxing and making frequent trips to the bathroom. Yes, you may poop…this is a CLEANSE. You’re emptying the tank! I think I went about 6x.

It’s not a big deal and it’s not uncontrollable. You feel it coming on and you go to the bathroom. Some people are hesitant to do this while they’re at work but don’t be! You’ll be fine.

Some people didn’t have this happen until day 2, or even day 3. I guess it depends how backed up you are and how regular you are normally. Some may not experience this at all.

I think for some people, day 2 may be the hardest, especially if you’ve never done a cleanse before. So if you can just get through day 2, you’ll be fine come day 3.

By Day 3, you’ll be burning your love handles for fuel and you will feel a metabolic “shift.” You will be in a deep state of ketosis! 

Again, LOTS of water!

Keto Reboot Day 3 – Tuesday

Keto Reboot review

Day 3 of the Keto Reboot is your second full day of not eating, and is a repeat of Day 2’s schedule so I won’t rehash it, but I will tell you how I felt as I was using my own fat for fuel!

Keto Reboot Day 3 – How I Felt

I wasn’t hungry at all by day 3. By this time, you’re in a deep state of ketosis and you’re body is tapping in to its fat stores for fuel. I almost felt a bit euphoric. This is what they mean by a “metabolic shift.”

I did go on a walk, but only lapped my block in case I needed to go to the bathroom, which I didn’t until later that night. For me, it was always the dinner time broth that kicked that part in. Everyone’s different.

I didn’t experience ANY hunger “pangs” or pains, and I even cooked my husband taco’s for dinner. Maybe that wasn’t the brightest of ideas because those taco’s did smell good.

But I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to resist. TACOS people! 😉

But the ketones in all the products really do keep you feeling full and your hunger suppressed. Once you do start to feel a little hunger, it’s time for your next drink and that feeling goes away.

Even though I wasn’t feeling physically hungry, come evening time there was the thought of food…and being so accustomed to eating at certain times… again this is where a huge community of support came in handy!

This is also why the reboot can really help break bad habits when it comes to food and snacking! Fasting is very empowering!

Testing your Ketone Levels

keto reboot review

Post reboot I tested my ketone levels on a Keto strip and it was super dark! By this point, my liver was breaking down fat into ketone bodies and being used for energy!

By the way, don’t get too hung on on peeing on stuff, blood ketone tests are far more accurate than urine strips but they’ll give you an idea. 

The Keto Mojo is a good one if you’re looking for a blood ketone/glucose meter.

Keto Reboot – Breaking the Fast

How to break your fast Keto Reboot

When my 60 hour reboot was complete, I woke up and I wasn’t hungry at all, but I felt a little weak so I knew I was ready to eat something. I actually went about 65 hours before breaking my fast.

It’s recommended you break your fast with some bone broth and some scrambled eggs. I just opted for a couple scrambled eggs in butter with cheese and a little ham.

Eat light the remainder of this day…. your digestion has been resting, your stomach shrank, and you won’t feel as hungry. Steamed veggies are also a great choice.

Going forward, with the new Keto Reboot System, you will break your fast with the new Keto//OS Pro +MCT Orange Dream flavor. This is a ketone/protein shake mix.

They also make this product in the original Chocolate Swirl flavor (you can buy as a stand alone product). But the new Keto Reboot system contains the Orange Dream flavor.

Keto Reboot Results – Reboot #1

So let’s face it, some of you will want to do this fast to kick start your fat loss! Who are we kidding? My main goal of the reboot was for ABS.

I did lose 5 lbs and my stomach was FLAT and I felt amazing! I said goodbye to all the bloat!

My sister lost 8 lbs, some people lost more, some less. But remember, the Keto Reboot is not just about weight loss, it’s about your metabolic health and anti-aging.

keto reboot weight loss

It completely reset my diet and I went on to eat low carb/keto easily in following weeks. When you accomplish something so huge, you really think twice about putting something in your mouth.

Food tastes so good after fasting that you have a much greater appreciation for healthy, nutritious foods!

One huge thing I noticed was how my gut improved…without TMI, let’s just say I’m very regular now and everything looks good!

This picture was me before starting ketones (Jan. 2017) and post Keto Reboot Feb. 2018. I didn’t take a before pic just before the cleanse my first reboot, I did for my second one (keep scrolling).

Pruvit Keto Reboot results
Results may vary

Post Reboot Optimization

Optimizing post reboot is so important! If you want to stay in this fat burning state of ketosis, you can do that by continuing to drink ketones daily and following a lower carb or Keto diet.

You don’t have to follow a Keto diet on the strictest level…any healthy eating plan is good but lower carb is key for continued fat loss. 

Some people jump right into the 60 Hour LEAN AND GREEN Protocol post reboot – check that out! It’s actually a great reset anytime! I do it frequently when I get too heavy on my carb intake.

Keto Reboot Results – Reboot #2

I did my second Keto Reboot in May but only lasted 48 hours due to a family emergency and having to drive out of town. I still had great results! Lost a few lbs, and got some abs back!

Sometimes things do come up…life happens…even if you don’t make it through the full 60 hours, you will have accomplished something. Just try again the next time.

Every time you reboot you’ll have a different experience and some are easier than others. I’ve probably done half a dozen reboots at this point (as I update this) and I haven’t always made it through to the end…don’t be discouraged, be empowered!

Also, did I mention I’m 46? Age is just a number;  don’t give up on your goals because of age and DON’T use it as an EXCUSE!

You’d be shocked at how quickly a body can transform if you commit to better health!

Keto Reboot Reviews
Results may vary

Keto Reboot Conclusion

what is the keto reboot?

All the Pruvit products in the reboot kit taste great and I found them to be very easy to consume, even enjoyable!

Staying active in the private Keto Reboot Facebook and watching the lives with the coaches was extremely motivating and helpful.

If you’re serious about the Keto Reboot, I can add you to the private Keto Reboot Facebook group once you’re a customer (if you become a customer, I send you a welcome email with instructions).

For the most part, I was not hungry and I had plenty of energy! The ketones did a great job of keeping my full and my appetite suppressed. I slept great throughout out process as well.

I would recommend the Reboot to anyone wanting to take that step towards better health, break bad habits, or if you need a boost to get into a deep, fat burning state of ketosis. Or if you just want to see your abs! 😉

Fasting is extremely beneficial for the body as it allows your digestion to rest and you expel a lot of bloat.

Pruvit likes to call the monthly Reboot “checking in with your metabolic boss.” We see people doing this on a monthly basis and it’s encouraged and perfectly safe to do so.  So……

Are you Ready to REBOOT?

Purchase Your Keto Reboot Kit Here

Get on the List for the Next Reboot

Before you leave…

Please check out my Pruvit Keto OS testimonial here if you’d like to learn more about incorporating Ketones into your daily life.

Or, visit my Keto Samples blog to get started on a 5 or 10 day experience!

This is a great way to get started on ketones if you’re not quite ready to Reboot. Or, if you want to have a variety on hand once you finish your reboot, or if you want to “pre-boot” before your reboot and start some intermittent fasting before the full 60 hours.

A good way to get started would be to drink one a day for 5 days, then do the Reboot, then you’ll have five more flavors post reboot so you can keep going.

This would be optimal and you’ll definitely find the flavor you love best so you can commit to the journey long term.

Keto Nat samples for sale

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Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast
3 out of 5 stars

Feb 14, 2023 by 

First, yes I lost 6lbs doing the 60hr reboot. But its been 3 days since i completed the reboot and still have diarrhea. watching my calories and fat intake to hopefully mitigate it. however, no improvement yet.


Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast
4 out of 5 stars

Jan 26, 2019 by 

This is really a great product even with just only being on it almost one full day. I’ve done some fasting before as well, but this really sets you up. I second on the Keto Kalm Apple Carmel and the Better Broth Carmel. The Carmel is the only one to make me somewhat gag. I love Carmel but not as a drink. I did add more water for the broth and it tasted better. I will try that with the tea as well. I think of it wasn’t for the Carmel I would’ve totally given it a 5. I will comment again when I complete.

My first 30 hours

Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast
4 out of 5 stars

Dec 14, 2018 by 

I am 34 years old and my body is in good shape. I do workout 4-5 days a week. I was very concerned with not eating, but I am a believer in the benefits of fasting. I've used a few products through Pruvit that I feel is an awesome company with great quality. So when I heard about the 60hr reboot I jumped right in. I usually eat what ever although I have a few tummy issues, gastroparesis and extremely heartburn. so I am a delicate flower. I have experienced nausea and heartburn on this brief journey. I was concerned about not eating for so long due to the fact I get shaky when I don't eat. My first night drinking the Keto Kalm was hard to stomach. It made me feel sick. I will say its a bit too sweet. Next time I'll add extra water to help. I did get a very bad headache after I consuming the Keto Kalma and my headache has stayed with me for most of this. The first day Ibuprofen didn't touch it! I will say on a good note I can't believe I can stick with it. May be you need to have a strong mind set. I was able to do about 30min at the gym until my head started throbbing. I may be slightly dehydrated.The second day is a lot better and I have great bowl movement which is unusual for me. Im not doing the reboot so much for weight loss mainly I'm doing this for my health and tummy inflammation. can't wait to see my results. my appetite has been a roller coaster, but Im pulling through. I've also learned a lot about myself. I am addicted to caffeine and love fat way more then sugar. Also, we can eat way less then we all do. If there was anything I could change it would be an extra serving of the Better Broth Keto Thyme and make everything else with less sweetness. Ive got 20hrs left and I'm ready to eat a cow. j/k Good luck on your reboot journey!

Can’t wait to do the next Reboot!

Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast
5 out of 5 stars

Dec 09, 2018 by 

I think I am about to do my 5th Keto Reboot and it couldn’t be a better time to do it with Christmas fast approaching. It will be planned for January as well to get back on track after the holiday season. The first time I did it, it was tough but it was great having the support of everyone else out there to keep me focussed. I would also say it was very much like a cleanse so don’t venture too far from home until you know what your tolerance to it is! The Tyme Bone broth is not on my list of likes but I still make sure to get it in. The salted caramel bone broth is sweet which is more my preference but I make it whipped up with lots of ice and more water in my Magic bullet instead. I also do that with the Chocolate and Caramel Apple to change it up. Overall, I have had great results with the Keto Reboot by losing on average around 5 pounds. After that, if I can stay on track it always pushes my out of a plateau.

2nd Round

Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast
5 out of 5 stars

Oct 06, 2018 by 

I loved how structed and organized this fast was. I did my first in September and just finished my second yesterday. I felt great during both fasts and actually extended them to 72hours both times. I also didn't start on Sunday I started on Thursday late late (1AM) because I usually sleep in during on most days. Also for me since I tend to cheat on the weekend what better reward then to eat on Saturday night. I've lost a total of 10 lbs in 30 days and I 100% believe it waa because of this fast. I've struggled years to lose 1 lbs and now I'm 10 down. my only negative point about this fast is the taste. I don't like the sweet stevia taste in any of the products but I did add way more water than needed to make it easier to drink and had no issues.

Made it through

Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast
5 out of 5 stars

Oct 03, 2018 by 

I will complete my Reboot in the morning. It was great and I wouldn’t have made it through without all of your good insight and advice! Thank you!


Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast
3 out of 5 stars

Aug 16, 2018 by 

Detox is never fun... These products are way too sweet. More thyme broth would be better. I will try it one more time and dilute everything more than 12oz.

Good stuff

Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast
4 out of 5 stars

Aug 10, 2018 by 

Thank you for writing this up. I am currently on this reboot and am on day three. I am really craving food but I can push through it as I didn’t think I could.
I do find some of these powders to be way too sweet and very hard to stomach and actually feel quite sick. I couldn’t get the caramel broth down at all. I feel they should just have the thyme broth. broth shouldn’t be sweet in my opinion. You have helped me to realise to just push through some of these overly sweet flavours and it’s only helping me to reach my goal in the long run. To just push through.
Thank you again for your review as it has helped me to complete this!

Loved the Reboot

Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast
5 out of 5 stars

Apr 02, 2018 by 

Rachel, I did the March Keto Reboot and it felt easy with all the products to keep me full. While I did not do the fast to lose fat, I ended up losing so much bloat that I dropped almost 10 lbs. Very happy with my results and I'll be doing it again. Thanks.

4.2 5.0 9 9 First, yes I lost 6lbs doing the 60hr reboot. But its been 3 days since i completed the reboot and still have diarrhea. watching my calories and fat intake to hopefully mitigate it Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast

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User Questions and Answers

Q: Can I drink black coffee during the Reboot? I'm not sure if I can give it up but I really want to give this a try! -Sophia

A: Hi Sophia, black coffee is fine during the reboot. Pruvit does encourage just sticking with what's in the kit, but as long as you don't add sugar or any kind of creamer you should be fine. I also could not give up my one cup of coffee in the morning during the Reboot and I was fine. Adding dairy or sugar would be a big no-no. Good luck!

Was this question helpful to you?
17 out of 17 people found this question helpful.

Q: Hi! I’m signed up for the June 17th reboot and have a question about early morning exercise during it. Because of my work and family schedule, I work out (boot camp/HIIT/circuit) early in the mornings (either 5 or 6 am) before work, and do so on an empty stomach (minus water), then eat breakfast later that morning. Should I hold off on my workouts Monday and Tuesday, or get up a little earlier to have my first reboot serving of the day, or just have it after my workout? Also, are heavier workouts like these discouraged during the reboot, and perhaps I should do something lighter (or just rest! ??) these couple mornings? Oh, and what about after the reboot on Wednesday? Go ahead and workout as usual that morning? Thanks so much for your thoughts!! ? -Kelly

A: Hi Kelly! I would do your workout Monday morning fasted as you normally do, because on day 2 (which is Monday), its encouraged that you deplete the glycogen from your muscles so you'll more easily shift into ketosis.  I would just have your Max after your workout. I wouldn't try to break any records with that Monday workout either... and Tuesday I think you should just rest, or go for a walk/light run. There's a chance you may be using the bathroom more frequently by then (part of the detox process) so no need to push it and you may want to not be running and 3 miles from home if you need to use the bathroom! :) I lapped my block on that 3rd day.  You could do a light workout Wednesday if you wanted to and then after your workout break your fast, but again this isn't the time to work out your hardest...if you are tired then rest. You're body is doing a lot of work internally to repair itself. My best advice would be workout Monday, deplete the glycogen, do the 60 hours, break your fast on Wednesday and then Thursday morning hit it hard. Good luck!!! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?
5 out of 5 people found this question helpful.

Q: Hi there! I stumbled across your blog while reading how to take Keto OS while fasting. I just started, and have about 10 pacers left but then need to reorder. My goals are definitely weight loss, I am getting married June 9th! My question would be what do you recommend? May reboot? I have been taking a packet before or after my first meal of the day around 12 and then I normally drink pre workout and head to orange theory around 4:15. Also I have been eating very low carb and low sugar. Would love your recommendations and would be happy to purchase from you! Thanks, Tara -Tara

A: Hi Tara! I love your schedule, it sounds like mine! Ketones + OTF = FIRE! :) The Reboot is a great way to really reset your metabolism and reset your diet (if any bad habits have crept back), and it definitely kicks in some weight loss for most. I've had a lot of customers do the reboot and they are loving their results.  Great way to kick your fat burning into high gear. Have you tried drinking your ketones an hour before OTF? That's what I do... and I can't go without now. It activates the ketones and you'll burn more fat. Try that instead of your pre workout and see how you like it. I love the Blue Ocean or the Heart Tart before my workouts.

Reboot kits go on sale May 1st for a five day window. If you'd like me to add you to my Keto Reboot notify group, or if you'd like to chat more, email me directly at [email protected]. Or you can bookmark my Pruvit website here. Thanks!

Congrats on your upcoming wedding by the way, my anniversary is June 6th :) ~Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?
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Q: After reboot what products do u recommend continuing and how often -D

A: Hi Desiree, the recommendation is to continue drinking your ketones 2x a day for optimal results and to stay in ketosis. They have offered up the Better broth soups today on a flash sale, which is part of the reboot kit. That's also an option and good for fasting and gut repair. But definitely get your ketones in! Good luck. Rachel

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Q: Can I have additional Keto//OS MAX beverages? We have a supply of them at home, from before the reboot, and I find myself wanting to have some as a suitable replacement to my daily cups of coffee. -David

A: Hi David, thanks for your question. The optimal dose is two Keto OS or Keto Max per day, but I know people who drink 3...seems like a lot to me, but it's ok to do! Drink lots of water. If you'd like to chat further, please email me directly to [email protected]

Congrats on doing the Reboot! I had a great experience, I hope you did too. I'd love to hear about it. Rachel

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Q: You state that you took 2 of the capsules on day 1. My kit did not state to take 2 capsules. Just to drink the Kalm. -Lisa Davis

A: Hi Lisa, they've optimized the instructions since the first reboot and that was one of the changes. Instead of taking 2 Signal OS the first night, those two are taken the morning you break your fast. I need to update my blog so it's not confusing. Good luck! Rachel

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Q: what would be the best chicken bone broth to use? I am unable to have beef due to nursing and my son having an allergy. Thank you -Andrea

A: Hi Andrea! Thanks for your question. I would just visit your local Whole Foods or grocery store and buy an organic chicken broth. Of course it won't have the ketones in it, but you could still get a great benefit from doing the reboot with your own chicken broth. The brand I like is the Pacific brand, they have all the good organic broths. But if your store doesn't have that brand, then I would just use any good quality organic chicken broth. Or you could make your own, but I'd be too lazy ;) Good luck! Rachel

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Q: I'm doing the 80 Day Obsession right now. Would I be able to do the fast and still exercise? -Margaret

A: Hi Margaret, Pruvit recommends doing some exercise on day 2 of the fast to deplete glycogen in your muscles to get into a deeper ketosis quicker. I did a light workout on day 3 but nothing crazy. So yes, you can still exercise, most people do, I just wouldn't try to set any personal records ;) And if the 80 day obsession is very intense maybe tone it down the 3rd day.  Good luck! Rachel

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Q: Is this recommended if you have type 2 diabetes? -Stephanie

A: Hi Stephanie, thanks for your question. Dr. Heather Cardin talks about this on her Facebook lives on the @JustPruvit Facebook page, try watching her latest video here. I would highly recommended giving that page a like and take a look at some of her weekly videos, she usually covers this topic as well as a host of other medical stuff. If that link doesn't work, try visiting the main page first, giving it a like and then you can easily find that latest video on their page. And I think if you do a google search of "ketones and diabetes" you'll find a whole heap of info. If you have any concerns about giving it a try, it's always best to check with your Doctor. I'm sorry I can't give you a better black and white answer. Thank you and good luck! Rachel

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A: Hi Annette, what are you allergic to in the raspberry lemonade? You could order some samples from my keto blog and try some other flavors if you'd like. Right now, you can't change the flavors in the reboot kit. But I always buy extra, so you could buy one from me and I could substitute those for another Max flavor if you'd like. Email me at [email protected]. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: I just wanted to thank you for the information. I have asked (on other Facebook sites) three different times on HOW TO take the Reboot Kit products. I stated that I couldn't find directions in the box...my one and only reply was "directions are ON the box". After much scrutiny of the box....I never saw directions on WHAT to take? HOW to take?.... or WHEN to take?. You answered all of those questions very specifically. I am really glad I stumbled on to your page. I never would have realized that I was supposed to take 7 different products throughout the day. Thank you SO MUCH for answering EVERY question I had...BEFORE I even asked YOU! -Beth

A: Hi Beth! Thanks so much for your message - I'm happy I could help! Directions are in fact not on the box... usually they mail you a small card with the reboot that show the directions, but maybe they missed sending it to you. Are you in the private Keto Reboot Facebook group? That's a great place for education and encouragement. It was really helpful being a part of the group for my first reboot. If you'd like to connect, send me a pm on my Women's Blog Talk Facebook page and we can connect there and I could add you to the group. Thanks and good luck!! xo Rachel

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Q: Can you use products such as Mio while doing your reboot? I hate (get sick with) the taste of plain water. I want to make sure I get all the water I need. Thank you for your time. -Jennifer

A: Hi Jennifer, they say if it's not in the kit, omit, but Mio doesn't have any sugar or carbs so you should be fine. I still drink black coffee in the mornings during my reboots. The only thing is I know some of those Mio's have vitamins and electrolytes - so if you're drinking a gallon of water per day (which is what you should be drinking), then you're getting a crap load of extra stuff you don't need and your liver has to process all that - your body is resting from over processing anything during the reboot, so I would limit those to two per day, you need fresh water! xo Rachel

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Q: I am doing the 60hr reboot and on my first night i took the max drink instead of the keto kalm. What affects will this have? -Trisha

A: Hi Trisha, well it's not so bad, don't worry. I hope it was a decaf however. Decaf ketones put you into ketosis same as the tea, but the tea is more geared towards helping promote restful sleep so that's why they have you drink it at night. Some people do drink the decaf Max to help with sleep as well, so it's all good. So, on your last day you won't have that second Keto Max to drink since you drank it your first night. I'm not sure if you'd want to drink two teas, you'll probably get sleepy. Do you have any more Keto Max's on hand, are you a customer? You could buy some extra Max from me on my samples blog if you'd like and I could mail tomorrow priority but I don't think you'd get them in time. Good luck and let me know if I can help. Rachel

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Q: I am a 3rd shift worker and I'm ready for Sunday but I dont know how to do the reboot working 3rd shift since it's schedule. Please help me before sunday -Danielle

A: Hi Danielle, just follow the kit along with when your normal eating schedule would be. So if you work 11-7am, and normally eat breakfast at 10pm, start then. I'm not sure what a 3rd shift is exactly, but hopefully this makes sense. I am a night owl so I always usually start my first drink around 11 am and finish late, because I'm used to a late schedule. Just make it work for you, when you're awake. Good luck! Rachel

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Q: With the 60 hour reboot do you just take 3 capsules of the pm at a time . Just curious because there would be extra when reboot is done -Danielle

A: Hi Danielle! Yes there will be extra when you're done with the reboot.... we suggest just continuing to take it once a day until it's gone post reboot!  Good luck, Rachel

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Q: Do you have any of the reboot kits available for the August reboot? -Brandy

A: Hi Brandy, unfortunately I do not have extras this month, the next kits will be up for sale Sept. 1. Have you considered getting started on some samples to get Keto adapted over the next few weeks? I think it's a real benefit to adjust to the ketones before jumping into the reboot, you'll have a better experience. You can check out the Keto samples I offer here. Let me know if I can help. And if you'd like I can put you on my reboot notify list for September. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Will it be ok to do a total body workout the Monday morning of the reboot? -Shannon

A: Absolutely! They recommend doing a workout on the first full day, to help deplete the glycogen stores from your muscles. You should be feeling fine then, you'll just be getting going, but you will be doing the workout in a fasted state (since you may be used to normally eating a breakfast first). I usually go to an afternoon class (around 4:30) of HIIT training on my first full day of the reboot and feel GREAT! I'm used to fasted workouts, but just do the best you can. If you don't feel as strong as you normally do, just take it down a notch, you don't need to break any workout records during the reboot, it's just important to get some exercise :) Good luck!! xo Rachel

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Q: So if keto is the answer why are people having to do all these reboots? I mean if I am on keto do I have to reboot? -Theresa

A: The Keto Reboot is not just about fat loss.... fasting is very beneficial for your health as it eats up diseased and damaged cells in your body, and it's good to give your digestion a rest. If you're happy with your results either on Keto diet or just drinking the ketones daily, no you don't have to reboot. If you hit a plateau, or just want to step up your metabolic health, reset your diet, de-carb if you've gotten off track, then the Reboot is a GREAT idea. I do it as needed... July I needed one, despite drinking my ketones - my diet had gone haywire. :) Thanks for your question. xo Rachel

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Q: Can you tell me what harm it would be doing the reboot newly pregnant? -Leslie

A: Leslie, the Keto Reboot is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers. Your body should not be deprived of food while you're pregnant, it could be too stressful on a growing baby. It's just too extreme for you right now. However, drinking DECAF ketones while you're pregnant is fine. :) Good luck for a happy and healthy pregnancy! ~Rachel

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Q: What happens when u do the reboot for one month and then u dont do it after that ? Or lets say if i do it for 3months straight and stop doing it after that for more than 1 year due to pregnancy ? -Narmin

A: Narmin, the reboot has tremendous benefits as it resets your metabolism and fasting has many health benefits. It's not recommended for pregnant or nursing moms, too extreme. If you did the reboot for one month you'll lose alot of inflammation and bloat and it's a great diet "reset" so you continue with a healthy eating plan post reboot and drinking daily ketones to optimize is encouraged. Also most people lose weight during the reboot, I lost 5 lbs. Like any diet, you will keep your results unless you go back to bad eating, right? :) Decaf ketones are safe for pregnant or nursing moms, just not charged (with caffeine) or the reboot. Good luck! Rachel

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Q: 48 hours in and feel so bloated it hurts? Is this normal? -Shannon

A: Shannon, every one's experience detoxing is different, the bloating will go down and those fat cells will collapse but be sure and drink plenty of fresh water, they recommend about a  gallon a day on the reboot. Good luck, hang in there! Rachel

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Q: I’m unsure about when to take keto//os max. I am an OTF’er but go at 6:15am. Take before or after? -Darin Grigsby

A: Hi Darin! I love OTF! Been doing it for a year and a half. It does help so much with energy and fat burning during a class. I would try drinking it before/on your way to class. Sometimes I'm still sipping on mine when class gets started, but I usually like to finish it before so I can switch to water. I go in the pm though, usually 4:30 so I know it's different and may be hard to drink that early. You could also try eating a little something after class (if you're hungry) and then drinking your ketones. There's no right or wrong way really, drink them when you feel you need the energy, but it does increase your fat burning if you drink before a workout. I can't power through an OTF class without them anymore, I feel so sluggish! Good luck! Rachel

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Q: How often can you do the reboot? how many days between. So if i started tonight and finished sat morning, could i do another reboot the following sat and finish on tuesday? is there a time frame between reboots? -John

A: Hi John, I'd say that depends on how good you feel during a reboot. If it's time to break the fast and you're starving/miserable/headache, etc then you'd want to probably take a break. Usually I'm feeling pretty great by the end of a reboot and I have gone longer by like a day.  If you're feeling great running on fat for fuel and have some experience with intermittent or longer fasts, then you could certainly do one back to back. I think you should always just listen to your body. Good luck! xo Rachel

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Q: Hi I see you say not to do this if nursing... I was told it would be okay ... can you tell me what side effects I’d have or if it crosses over into my milk to effect my baby? Thank you -Julia

A: Julia, the Reboot is not recommended for nursing mothers. Any type of fast would not be since you'd be restricting calories too much, it's literally only a couple hundred for the whole day and I'm sure you need more for milk production. I'm not sure how a high dose of ketones would affect your baby....you would want to ask your Dr. about this but it's best to wait until you're not nursing. I'm not sure who told you it would be ok, I hope it's not someone who is more interested in a sale then you. Please wait.  xo Rachel

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Q: How often do you do the 60gr reboot? Once a month? -Tonya

A: Hi Tonya, I've done the reboot 3x now...some people do it on a monthly basis, especially if they have fat to lose. I drink the ketones daily but I tend to do the Reboot "as needed" like I need one now to shed a few extra lbs still lingering from the holidays! :)

Pruvit recommends it monthly regardless, some even do it more than that. I have extra reboot kits on my Keto Samples blog if you need one now. They won't be for sale again from my Pruvit website until Feb. 1st. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: There are extra signal OS pills in the package. Why are they there? -Wendy

A: Hi Wendy, it was just a matter of packaging in the blister packs... you'll have extra post reboot and you can keep taking them until they are finished, I would just take one am and one pm.

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Q: I Just did my 3rd reboot but this time I did not detox or anything. Is that normal? I did not lose any weight. -Dhana

A: Hi Dhana, the reboot is not always about weight loss, it's more about health and vitality... some of the benefits can't exactly be seen, like autophagy of the cells. I'm sure you received a health benefit from the fast itself. Also, every reboot is different. You say you didn't detox, but how do you quantify that? Did you go to the bathroom a lot more on your previous reboots, and not so much this one? Maybe you needed more water, or maybe you're just more accustomed to fasting now. Sometimes some fat loss comes after, when you get that fat whoosh.

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Q: Can I get these products in the UK? Thanks -Abi

A: Hi Abi, unfortunately not at this time, only U.S., Canada, Australia and parts of SE Asia. Hopefully soon! I'm going to send you a private email I think I have something that will interest you. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Can you drink coffee while on reboot? -Jenn

A: Hi Jenn, I did still drink a small cup of black coffee during the reboot - I can't live without coffee, LOL! They say if it's not in the kit - OMIT - but black coffee or tea won't break a fast, as long as it doesn't have any sugar or cream it in, you're fine if you feel you need it. Good luck! Rachel

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Q: Hi I started keto with purefit tablets and did healthy keto eating plan started on August 30th 2018 76.4 kilos Now down to 63 .4. Will the reboot help me as my stomach is not flat .I do lot of walking and Zumba once a week .and do you deliver to Cyprus where I live . Thanks Karen Kilroe -Karen

A: Hi Karen, Reboot is the only thing that gives me a flat tummy, it gets rid of all the bloat! Unfortunately we don't ship to Cyprus :( We ship to the U.S., Canada, Australia and parts of SE Asia. So sorry! Rachel

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Q: How do you continue to drink ketones after fasting? THanks! -Kelly

A: Hi Kelly! Post reboot just keep drinking them twice a day for best results. You can drink one on the morning and fast until you get hungry, then another one early afternoon. Good luck with the reboot! Rachel

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Q: Can i continue my routine at the gym while doing the keto fast? -Enna

A: Hi Enna, on day 2 (your first full day without food), it's recommend you do a light workout to help remove the glycogen from your muscles to speed up the ketosis process. However, it's not the time to push it too hard.... and on day 3 it's best to rest. But you can do whatever you feel that you have the energy for. My recommendation is take it easy, maybe do a light lifting session or some light cardio. You don't want to do a strenuous workout because that usually makes you hungry, and giving the body a rest while you're fasting and repairing is never a bad idea. Good luck! Rachel

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Q: Can I keep going on the reboot past the 60 hours? Does that help with more weight loss? -Lynn

A: Hi Lynn, yes you can fast for longer, many people do. I went only an extra 5 hours or so after my first reboot only because I was starting to feel a little weak and was ready to stop. Another option is just to go ahead and break your fast, but continue with an intermittent fasting schedule. Basically wake up, drink a Keto Max, then when you start to get hungry around 1 or 2, drink a Keto Kreme then wait to eat. You can also drink a second Max in the afternoon. Try to eat within a smaller time window and eat your last meal by 8pm. There are many different ways to fast, but I love doing intermittent fasting and do it everyday. I've gotten so used to it! Good luck and let me know if I can help. Rachel

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Q: I just started my reboot. I’m on day 1. In the directions in the box it did t say which calm tea Yo drink but in here you said the chocolate one. I ended up drinking the Carmel Apple. Does it matter? I was just trying to break up the flavors. -Randi

A: Hi, Randi! It doesn't matter one bit which tea flavor you choose, either one is fine :) I always preferred having the Thyme broth for dinner since it was more of a "dinner" flavor over the caramel broth also. Good luck with the reboot! Rachel

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Q: Is there a website where I can go on to be in a group. I’m planning on starting my reboot on Sunday Sept. 16. -Dee

A: Hi Dee, yes there is a private Keto Reboot group but I would need to add you (or whomever you purchase through if it's not me). I'll send you a private email so we can connect. Thanks, Rachel

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Q: Can you reboot twice in a month? -Lisa

A: Hey Lisa, Pruvit recommends a monthly reboot but there's no reason why you couldn't... or you may try extending your Keto Reboot fast by a day or two if you feel up to going longer! One of my customers just completed SEVEN days, she kept going with the Keto Max, Better Broth and Keto Kalm teas. She didn't have the Signal-OS, but I have a pure AC-11 product I recommend, it's call Healthycell. Awesome stuff...I'm about to start their Healthycell Pro system, which is a multi vitamin system for am and pm with 750 mgs AC-11. They also have the straight AC-11 with 350 mg per pill. Good luck and feel free to email me directly if you need more help: [email protected] Thanks! ~Rachel

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Q: Have people had results when they are already in ketosis? -gillian

A: Hi Gillian, absolutely. I have a lot of people following a Keto diet who also enjoy the benefits of fasting.  Some people have a really hard time getting into a deep ketosis, or staying in ketosis on a Keto diet. The Keto Reboot will definitely get you there. It's a great diet reset also if you're looking to get into ketosis quickly and then keep going from there. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Was wondering why someone who was nursing couldn’t try the reboot? Really wish I could try it.. -Caitlyn

A: Hi Caitlyn, you need calories when you're nursing...and I'm not sure how it could potentially effect milk production. No type of fast is recommended when nursing since you're feeding another human :)  My best advice is just drink daily ketones! There's a huge benefit to just adding them to your routine, and decaf is best and it's perfectly fine while you're nursing. You could do charged, like if you normally have a cup of coffee in the morning, but I would skip the coffee and just drink the ketones so you're not doubling your caffeine. Wait for the reboot once you're done nursing. Best of luck! Rachel

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Q: Where can I find recipes or meal suggestions for day 3 (Wed) whn my fast is ending. -Angela

A: Hi Angela, a lot of people go right into a 60 hour Lean and Green post reboot, it'll make it easy as to what you can eat, then once the lean and green is over, continue eating low carb but add some healthy fats back in like MCT, avocado, butter, etc. Good luck! Rachel

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Q: I found the drink hard to enjoy like vitamin tasting how come any solution end up caving in during 60 hr does that happen -Kimberly

A: Kimberly, which ones tasted like vitamins? I think the Keto Max tastes awesome, I think the teas are a bit sweet (so I dilute) and I love the Thyme Bone Broth best. Yes, caving happens...we do the best we can! I think you should give just daily ketones a try, the Keto Max flavors are awesome and it's a much different experience than the reboot and not eating for 60 hours. When I mix my Keto Max up, I use about 18 oz water and ice in a big shaker cup, although if I'm in a hurry or on my way to a workout I'll just use a standard water bottle amount so it's a bit more concentrated. I like it both ways. I'd say get to drinking them daily, adapt to the ketones and being in ketosis and try another reboot once you have a month of this under your belt. Do some longer intermittent fasting days on the ketones so that fasting becomes easy - it really does become routine after a while. Thanks for your comment! Rachel

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Q: Can you use essential oils in your water while using the reboot system? -Ana

A: Hi Ana, no fats or oils during the reboot. If it's not in the kit, it's best to omit. Aside from maybe pink salt or another electrolyte (like the new MitoPlex if you have it, it's best to stick with what's in the kit. Good luck! Rachel

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Q: Do I have to be on a keto diet to do the reboot? -Leslie

A: Hi Leslie, no, not at all.  However if a low carb/keto diet is what you're interested in doing, there's no faster way that I know of to get into a deep ketosis than the reboot. It's a great diet reset and makes it easier to make low carb choices when you're done! Because after 60 hours, trust me you're going to rethink what you're eating.  It's a great feeling! Good luck, I hope you'll give it a try. ~Rachel

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Q: I am niddm and have htn. I take medicine Is this recommended -Kathleen

A: Hi Kathleen, I can't give medical advice so if you're unsure about trying ketones you should double check with your Dr.  If you google "ketones and diabetes" I think you'll find plenty of info to help you decide. Pruvit's Keto OS is a supplement to which there is FDA disclaimer since it's not an prescription, rather a supplement. So I can only encourage you to do your own research. I hope you understand. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Do you have pruvit products which are not so sweet. I am not used to drinking soft drinks nor sugary drinks and I find that all your products taste like sugar. Please advise -Anna

A: Hi Anna, the Keto Kalm teas in the reboot kit are exceptionally sweet in my opinion, I always add extra water. The new Keto NAT flavors are lighter in flavor, I love the new Ruby Rush red grapefruit flavor! They're all going to be somewhat sweet since exogenous ketones are BHB salts, so you have to sweeten them or they wouldn't taste very good. Pruvit does not use any artificial sweeteners (they use Stevia and Erythritol which is a sugar alcohol). The lightest flavors in my opinion are the new NAT flavors Ruby Rush, Splash and I love the Max Key Limeade. You get used to it though, I don't use sugar in my coffee or eat many sweets, but I crave my daily ketones! Maybe you should try a 10 day experience to sample a variety of flavors? Check out my packages on my Keto Samples blog and see if that's something that would interest you. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Can you use mio in your water during the reboot? -Tiffany

A: Hi Tiffany, yes as long as there are no calories, you can use. Same goes for herbal teas and black coffee.... they say if it's not in the kit, omit. However, anything with zero cals like that should be fine. I would avoid artificial sweeteners however, unless it's stevia or erythritol. Some of those other ones can cause cravings and can even effects glucose levels in some people . So... you'll have to take a look at the ingredients in Mio. Good luck!

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Q: What about if you are an ovo-lacto vegetarian of several decades and cannot deal with the thought of bone meal broth? I do understand the theory of ketosis and can handle turkey breast and occasional chicken breast but would still not consume red meat, pork or seafood. Makes it tough, but I have done the Atkins diet successfully. My desire is to increase focus and brain health as I am 68 and feeling a need to recoup my memory, energy and protect myself from the effects of an aging brain and body. Thanks for any thoughts. -Betty

A: Hi Betty, I would honestly skip the reboot and just drink ketones twice a day. You could use them to intermittent fast and they used to do the reboots just using ketones, so that's also an option. There are a ton of benefits just adding the daily drink. I wouldn't compromise your standard practices for the sake of a reboot... also adding MCT to your coffee (if you drink it) or just on foods or in hot tea is extremely effective for your brain. I use ketones plus MCT everyday and it's worked wonders for my mood, energy, brain and memory. Read my blog about MCT here... Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Why are there more signal os than asked to take? What do you do with the extra pills -Amanda

A: Hi Amanda! There are extras just due to packaging.... go ahead and continue taking them until they are finished. One am and one pm. Added benefits! The Signal OS is sold by the box if you like how you feel on them. Good luck with your reboot! xo Rachel

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Q: Can 70 yr old women do this and I take medication for hypertension and have other illnesses will this still work -Mickey

A: Hi Mickey, I'm not a Dr. so I cannot advise you. Please run this by your Dr. before you give it a try, or any health supplement. Good luck!

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Q: What are the extra signal pills for in the reboot kit? -Alteza Kemp

A: Hi! These are just extra due to packaging... just continue taking them one am and one pm until they're gone :) Good luck with your reboot!

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Q: I take a Probiotic daily, can I still take it while rebooting or would it interfere with the effect of products? -Nikki

A: Hi Nikki, nope, I continued to take my probiotic at night, it's perfectly fine! That's the only thing I kept taking. Good luck! Rachel

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Q: Hi The bone broth is made from what kind of animal ? -Nargis

A: Beef and chicken

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Q: Hi! Going to be doing the reboot for July. A little nervous though. I work Sunday through Thursday night 11-7. I work in a factory and it's very hot. I really want to do this, but just not sure how to do it correctly? Thanks so much for any insight! -Jill

A: Hi Jill, don't be nervous, it's not bad at all! We have people in our community who do this each and every month like clockwork. Just adjust the serving times to fit your normal schedule when you would normally eat/drink. And if it's hot, be sure and get plenty of water. You should drink about a gallon a day on the reboot so drinking and being near a bathroom so you can go as much as you need is important. Alternatively, do it on your days off when you're at home. We do have a large community doing it together as a group July 21st, but you can do it anytime. Good luck!

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    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Meme! You can continue to take them, one each am and pm until they are finished. They do come with extra due to packaging. These are great on their own though. Rachel

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Barbara, oh yes, and it should. The Mitoplex is electrolytes so they are essential especially if you’re following a keto or low carb diet. You get all the sodium you need from the Keto NAT, and the Mitoplex gives you the rest… I always mix one into my daily Keto NAT 🙂 The flavored ones can be mixed with water and ice and they taste delicious on their own as well, and I know some who mix in the unflavored Mitoplex right into their coffee and Keto Kreme. However you like it, it’s great to get it in, at least one daily. xo Rachel

  • Donna

    Hello since I have been on keto I have had no need to take my insulin now again after 3 weeks I have no need to take 2 of my other insulin pills. Things have been amazing, I feel so good. Now I would like to start a Reboot

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Nova, it’s very effective for a metabolic reset and it really does a great job at resetting your diet – you really are in a more healthful mind set after completing it. However, results won’t outlast a bad diet if you got right back to bad habits, nothing does. But it’s a fantastic reset to get you on a path to better and makes making healthy choices much easier and you will not be as hungry. I highly recommend the Keto Reboot and I’ve done it numerous times, some do it every month if they have a lot of weight/fat to lose. Kits will be on sale October 1st – 5th and you can purchase from my Pruvit website. Thanks!

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Erika, it won’t affect things all that much, but sometimes artificial sweeteners in gums, etc can have an effect on blood sugar. What the coaches basically say is that if you feel you need gum to freshen your breath (you have an important meeting, etc), then chew the gum! I wouldn’t plan on chewing on it all day if you can help it. “if it’s not in the kit – omit” is the best practice… 🙂 Good luck! Rachel

        • Rachel Vrabel
          Rachel Vrabel

          Hi Lovelle, that’s a great question, but there really isn’t a recommendation as to avoid rebooting during your cycle or otherwise. If you have really bad periods where you can’t fathom not eating for 60 hours, then perhaps you know yourself best and maybe wait until a time when you feel better. I have never tried to time my Reboots around cycles and never had a problem. Good luck! I wouldn’t overthink it, just go for it! xo Rachel

  • Shay

    Hi Rachel!
    I wanted to follow up with you and let you know I finished my reboot and lost 5 pounds! I am thrilled! I lost 4lbs coming straight off reboot and lost another lb the day after finishing reboot. Reboot wasn’t easy for me but it was totally worth the end result. I opted to try reboot after returning from an all inclusive vacation. I came home feeling totally gross and bloated and needed a kick in the pants to get back on track. I feel like I am back in control now.
    I’ve lost a total of 18lbs since October using ketones, intermittent fasting, exercise and a low carb diet. I’m 3lbs away from my goal weight and it feels completely attainable now. Thank you so much for always getting back to me so quickly, shipping samples super speedy , answering all of my questions and reliably emailing the latest keto news. You are always so helpful and your honest reviews are relatable and inspiring. Thanks for helping me regain control over my health.
    With Gratitude,

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Shay, THANK YOU so much!! I really appreciate your comment and your results are super inspiring! Nice job completing your reboot and for your overall success with your new healthy lifestyle. It’s pretty amazing what we can do when we set our minds to it, and ketones sure help! 🙂 Again, thanks for taking the time to share your story. I’m sure it will inspire others as well. An all inclusive vacation sounds great, but I know what you mean about feeling gross as I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there, sure hope you had fun though! xo Rachel

    • Denise

      So, basically you can do the reboot every month. Do you have to keep buying the kit at $79 or is there a better way?

      • Rachel Vrabel
        Rachel Vrabel

        Hi Denise, yes you can do the Reboot every month if you wanted to… a lot of people do..(I don’t do it every month but I’ve done it quite a few times (maybe 4-5 now?). If I had more weight to lose, I think I would. You can buy the Better Broth, Keto Kalm Tea, and Keto Nat all by the box, the only thing not available as a stand alone product is the Signal-OS pills. But yes, you could do your own reboot by buying the individual products sans the pills. Those are for DNA repair, they have AC-11 in them and a lot of Vitamin B and a mushroom extract. However, you could still benefit by fasting using the other products. Hope that helps! Visit my Pruvit website if you’d like to take a look, there’s a 15% off sale today on Keto NAT, Keto Kalm and some other items (just not the Broth). Thanks! ~Rachel

  • Patricia Lawson

    Is it necessary to do the reboot every month? Will I still see good results with drinking the Keto-OS if I maybe do it bi-monthly.?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Patricia, thanks for your question! It depends – if you have significant weight to lose, then I’d recommend doing it monthly (or every other month? if that’s more manageable for you) plus drinking daily ketones until you reach your goal weight – you’ll get there a LOT faster! However, I’ve been drinking daily ketones for almost 3 years…love just the daily use, and I’ve only done the Reboot twice. Great results, but I don’t feel like I need it every month. I do intermittent fasting on the MCT//143 in the mornings and drink my Keto Max in the afternoon. This works very well for me to maintain and feel great! I think I’d get too thin doing the reboot every month to be honest and I’m trying to build a little muscle. Since I intermittent fast every day, I’m not that hungry as it is. If you don’t feel great during the reboot, or you don’t like it – just keep going with your daily ketones, you will see those results still! Or, you may just like to add some intermittent fasting days. But to answer your question, it is not necessary to do the reboot each month. xo Rachel

  • Laura

    Thank you for all of this information. I have been trying to decide how to get started. With that said, I would love to do the reboot but I noticed you stated I should start with a 1/2 packet for several days. So would you suggest starting the packets one month then doing the reboot the following month?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Laura, thanks for your message. I have a TON of people who just jump right into the reboot, and what I’ve noticed is that I think those types of people are looking for a “quick fix” and generally don’t continue using ketones on the daily (not all but most).

      Maybe their detox experience was too intense, or maybe they didn’t like the limited flavors in the reboot. But they didn’t get a chance to feel what drinking ketones daily feels like and how it can improve so many things. I do feel you will have a much better experience if you allow yourself to adapt to the ketones, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks.

      One, I think you’ll get a feel for how daily ketones feels and how it can help you with your diet and energy day to day, and two, I think you’ll have a much more pleasant Keto reboot experience because it won’t be such a shock to your body. I don’t want to talk you out of trying but I’m also being honest for what I think will bring you the most success and the most enjoyable experience! 🙂

      So yes, I think you should start with a 10 or 12 day variety pack from my Keto Samples blog (PayPal check out) and lead up to the Reboot that way. And you can buy your reboot from my Pruvit website for $79 when it goes on sale Nov. 1. It’s a little more expensive on my samples blog but it does come with a Keto NAT sample.

      Hope this helps and feel free to email me directly if you’d like to chat privately: [email protected]

      Thanks! Rachel

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Lee! Right now Pruvit is only sold in the US, Canada, Australia and parts of SE Asia. The only way you could order it would be if you had a US shipping service set up, and even then it’s a bit tricky to submit the order due to IP addresses being blocked. The other way would be for me to sell you one and mail to you directly but I would need your address to see how much the shipping would cost. I have some other thoughts for you so I’m going to send you a private email. Thanks! Rachel

  • Rhea Lester

    Interested in reboot kit. When is next round ? I live in Kuwait so I use Aramax to ship to me internationally. I use my shop & ship account which goes through my postal box in NY it takes a few weeks to get to me. You said the next reboot was in October? Is it possible to order the product ahead of time.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Rhea! Thanks for your comment. Keto Reboots will be up for sale again Oct 1st for about a 6 day window. If you use a U.S. shipping service that works, however you won’t be able to “submit” the order on the Pruvit website since they block IP addresses unless you’re located in their shipping zones: US, Canada, Australia and parts of SE Asia. I’m going to send you a private email and see if I can help. Thanks! Rachel

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Chris! No, the Keto Reboot is not available to be put on Smartship, and that’s always an option anyway for all Pruvit’s products. There will be shipping and tax on your $79 Reboot, and there are several different shipping options. I usually do UPS ground or USPS, those are the cheapest and you’ll have it within about 5 days. Thanks for your question! Rachel

    • Gerry Taylor

      I would like to try the reboot kit please .
      I live in the uk ,will this be an issue??
      When is your next sale ??
      I have ordered before ketones from USA, and it works out expensive, due to shipping and customs.
      Can you help me please.
      Gerry x

      • Rachel Vrabel
        Rachel Vrabel

        Hi Gerry, Pruvit does not currently ship to the UK. It does get expensive with shipping, it’s probably right about $20 to ship plus the cost of the kit. Reboot kits are available the 1st – 5th of each month. So if you want one, please send me an email using my contact form. Thanks! Rachel

  • Susan

    Hi Rachel, I am a bariatric patient and have told that I should be doing a bariatric keto that ups the protein more than fat. I have already purchased the reboot. Any suggestions? Also, I am going to continue taking my vitamins during the reboot, is that a no-no?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Susan, thanks for your message. I can’t give medical advice when it comes to bariatric, but follow what your Dr. said about the diet plan suggested for you. I don’t follow a strict keto diet and still benefit greatly from drinking ketones, mostly just low carb with some intermittent fasting. I stopped taking my vitamins during the reboot but I did continue with my probiotic at night. When you’re detoxing/rebooting it’s best to give your body a break from having to process anything additional like vitamins. Give your digestive system a complete rest. A couple days of no vitamins isn’t going to hurt you, but it may benefit your body to give it a rest from having to digest it. Coach Rob DeBoer stresses that if it’s not in the kit, you don’t need it. Of course if you’re on any medications you WOULD want to continue those. Good luck! Rachel

  • Cynthia

    Thanks for the thorough review Rachel, this looks amazing! My main goal would be to get into a deeper state of ketosis as I’m already following a low carb diet and just need a boost to spark my metabolism into some greater fat loss and just wipe the slate clean. I’m going to try this, I’ll let you know how it goes!

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