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Top 3 Skin Lightening Creams

Do Skin Lighteners Really Work?  An Overview of our Top 3 Choices

best skin lightenerThere are many causes of skin discoloration with the main culprit being the sun, but acne scarring and hormone related melasma are also to blame.

It’s a fact that as we age, our skin undergoes radical changes that can cause these dark spots, causing us to feel helpless and insecure about our faces, but it is treatable!

Growing up in South Florida, I have been exposed to the sun’s dangerous rays for my entire life, and unfortunately I have the dark spots and freckles to prove it.

If you’re from an older generation, you probably didn’t even use sunscreen as a kid, or worse used baby oil instead!  If we only knew then what we know now, right?

But there are skin lighteners that drastically help to fade those embarrassing dark spots also known as hyper-pigmentation.  Obviously the key to retaining youthful looking skin starts with prevention, but for many of us, it’s a little too late.

Most dermatologists recommend that you use laser therapy because it works quickly, but it’s very costly.  Laser treatment for dark spots, acne, and other blemishes can cost as much as $300 per session (for one treatment area such as the face), and involves multiple procedures which can quickly add up into the $1,000’s.

Since this doesn’t fit most women’s budgets, the alternative is a topical treatment with proven ingredients that work. With consistent use,  you will see those dark spots start to slowly fade away revealing a more youthful, clear and bright complexion!

Here are my Top 3 Choices for Skin Lightening Creams:

#1 – Illuminatural 6i Skin Lightener

Skinception Illuminatural 6i Skin LightenerPrice:  $49.95

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Visit the official site for Illuminatural 6i

My #1 skin lightening cream is Illuminatural 6i and it’s made by Skinception – a highly reputable manufacturer which specializes in anti-aging and skin care and I use many of their products regularly.

Illuminatural 6i works by attacking the root of the problem – blocking the formation of melanin in the deepest layers of your skin!

It is the grouping of these cells which cause the dark spots, and I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in the color of my dark spots, sun spots, and even freckles on my face, chest and shoulders from using Illuminatural 6i.

Every 28 days, your skin completes a cycle of “regeneration”, shedding dead skin cells and replenishing itself, so that over a period of 28 days, your dark pigmented cells slowly, naturally get sloughed off, allowing your NEW, lighter skin cells to rise to the surface.

This is how Illuminatural 6i is able to work so effectively – its ingredients literally stop melanin production in its tracks!

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had a problem with dark spots ever since my mid twenties, first from birth control and then aggravated by UV damage.  It’s not easy to keep them away when you’re spending all weekend in the sun, and I’ve tried many products that didn’t work for me, including prescription strength hydro-quinine which caused an itchy rash.

I used Illuminatural 6i for the four months leading up to my wedding day and I had fantastic results and a beautiful ivory complexion for my big day! I just updated my full review and I encourage you to read it and look at my pics by clicking the link below.

Click Here to read my Illuminatural 6i Review

#2 – Meladerm for Hyperpigmentation

Meladerm for hyperpigmentationPrice: $49.99

Visit the official site for Meladerm

My #2 skin lightening cream is called Meladerm, made by Civant Advanced Skin Care Solutions. This is a clinical line of skin care that’s been on the market since 2003 and has great reviews.

Meladerm is formulated with over 10 advanced ingredients (including Kojic and Lactic acid) to target hyperpigmentation and help fade the appearance of skin discolorations and dark spots.

Both Kojic and Lactic acid can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so using at least a daily SPF 30 is recommended. This is good advice for any skin lightening routine.

Civant Skin Care puts your safety above anything else and has an entire skin care line that’s impressive. Meladerm contains no hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or other harmful bleaching substances.

It’s also paraben-free and comes in an airless dispenser which keeps the ingredients stable and fresh, which is imperative when you’re housing AHA’s such as kojic and lactic acid.

Meladerm has a lovely texture, with a very light feel to it. It feels more like a serum than a cream and completely absorbs into the skin, leaving no sticky residue. It has a nice slip to it, and is easily spread over the face, neck and chest, or the areas you’re treating.

The instructions are to use it twice daily on cleansed skin, allowing it to absorb for 10 minutes before applying makeup and/or sunblock.

Meladerm contains the highest concentrations of active ingredients tolerated by the skin. You can expect results in as little as two weeks!

Visit Meladerm to learn more

#3 – Lifecell Anti-Aging Treatment

Price:  $189 (for a 2 month supply)

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Visit Lifecell Official Site

Our #3 skin lightening cream is actually one of our top anti-aging treatments, Lifecell.

Lifecell acts as an all around anti-aging treatment as well as effectively reducing hyperpigmentation.

In addition to targeting hyper pigmentation and improving skin tone,  it also smooths wrinkles, moisturizes, and gives you the feeling an instant facelift.

There are not too many creams on the market that work like Lifecell, and that’s why I love this product so much.

How Does Lifecell Work For Skin Lightening?

Lifecell uses a specific formulation of ingredients that helps to reduce dark sun spots, as well as dark circles. The main ingredient that works to help lighten the skin is called Ascorbyl Palmitate, which is actually a fat soluble version of Vitamin C.

It works to lighten hyper-pigmentation, promote collagen synthesis, and provide photo protection from UVA/UVB rays.

Click Here to read my Lifecell review

The Importance of Using a Sunscreen While Using a Skin Lightener

The key to any skin-lightening routine is to use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 (I use 50 on my face) to prevent further sun damage and darkening of the skin.

For your morning application, you should first apply your skin lightening cream, allow it to absorb for a few minutes, and then apply a moisturizer with an SPF, and then your makeup. And then you are set for the day!

You may not think that you get much sun driving in your car or walking through parking lots, but all these minutes in the sun can all add up to more sun damage.

Trust me, one day at the beach or any prolonged period in the sun without sunscreen will cause those dark spots to pop right back up.

The key is to lighten, protect along the way, and continue to protect! Wearing a hat or visor will also help overexposure to the sun.

Do you have questions? Email me or post them in the comment section below!

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Q: Any sunblock product causes a rash on my face as well as clogging pores creating a "pimple" which I do not need at 67 years old. Are any reputable skin lighteners sold without any SPF in the the formula? I have tried a couple over-the-counter brands but have not seen good results. -Clara

A: Clara, my top recommended skin lightening product, Illuminatural 6i does not contain sunscreen and it does not contain hydroquinone which is toxic. If you'll be in the sun for any long period of time, I do recommend wearing sunscreen while you are lightening. Try a good quality sunscreen such as Obagi Sun Shield. Rachel

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Q: Steps to use xtreme brite lightening cream -nickesha

A: Nickesha, Xtreme is not a product I recommend or have used, so I can't advise. Did it not come with directions? Do you just have the lightening cream or did you buy one of their whole sets with like 5 different products? I looked and could only find a not-so-good website offering Xtreme Brightening products. If it did not come with directions, I would contact the manufacturer. Rachel

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