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Keto NAT by Pruvit – All Natural Fermented Ketones (NEW!)

Pruvit’s New Keto NAT

Pruvit released its new Keto NAT formula at its recent Keto Kademy event in Dallas, TX.  The new Pruvit Keto NAT™ trademark stands for Nutritionally Advanced Technology.

This next generation technology makes Keto NAT the first of its kind all natural exogenous ketones, bioidentical to the ketones your body makes.

Using a unique and proprietary all natural fermentation process, this new ketone technology brings greater bioavailability for maximum absorption.

Keto NAT is now a Pruvit mainstay!

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Pruvit Keto NAT All Natural Ketones

Keto NAT Details

  • First of its kind all natural pure therapeutic ketones
  • All natural fermentation process
  • Better Bioavailability/Quicker Ketosis
  • Increased appetite suppression
  • Favorable fat loss
  • Contains C-Med 100 (AC-11 DNA Repair)
  • Supports healthy cell function
  • Extends DNA telomere length
  • Rapidly repairs DNA
  • Elevates essential amino acids
  • Dairy-free and Gluten-free
  • Boosted immune function
  • Better performance
  • Keto NAT was released in two flavors, Raspberry Lemonade and Splash (watermelon-grapefruit fusion), both of which are Keto Max flavors.

Keto NAT Ingredients

N8 Max NAT Blend 12.6 g –

  • KetoNAT™ (R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate, L-Taurine, Fermented L-Leucine, C-Med 100).
  • Other Ingredients: Erythritol, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Rebaudioside A (Stevia extract), Vegetable Juice Color, Xanthum Gum, Beta Carotene, Caffeine (if Charged version, Decaf available).
  • Caffeine equivalent to a 16 oz coffee.

Supplement Facts – 

  • Calories: 45
  • Total Carbs 5 g
  • Sugar alcohol 4 g
  • Net carbs 1 g
  • Vitamin B6 294%, Vitamin B12 4167%, Calcium 270 mg, Sodium 910 mg

What is C-Med 100?

Pruvit ketones have been advancing for some time and the additional of AC-11 in the new Keto Max and Keto Kreme formulas was one such advancement.

C-Med 100 is the new trade name for the AC-11 DNA repair (Inner Bar of Uncaria Tomentosa) and Keto NAT contains a proprietary amount of C-Med 100.

The Keto Reboot Kit also contains AC-11 within its Signal OS pills.

What is R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate?

Beta Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is the ketone body found in exogenous ketone supplements which are typically bound to salts and minerals. Pruvit’s Keto OS, Keto MAX and Keto NAT formulas are all a bit different. (What are the effects of BHB? Link to study)

Pruvit’s Keto OS formula uses a racemic blend of ketone salts using both the D+L isomers.

Keto Max uses only the D isomer which is bioidentical to the ketone bodies your liver makes. This is one reason why Keto Max is a stronger formula (roughly 40% stronger than the OS). It has a quicker uptake, quicker spike and is more rapidly absorbed.

What we know at this time is the new Keto NAT formula is more bioavailable than Keto Max so theoretically it should provide a stronger effect i.e. more energy, better appetite control, and better performance.

Keto NAT vs Keto Max

I finally got a chance to try both flavors of Keto NAT! To me both flavors have the same great taste, but it did give me more energy, more intense focus and I wasn’t as hungry.  I love these benefits!

I’m excited for this “cleaner” formula and can’t wait until Keto NAT Key Limeade comes out!

When Will Keto NAT be for Sale?

Keto NAT Raspberry Lemonade and Keto NAT Splash are now mainstay Pruvit flavors!

Max will eventually be phased out to be all Keto NAT formula.

Visit Pruvit to Purchase Keto NAT


Keto NAT samples and Harvest Sunrise Samples

Keto NAT Fairy Dust

Pruvit released Keto NAT Fairy Dust earlier this month (Nov. 2018). There have been a couple of flash sales of the new Fairy Dust flavor so you really have to act fast when you see it become available.

Contact me here to be notified when Fairy Dust is available for purchase.

Fairy Dust Keto NAT

What does Keto NAT Fairy Dust Taste Like?

Keto NAT Fairy Dust tastes like sugar plums, it’s quite delicious! It has hints of blackberries and apple and has a very “clean” taste and provides a very sustained energy buzz. The focus is fantastic!

Purchase Keto NAT Samples Here & See Current Sales

Please read my full Pruvit Keto//OS Review for more info on how to use therapeutic ketones. Pruvit’s Keto OS and Keto Max are products I’ve been utilizing for almost 3 years with great results!

This is my personal review. This content is not the opinion of Pruvit Ventures, Inc. Pruvit Ventures, Inc, is not responsible for any of the information, view, or opinions expressed on this page. Please visit their official site for details. You can find links on this page. I am an independent Pruvit Promoter.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Prüvit products are not intended to diagnose prevent treat or cure any disease. If you are under medical supervision for any allergy, disease, taking prescription medications or you are breastfeeding contact your medical provider before adding any new supplements to your daily regimen.

Our #1 Choice for Fat Loss – Keto//OS

keto os samplesKeto-OS is a powder you mix with water that puts you into a fat burning state of ketosis in under an hour, no strict diet required, and tastes great!

Benefits include fat loss, muscle preservation, sustained energy, reduced brain fog, increased focus, suppressed appetite, strength gain, better mood, better sleep, better digestion, and clear skin!!

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Q: I am on keto diet. Because of cost,would it be effective if I took product every other or 3rd day? -Diane

A: Hi Diane, one day is a therapeutic dose, and twice a day is optimal dose. You could definitely use it as a Keto friendly energy drink, or if you get off track with diet you could drink one to get right back into ketosis because it's going to raise your blood ketone levels immediately. I think you'd really notice the days when you drink it and when you don't drink it, you're just going to feel that much better. I think you should give it a try and see how you feel using it now and then vs everyday. Check out my Keto Samples blog if you'd like to try some samples before committing. Let me know if I can help. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: when will keto nat be in stock please -jodey

A: Hi! I have Keto NAT samples for sale on my Keto samples blog as a preorder item. They've only had one 24 hour flash sale so far. Not sure when the next release will be! I should be receiving my first shipment of 8 boxes in about a week. Thanks! Rachel

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