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Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast

Pruvit Keto Reboot Review

When Pruvit launched their Keto Reboot kit at the Epik convention in January 2018, I was able to buy it before it went public. I was also certified to be a Keto Reboot Coach!

Feb. 11th was the date of the first official Keto Reboot and thousands of participants joined, hence the excitement was at an all time high!

Never in my life have I seen so many people excited about not eating for 60 hours and taking a huge step towards better health!

In this Keto Reboot review, I’m going to tell you all about my experience so you can educate yourself and decide if it’s right for you.

When is the Next Keto Reboot?

When are Keto Reboot Kits on Sale?

Pruvit hosts the Keto Reboot on a monthly basis. The next group start is August 19, 2018. 

Kits are on sale August 1st – 9th only! Did you miss the sale window?

Get on the list for the September Reboot

Keto Reboot review

Keto Reboot Kit – What’s in it and what is the Goal?

Pruvit’s Keto Reboot is a kit that sells for $79 made up of various exogenous ketone powders you mix with water to make drinks or teas. This is a 60 hour “fast” or “cleanse” and all you need to complete the reboot is in the kit.

The goal of this 60 Hour Keto Kleanse is to reboot your system back to its “N8tive” state and get your metabolism reset and fired up!

Whether you want more energy, to get in shape, eat a healthier diet, or simply want to feel better, the reboot will give you the optimal reset you need to get on track.

The Keto Reboot and Optimization post reboot is designed to keep your fat burning potential at its peak!

There are no artificial colors or sweeteners in Pruvit products, and everything in the Keto Reboot kit is gluten free, sugar free and dairy free. The only product that’s not vegan are the Better Broths (bone broths).

What’s in the Keto Reboot Kit?

  • 2 Raspberry Lemonade Keto Max Charged
  • 2 Raspberry Lemonade Keto Max Decaf
  • 2 Caramel Apple Keto Kalm Teas
  • 1 Chocolate Keto Kalm Tea
  • 2 Better Broth Thyme flavor
  • 2 Better Broth Caramel Apple Flavor
  • 10 Signal-OS capsules (DNA repair)

What is in the Keto Reboot?

Watch a Video of Coach Rob Deboer Explaining this Metabolic Boss

What else do you need to complete the Keto Reboot?

  • Water, and lots of it. Pruvit recommends 1 gallon a day during the reboot
  • And of course your desire and commitment towards better health!
  • My opinion is that you should have some Ketones on hand post reboot

keto reboot water intake

Who Would Benefit from the Keto Reboot?

Anyone, male or female of any age, would benefit from this metabolic reset, so long as your at least 18 years of age and not pregnant or nursing.

The decaf Keto OS and Keto Max are safe to drink for pregnant or nursing mothers, just not the fast itself.

Many people have asked me, why would you not want to eat for 60 hours? Are you nuts? 😉

Not nuts, but I’m into health and wellness, and I’ve done plenty of different fasts before and I know they are of great benefit to your health.

Fasting has been an effective method for better health and healing disease for thousands of years.

Resting your digestion, allowing inflammation to leave the body, and regenerating your DNA and resetting your metabolism are all extremely beneficial.

When you have a virus on your computer, what do you do? Reboot it right? Well your body is the same, and it’s the most important computer you own!

The Keto Reboot was the easiest, and most effective cleanse I’ve ever done!

Keto Reboot Schedule

Keto Reboot products

The schedule and timing of drinking your Keto Kalm Tea, Keto Max, Keto Broth and Signal-OS is easy.

You can also adjust it to your schedule no problem! I happen to be on a very late schedule so I pushed everything two hours.

It always starts on a Sunday night and ends on a Wednesday morning when you wake up to break your fast. People often ask me why it starts on a Sunday night. Compliance….generally people cheat on the weekends.

Keto Reboot Instructions

Keto Reboot Day 1 – Sunday Night

Keto Reboot keto kalm teaKeto Kalm Tea Chocolate

The Keto Reboot always kicks off on a Sunday night and that’s when you drink your first Chocolate Keto Kalm Tea, easy peasy.

Keto Kalm Tea contains ketones (BHB), magnesium, L-theonine and other ingredients to help you relax and promote restful sleep.

It tastes really good, and is sweetened with Stevia. Think hot chocolate more than a tea…it’s a powder you mix with warm water.

The Signal-OS is packed full of AC-11 for DNA repair and high levels of Vitamin B. We’re talking reverse aging!

Note: they’ve optimized the reboot instructions so you don’t take the Signal OS your first night anymore, rather the morning you break your fast. 

It’s best to eat a light meal Sunday night. Don’t go binging on pizza and cookies before fasting, instead eat a sensible meal, preferably one lower in carbs.

Get a good night’s rest Sunday night, as Monday will be your first full day without food.

Don’t panic at the thought of this…ketones are a fuel source and provide immediate brain energy. They are also filling and suppress your appetite. This is why you feel so good during the reboot!

Keto Reboot Day 2 – Monday

Keto Reboot schedule

When Monday arrives, you wake up and drink a Raspberry Lemonade Keto Max which tastes just like a Country Time Lemonade.

Making it is simple, you just add 12-16 oz of water and ice and shake, shake, shake!

Keto Max flavors are a main stay of Pruvit’s line up, and the only ketones on the market bioidentical to the ketones your liver makes naturally. I drink Keto Max on a daily basis and it comes in many flavors.

If you have other Keto Max flavors on hand, or Keto Amped, you can drink any of these in place of the Raspberry lemonade if you prefer! I drank the Keto Max Heart Tart on my last day, so yum!

You can grab a 5 or 10 day Max experience from my samples page if you want options! Plus you’re gonna need some post reboot to optimize! A sample variety pack is a great way to try all the flavors before buying a box.

pruvit reviews

A couple hours after drinking your Keto Max, you take your Signal-OS capsules.

During my experience during the reboot, some people preferred taking their Signal-OS with the broth, which is perfectly fine.

Lunchtime consists of Keto Thyme flavored broth which does contain 7 grams of protein (it’s real bone broth with ketones).

Keto Thyme Better Broth seriously tastes like Grandma’s homemade soup, it’s delicious!

Keto Reboot Better Broth

Afternoon you drink a decaf Raspberry Lemonade and then dinner is the Better Broth Caramel Apple, which tastes just like caramel popcorn!

While I drank my Better Broth Caramel with warm water as directed (not boiling), some people really enjoyed drinking it cold with ice. It doesn’t make a difference. It’s on the sweet side so diluting with more water is fine to suit your taste.

I also had no problem taking my Signal-OS separate from the broth, I followed the Keto Reboot instructions to a “T.”

better broth caramel flavor

Your last drink of the day on Day 2 is the Keto Kalm Tea in a caramel apple flavor.

Pruvit does a great job with their flavors but remember, ketone salts are just that…BHB salts (betahydroxybutyrate)…. so masking the salts is necessary. If you don’t like the taste, suck it up and know it’s all worth it!!

Don’t forget – drink LOTS of water during your reboot! It’s very important. You’re detoxing and you need to give the toxins a way out, or you’ll wind up with headaches, or other unwanted side effects.

If you do get a headache, up your water intake and add a pinch of Himalayan salt to increase your electrolytes.

Keto Reboot Day 2 – How I Felt

keto reboot results

I am used to intermittent fasting….every day I start my day with coffee and Pruvit’s MCT//143 oil and then drink Keto Max a couple hours later. I usually don’t eat my first meal until about 2:00pm.

So how did I feel on Day 2? Pretty awesome! I wasn’t hungry at all and I went for a 4 mile run.

They recommend depleting your glycogen stores on Day 2 so that you get into a deep fat burning state of ketosis by day 3.

This isn’t the day to break any personal records at the gym, just doing a light workout is good, just do something!

It wasn’t until late in the evening that I started dreaming of how good buttered toast would taste, LOL!

I was on a text thread with a few friends who were also doing the reboot, and of course we were “commiserating” together. It’s great to have an accountability partner!

It was also the evening of Day 2 that I starting really detoxing and making frequent trips to the bathroom. Yes people, you’re gonna poop…this is a CLEANSE. You’re emptying the tank! I think I went about 6x.

It’s not a big deal and it’s not uncontrollable. You feel it coming on and you go to the bathroom. Some people are hesitant to do this while they’re at work but don’t be! You’ll be fine.

Some people didn’t have this happen until day 2, or even day 3. I guess it depends how backed up you are and how regular you are normally.

I think for some people, day 2 may be the hardest, especially if you’ve never done a cleanse before. So if you can just get through day 2, you’ll be fine come day 3.

By Day 3, you’ll be burning your love handles for fuel and you will feel a metabolic “shift.” You will be in a deep state of ketosis! 

Again, LOTS of water!

Keto Reboot Day 3 – Tuesday

Keto Reboot review

Day 3 of the Keto Reboot is your second full day of not eating, and is a repeat of Day 2’s schedule so I won’t rehash it, but I will tell you how I felt as I was using my own fat for fuel!

Keto Reboot Day 3 – How I Felt

I wasn’t as hungry at all by day 3. By this time, you’re in a deep state of ketosis and you’re body is tapping in to its fat stores for fuel. I almost felt a bit euphoric. This is what they mean by a “metabolic shift.”

I did go on a walk, but only lapped my block in case I needed to go to the bathroom, which I didn’t until later that night. For me, it was always the dinner time broth that kicked that part in. Everyone’s different.

I didn’t experience ANY hunger “pangs” or pains, and I even cooked my husband taco’s for dinner. Maybe that wasn’t the brightest of ideas because those taco’s did smell good. But I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to resist. TACOS people! 😉

But the ketones in all the products really do keep you feeling full and your hunger suppressed. Once you do start to feel a little hunger, it’s time for your next drink.

Even though I wasn’t feeling physically hungry, come evening time there was the thought of food…and being so accustomed to eating at certain times… again this is where a huge community of support came in handy!

This is also why the reboot can really help break bad habits when it comes to food and snacking! Fasting is very empowering!

Keto Reboot – Breaking the Fast

When my 60 hour reboot was complete, I woke up and I wasn’t hungry at all, but I felt a little weak so I knew I was ready to eat something. I actually went about 65 hours before breaking my fast.

I tested my ketone levels on a Keto strip and it was super dark! By this point, my liver was breaking down fat into ketone bodies and being used for energy! By the way, don’t get too hung on on peeing on stuff, blood ketone tests are far more accurate than urine strips but they’ll give you an idea.

It’s recommended you break your fast with some bone broth (any brand) and some scrambled eggs. I just opted for a couple scrambled eggs in butter.

Eat light the remainder of this day…. your digestion has been resting, your stomach shrank, and you won’t feel as hungry.

keto reboot review

Keto Reboot Results – Reboot #1

So let’s face it, some of you will want to do this fast to kick start your weight loss! Who are we kidding? My main goal of the reboot was for ABS.

I did lose 5 lbs and my stomach was FLAT. So much inflammation left my body, and I felt AMAZING. I said goodbye to all the bloat!

My sister lost 8 lbs, some people lost a lot more in the group.

keto reboot weight loss

It completely reset my diet and I went on to eat a more strict Keto diet easily in following weeks. When you accomplish something so huge, you really think twice about putting something in your mouth.

Food tastes so good after fasting that you have a much greater appreciation for healthy, nutritious foods!

One huge thing I noticed was how my gut improved…without TMI, let’s just say I’m very regular now and everything looks good!

This picture was me before starting ketones (Jan. 2017) and post Keto Reboot Feb. 2018. I didn’t take a before pic just before the cleanse my first reboot, I did for my second one (keep scrolling).

Pruvit Keto Reboot results

Post Reboot Optimization

Optimizing post reboot is so important! If you want to stay in this fat burning state of ketosis, you can do that by continuing to drink ketones daily and following a lower carb diet.

Don’t just do the reboot and then get upset if you start eating bad and the weight creeps back on – you have to keep at it and the Reboot is a great JUMP START.  Old habits diet hard, and continuing to drink your ketones daily is KEY!

Drinking ketones daily is where the magic happens! For me it’s become a lifestyle and it’s what keeps the weight off and keeps my mood lifted!

Keto Reboot Results – Reboot #2

I did my second Keto Reboot in May but only lasted 48 hours due to a family emergency and having to drive out of town. I still had great results! Lost a few lbs, and got some abs back!

Did I mention I’m 46? Age is just a number;  don’t give up on your goals because of age and DON’T use it as an EXCUSE!

If I didn’t work at this stuff I’d be overweight and probably very unhappy feeling. You’d be shocked at how quickly a body can transform if you commit to better health!

Keto Reboot Reviews

Keto Reboot Conclusion

what is the keto reboot?

All the Pruvit products in the reboot kit taste great and I found them to be very easy to consume, even enjoyable!

Checking in for the Facebook lives with Coach Rob Deboer was so extremely motivating and helpful. You won’t be alone in this process, he guides us through the entire reboot process and does a great job educating!

Remember, there will be thousands of people doing it right along side of you. If you’re serious about the Keto Reboot, I can add you to the private Keto Reboot Facebook group once you’re a customer (if you become a customer, I send you a welcome email with instructions).

For the most part, I was not hungry and I had plenty of energy! The ketones did a great job of keeping my full and my appetite suppressed. I slept great throughout out process as well.

I would recommend the Reboot to anyone wanting to take that step towards better health, break bad habits, or if you need a boost to get into a deep, fat burning state of ketosis. Or if you just want to see your abs! 😉

Fasting is extremely beneficial for the body as it allows your digestion to rest and you expel a lot of inflammation.

Pruvit likes to call the monthly Reboot “checking in with your metabolic boss.” We see people doing this on a monthly basis and it’s encouraged and perfectly safe to do so.  So……

Are you Ready to REBOOT?

Kits were on sale August 1st – 9th only! Did you miss the sale window?

Get on the list for the September Reboot

If you’ve never felt your native state of ketosis, you really should. We were meant to be in and out of ketosis! We thrive there..we were NOT meant to be sugar burners 24/7.

I’m telling you from personal experience, the Keto Reboot was not that hard. You can set your mind to whatever it is you want to accomplish!

Sure, it takes a small sacrifice….but it’s totally worth it and I’ll be doing it again!

Before you Leave…

Please check out my Pruvit Keto OS review here if you’d like to learn more about incorporating Ketones into your daily life. The Reboot is great for a jumpstart, but the magic happens with a daily commitment to ketones.

Or… grab a 10 day experience from me here so you have a variety of flavors to keep going post reboot (or during the reboot) so you can then decide on a flavor to commit to.

Visit my Pruvit website

Please contact me here if you have questions. 

Pruvit Reboot review

Have you completed the Keto Reboot? Post your comment, question or review below!

Our #1 Choice for Fat Loss – Keto//OS

keto os samplesKeto-OS is a powder you mix with water that puts you into a fat burning state of ketosis in under an hour, no strict diet required.

Drinking ketones facilitate fat loss while suppressing appetite, increasing energy, focus, endurance, fighting chronic inflammation and improving insulin sensitivity.

It’s a very safe and effective means to feel GREAT while you lose weight and tastes amazing!

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Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast
3 out of 5 stars
Aug 16, 2018 by 

Detox is never fun... These products are way too sweet. More thyme broth would be better. I will try it one more time and dilute everything more than 12oz.

Good stuff

Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast
4 out of 5 stars
Aug 10, 2018 by 

Thank you for writing this up. I am currently on this reboot and am on day three. I am really craving food but I can push through it as I didn’t think I could.
I do find some of these powders to be way too sweet and very hard to stomach and actually feel quite sick. I couldn’t get the caramel broth down at all. I feel they should just have the thyme broth. broth shouldn’t be sweet in my opinion. You have helped me to realise to just push through some of these overly sweet flavours and it’s only helping me to reach my goal in the long run. To just push through.
Thank you again for your review as it has helped me to complete this!

Loved the Reboot

Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast
5 out of 5 stars
Apr 02, 2018 by 

Rachel, I did the March Keto Reboot and it felt easy with all the products to keep me full. While I did not do the fast to lose weight, I ended up losing so much bloat and inflammation that I dropped almost 10 lbs. Very happy with my results and I'll be doing it again. Thanks.

4.0 5.0 3 3 Detox is never fun... These products are way too sweet. More thyme broth would be better. I will try it one more time and dilute everything more than 12oz. Keto Reboot Review – What to Expect During your Pruvit 60 Hour Fast


    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Chris! No, the Keto Reboot is not available to be put on Smartship, and that’s always an option anyway for all Pruvit’s products. There will be shipping and tax on your $79 Reboot, and there are several different shipping options. I usually do UPS ground or USPS, those are the cheapest and you’ll have it within about 5 days. Thanks for your question! Rachel

  • Susan

    Hi Rachel, I am a bariatric patient and have told that I should be doing a bariatric keto that ups the protein more than fat. I have already purchased the reboot. Any suggestions? Also, I am going to continue taking my vitamins during the reboot, is that a no-no?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Susan, thanks for your message. I can’t give medical advice when it comes to bariatric, but follow what your Dr. said about the diet plan suggested for you. I don’t follow a strict keto diet and still benefit greatly from drinking ketones, mostly just low carb with some intermittent fasting. I stopped taking my vitamins during the reboot but I did continue with my probiotic at night. When you’re detoxing/rebooting it’s best to give your body a break from having to process anything additional like vitamins. Give your digestive system a complete rest. A couple days of no vitamins isn’t going to hurt you, but it may benefit your body to give it a rest from having to digest it. Coach Rob DeBoer stresses that if it’s not in the kit, you don’t need it. Of course if you’re on any medications you WOULD want to continue those. Good luck! Rachel

  • Cynthia

    Thanks for the thorough review Rachel, this looks amazing! My main goal would be to get into a deeper state of ketosis as I’m already following a low carb diet and just need a boost to spark my metabolism into some greater fat loss and just wipe the slate clean. I’m going to try this, I’ll let you know how it goes!

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