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MCT 143 by Dr. Mary Newport – Benefits of MCT for Brain and Fat Loss

Dr. Mary Newport’s MCT//143

Dr. Mary Newport developed MCT 143 formula for her husband, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Love is beautiful, isn’t it?

Its design supports healthy brain function while also acting as a fat loss and intermittent fasting aid.

In MCT//143, organic virgin coconut oil and coconut-derived MCT oil come together to provide a steady stream of ketones when taken several times per day. Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is a major component of cell membranes and is vital to brain and whole body energy regulation. – Dr. Mary Newport

pruvit mct 143
Dr. Mary Newport with me at Pruvit’s Epik Convention Jan 2018

How Does MCT 143 Work?

MCT 143 contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) – derived from the heart of the coconut. In studies, these have been shown to increase ketone production.

It’s worth making a distinction here. This isn’t the same as taking BHB (i.e. ketones) directly into the body. MCT’s naturally encourage the body to create them.

In doing so, fat is then burned for energy instead of carbs—which is how it aids in fat loss. It also keeps you very full feeling, so you eat smaller meals.

There’s also evidence that these MCTs can increase energy expenditure and improve brain function, and it certainly does for me.

I use MCT in my coffee each and every morning and have for over two years. I love the brain energy and ease of intermittent fasting that MCT provides. I get most of my work done in the morning when my brain is lit up with MCT as a fuel source.

I usually don’t eat my first meal until 1pm each day.

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MCT 143 Ingredients

The main constituent of MCT 143 are very specific fatty chains from organic coconut oil – the source of MCTs. A very carefully crafted combination of MCT’s C6-C12, and not just stuffed with Lauric Acid as its main ingredient like a lot of brands on the market .

MCT’s you find on grocery store shelves are NOT created equally! Always read the labels…I’ve tried a bunch and nothing comes close to the MCT 143. I’m a lifer!

Its potency is increased by being fortified with extra MCTs, extra virgin organic coconut oil, and phosphatidylcholine.

Benefits of MCT’s

  • MCT’s (Caprylic C8 and and Capric Acid C10) can pass through the blood brain barrier to be used as immediate fuel and brain energy. This is why your brain lights up on MCT’s and you feel energized!
  • Lauric Acid – has super powers! Kills/suppresses growth of unhealthy bacteria including fungi, candida, acne and viruses. Unlike C8 and C10, Lauric acid must be digested in the gut. This is why MCT’s are superior than supplementing with straight coconut oil which is mostly Lauric acid. Both have benefits, just different, it’s all about the blend!
  • Phosphatidylcholine (PC) – a major component of the cell membrane essential to whole body function, energy regulation and is especially useful in memory and critical brain function. Studies show that PC is lower in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s.

Pruvit mct 143 ingredients

How does MCT 143 Help Burn Fat?

MCT 143 is virtually tasteless and can be added to coffee (making a “fat coffee”), smoothies, snacks and salads for easy ingestion.

These MCT’s are converted to ketones by the body, burned as energy and not stored as fat. The resulting ketones can help your body reduce post workout inflammation, naturally lower blood sugar and insulin levels, and promote continued fat burning.

MCT 143 is a naturally thermogenic, which means it increases your calorie burn rate and can lead to fat loss.

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How to Use MCT 143

MCT 143 is smooth, light, creamy and tasteless. You can seriously add MCT to anything!

Coffee, smoothies, make salad dressing, stir it into soups, or cook your foods in it on a low heat setting. I love cooking my eggs in it, and I also like to drizzle MCT 143 on my steamed veggies to get those healthy fats in. It’s even really good on oatmeal.

However, my favorite way to use is to add about 2 TBLS to my morning coffee with half and half for the perfect cup of fat burning coffee!

I avoid sugar in my coffee altogether and the MCT 143 blends perfectly. I’ve tried other brands and they don’t seem to mix as well, and they also don’t taste as good.

I’ve even gone so far as to squirt MCT 143 directly in my mouth when I needed energy for beach volleyball when I didn’t have any snacks handy! 🙂

The individual “on the go” MCT 143 packets are very handy whether you’re in the kitchen or on the road. It’s easy to carry a few with you rather than lug a big bottle of oil around.

Intermittent Fasting on MCT 143

fasting on mct

Intermittent fasting, or time restricted eating, is a way of eating within a certain window of time that I’ve become very accustomed to.

Basically I use fat for fuel in the mornings and don’t eat my first meal until about 1pm, sometimes even later. This is called “fat fasting.”

I make my fat coffee in the morning with MCT 143 and get to work…for hours and feel great. This squashes my appetite and lights my brain up so I can delay eating until I’m actually hungry, and not based on what the clock says.

Once I get hungry, I usually eat some eggs and berries – I love berries! Then in the early afternoon, around 2pm, I drink a serving of Keto NAT which are exogenous ketones and you can read about my experience here with ketones.

The ketones give me sustained energy for the remainder of the day, keep my appetite in check, and I usually work out in the afternoons an hour or two after drinking them and then try to eat my last meal by no later than 9pm.

Eating during this time restricted window, i.e. intermittent fasting, has become my lifestyle. It keeps me from over eating, and it keeps me in a fat burning state of ketosis most of the time (even though I do eat carbs), and fuels my brain and body.

Going in and out of ketosis and just eating healthy foods is very sustainable for me. No strict ketogenic diet required.

Conclusion on MCT 143

Dr. Mary Newports MCT 143 in my opinion is Pruvit’s unsung hero – and I cannot live without it! My fat coffee in the morning is something I really enjoy drinking and look forward to.

I have noticed a HUGE difference in my brain function since I’ve been using it daily.  No more wandering downstairs and forgetting why (I used to do that a lot and it got ridiculous). I even had trouble making decisions.

After I went through IVF fertility treatments, I was extremely scatterbrained and forgetful, and I’d also gained weight. I thought maybe I’d done irreparable damage to my body (and brain), and supplementing with the MCT helped me bounce back and improve my health.

I feel that this product ALONE gives me a tremendous benefit to my overall health, brain function, energy, and it definitely plays a big role in keeping me lean and controlling my appetite.

Who would I recommend MCT 143 to? EVERYONE. We all need healthy fats in our diets, and using the MCT everyday is a very easy and enjoyable way to supplement regardless of your lifestyle, or age.

Add some MCT to your kids smoothies, gift some to your parents to protect or improve their brain function, and use it yourself for the same reason.

Purchase MCT 143 Here

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Prüvit products are not intended to diagnose prevent treat or cure any disease. If you are under medical supervision for any allergy, disease, taking prescription medications or you are breastfeeding contact your medical provider before adding any new supplements to your daily regimen.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: Hi! How often should you take MCT143 in a day? I've been taking one ampule (.51 fl oz) every morning in my coffee. What is the best amount to aid weight loss on a keto and intermittent fasting program? What is the best amount to take when one is concerned about a family history of dementia/alzheimer’s disease and wanting to keep my brain health in its most optimal health! Thank you for time is answering my questions!! -Stacie

A: Hi Stacie, if you're using a full dose of the MCT in your coffee, that's quite a bit. I usually use about half, but sometimes I use on other things too like salad dressing or even cooking with it, or drizzling on steamed veggies. It should help give you energy and feel full, which helps suppress appetite. It's thermogenic also so it works as a fuel for your body, especially if you're following a keto lifestyle. I can't really advise a specific amount to help with Alzheimer's, I'm not sure that can be quantified, but you might try checking out Mary Newport's website for more info on that as far as how much she was giving her husband. But that was to treat his dementia, not prevent it. I'd say an ampule a day is a good amount, too much can upset your tummy and it is calories after all, so you don't want to go overboard on healthy fats if you're trying to lose weight. Good luck! xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Where do I purchase this? What does it cost? -Beverly

A: Hi Beverly, I'm sorry this message got sent to an incorrect folder. If you're still interested, you can purchase the Pruvit MCT//143 here. It is an AMAZING supplement which I use every single day. I normally just add about a tsp to my coffee (two cups), and also 1 TBLS to my protein smoothie that I drink as a pre workout - I use one scoop vanilla whey protein, 1 TBLS MCT//143, a dash cinnamon, and about half a cup of hazelnut coffee. It is delicious and gives me so much energy. MCT can be used for immediate brain energy since it doesn't have to be fully digested to get to your brain! I normally buy the individual containers, but I've started to buy the full bottle, it's a bit less messy and easy to pour out to measure. The inviduals are great for on the go or traveling, however. I hope this helps, and again sorry for the delayed response. xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: My sister is 70 pounds over weight. Will this work for her? -Robbin

A: Hi Robbin, MCT can aid in weight loss since it fills you up and creates ketones in the body for increased fat burning. She would still need to eat in a caloric deficit to lose weight. I find it helps me since it gives me so much energy and keeps me feeling full. She would probably have better results drinking the Ketones daily to get started. The 10 Day Ketones Challenge Box is a great deal for new customers. And if she likes coffee, she could try adding the MCT to it for an added boost. xo Rachel

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Q: How much is it cost and what sizes can it be bought in my mom has multiple brain injuries and I want to get into the use of the mtc oil for her brain cells and my Keto Mom life style change and benefits I want to do this what you have been doing for us for years and traveling and delivery it all August full time career and income and having fun and starting a new life style change benefits and my weight loss from reboot kit and the other products and build my business and team I started today love harvest sunrise sweet heart tart was good but not as good I have 8 flavors to go and reboot my ? Is to make what I need you said products inventory for samples and traveling deliveries how much did you invest in pruvit when you started making money like that supported yourself and yours was free and you take one or two daily thanks and sorry for the?? So I just need to know what to expect and to prepare for the full time career and lifestyle thanks again Rachel you're the best role model and goal setter for my 5 year plan I have EVER met thank you for being there for me! -Emily

A: Hi Emily, thank you I appreciate your kind words! The MCT//143 can be purchased by the box (click that link) and it comes with 15 packets for $49. I use about half a pack a day, sometimes more. If you get it monthly it's 22% off. It's really good for your brain and provides neuroprotective benefits. I hope you'll get some for both you and your mom. When I started Pruvit they didn't even have the experience packs that they do now (I started 3 years ago) so I just used the product, loved it, and shared my story. As far as the ketones, I usually just drink one a day plus the MCT, that gave me a great benefit and I keep my results. Everyone is different, some people can benefit tremendously from drinking two serving of the Keto//OS per day. You'll have to try both ways to see how you feel best. Some people don't like coffee, and may prefer drinking two ketones per day over doing the MCT in the morning and a keto in the afternoon. Let m know how your Reboot goes, good luck! You have my email if you'd like to chat more. xo Rachel

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Q: a person with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis can use it? -Norma

A: Hi Norma, MCT is one of the healthiest fats in the world, if not the best source. I can't give medical advice but I don't see why it wouldn't be safe for anyone to include a natural fat from coconut to their diet since it's anti inflammatory. If you're concerned about the diabetic aspect, please check with your Dr. xo Rachel

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