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Rachel Vrabel

Hi there, I’m Rachel….thank you for visiting!

I’m in my mid 40’s (but who’s counting) and live in the Palm Beach area of South Florida. I’m a Florida girl born and raised!

A little about myself…I have an English degree from the University of South Florida and for 15+ years I worked in Finance as a Registered Sales Assistant.

I always loved customer service and enjoy it still!

My dream of working for myself came true in 2014 when I and left my full time job to focus on my blog.

Staying youthful and healthy is a priority for me and the very reason I love to help others do the same!

About This Site

I originally created Women’s Blog Talk in 2011 as a hobby to share my passion for anti-aging and healthy living.

My sister worked for Chanel, Mac, Dior, all the big names so I was always getting lots of free or discounted product, so I just started sharing my thoughts and writing reviews!

What’s different about this site is that I personally test most of the products, along with help from a team of women who are contributing authors and testers.

Throughout the site, you’ll find recommendations we feel are outstanding products in their category based on quality of ingredients, reviews, price, manufacturer, and of course – results!

All of my top recommended products I either use on a daily basis in my personal life, or I’ve used in the past with great results!

I invest thousands of my own money to buy products so that I can review them, and I also partner with certain companies who I feel are top notch who I’m proud to represent, however I’m never paid to do reviews.

My Anti-Aging Skin Care Routinejupiter beach resort wedding

Despite being in my mid 40’s, I like to think that my skin tells a different story.

My husband is 9 years my junior and thankfully no one ever believes me when I tell them my age!

A quality cleanser, exfoliator, eye treatment, anti-aging treatment, skin lightener, and weekly facial masks are my rituals and I love the routine of it all.

I made the switch a couple years ago to primarily using Beautycounter and love using their clean beauty products!

Check out my Top 10 Beautycounter faves here!

Of course I do mix it up sometimes and enjoy other products (I am a woman after all), but consistent use of clean beauty products has worked effectively to keep my skin looking youthful!

I also love occasional professional skin treatments like microneedling so if you’re considering a deeper treatment, check out my blog post comparing a few common nonsurgical facial treatments.

My Hobbiesblue cobalt sea glass

Beach volleyball and sea glass hunting are my two favorite hobbies! In fact, you can follow my sea glassing adventures on Instagram @sea_booty!

I cover up now with SPF shirts and hats and really don’t care how I look on the beach unless I’m on vacation.

I’d rather protect and look good in a strapless dress!

Collecting sea glass is a huge stress reliever, and I love going walking by myself for miles to find shells, sea glass and treasure.

We spend time at the Jersey Shore in the summer so I have collections from both Florida and New Jersey.

How I Stay Fit in my 40’s

Keto OS resultsAside from playing beach volleyball (I was a late bloomer and didn’t actually pick up the sport until I was 38), I like to do HIIT training 2-3x per week.

I love Orange Theory Fitness which is a run, row, weights class. If you’ve never tried it, see if there’s one in your area, it’s the best workout I’ve ever done!

One thing that helps me stay motivated, energized and happy is drinking ketones once a day as a supplement.

I intermittent fast daily and this new lifestyle has truly been anti-aging!

I start my day with MCT oil in my coffee. MCT is a coconut oil extract and great for your skin, gut, and brain health!

Exogenous ketones and MCT both have many anti-aging benefits. This routine keeps my skin and eyes clear and helps me burn stubborn fat and stay trim!

It’s not as easy in your 40’s to lose weight but I’ve lost 17 lbs since Jan. 2017 and I’ve kept it off! 

Having a younger sister with epilepsy, I’ve become very passionate about the Keto conversation and brain health.

Connect With MeRachel Vrabel

I try to keep up with several different platforms, so pick your favorites and stay connected with me!

How Can I Help?

If you have any questions or would like a personal recommendation contact me here and tell me about your skin or the problem or issue you’re trying to treat and I’ll respond personally.

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About Me
1 out of 5 stars

Sep 21, 2021 by 
Marilyn Mullen

thank you for your website. I ordered a free sample and paid around $16.00 shipping for prelude eye cream and a serum you were required to order if you wanted to get the eye cream. (That should have been a warning sign right there!) I think it might have SOME effect, but I will get back to you after I have used it longer. The MAIN problem is I read everything carefully and there was nothing about automatic continuation of sending the item and charging a high price after the first order. There was no statement saying I was supposed to cancel future orders that would be received automatically. Since then the company has continued to send me two more of each item, charging $85.29 for each, which totals $341.41 so far. There is no way to contact them on the packages or the website, only a P.O. Box 152212, Tampa, Fla., 33684 How do I get your newsletter that gives advise on dealing with scams?Citibank will probably not be very helpful. The ordering site wouldn't take AmEx. That would have protected me. Thank you for your help. Marilyn Mullen


About Me
5 out of 5 stars

Dec 19, 2018 by 

You saved me from a world of trouble with one of the millions of skin care scams that must be out there. I fully intend to follow your blog closely, especially now that I'm in my 30's and need to take better care of my skin!

About Me
5 out of 5 stars

Dec 15, 2018 by 
Sharon White

I love your site and thank you so much for posting scans and their phone numbers It help me get back some money

3.7 5.0 3 3 thank you for your website. I ordered a free sample and paid around $16.00 shipping for prelude eye cream and a serum you were required to order if you wanted to get the eye cream. About Me