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60 Hour Lean and Green Experiment – My Results and What I Ate

Going lean and green is a protocol I’ve been interested in trying for several months, so I finally committed to the 60 Hour Lean and Green Experiment!

I’ve seen hundreds of people do the 60 Hour Lean and Green on social media (in a private group I’m in), and I thought after my Super Bowl carb binge was the perfect time to get back on track. I was feeling bloated and wanted a quick and easy detox.

The 60 Hour Lean and Green Experiment is a “reset” protocol where you eat nothing but lean protein and green veggies, and ZERO fats for a period of 60 hours.

Sounds easy right? Well, for the most part it was and I had great results! I lost a quick 5 lbs and reset my diet! 

I will totally be keeping this Lean and Green protocol in my back pocket any time I need a reset! ANYONE CAN DO IT! 

60 hour lean and green experiment results
60 Hour Lean and Green Experiment Results

What’s the Purpose of the 60 Hour Lean and Green Experiment?

The main purpose of going lean and green for 60 hours is to:

  • Create a go-to reset strategy that keeps you clean in between your monthly Keto Reboot (or just to reset anytime)
  • Provide food based vitamins and minerals using nutrient dense green veggies (yum to me – yuck for some)
  • Clear the crud from your digestive tract
  • Control and contain blood sugar spikes and rest your body from dietary fats
  • Eliminate frozen, processed and canned foods (heck, you’ll be eliminating all garbage foods)

Lean and Green Burns Body Fat

Going lean and green will cause the body to make its own endogenous (internal) ketones by causing ketogenesis, which is the breakdown of body-fat to create ketone energy.

Carb restriction depletes glycogen stores so when your body needs energy, it has no other choice but to break down those love handles!

So let’s get right to it – the lean and green is fairly simple but far from easy. Some say it’s more difficult than fasting, but I do not agree.

I’ve done the Keto Reboot 60 hour fast where there was complete food abstinence and I found the 60 hour Lean and Green to be easier. I mean, you’re eating!

There are different benefits to fasting as it relates to anti-aging however, so I like to do the reboot on occasion as well, the main reason being autophagy.

Autophagy happens during fasting after about the 30 hour mark where literally the bad cells in your body start to get gobbled up. Fasting is a like a deep and thorough cleaning for your entire body! We’re talking diseased cells getting gobbled up by a Mrs. Pac Man…

In fact, many people who do the Keto Reboot will immediately do the 60 hour Lean and Green to continue on in ketosis and to burn fat at a rapid rate.

Lean and Green Best Practices

So here are the rules, and you just do your best to follow as closely along as possible.

  1. You only drink water + exogenous ketones using Keto Max or Keto NAT 2x daily (you can get Keto Samples here)
  2. Ketones should be consumed ONLY within 90 minutes in front or behind meals.
  3. No stimulants aside from Keto Max/NAT – no coffee, tea or soda – water and ketones ONLY!
  4. No artificial sweeteners, flavors, chemicals, multi-vitamins, supplements etc. Adding pink Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt to foods is OK.
  5. Drink your body weight in ounces per day, up to 128 oz (or one gallon), if you need more, drink up.
  6. Nothing frozen, processed or canned (the exception is white albacore tuna in a can)

Pruvit Blue Ocean NAT Unleashed

Meals During Lean and Green

Each meal you’ll eat 4-5 oz lean protein (about the size of your cell phone) and unlimited servings of green fibrous veggies, and you’ll eat no more than 3x day. I only ate two full L+G meals a day plus a snack. Ketones squash my appetite.

Lean Protein Choices During Lean and Green

No Fats, Oils or Butter

  • Egg whites (no yolks) – they cook fine in a nonstick pan on lower heat
  • Grilled chicken breast or turkey (no dark meat)
  • Steamed, grilled or baked fish
  • Preferably NO red meat, lamb, venison, bison, beef jerky, etc.
  • NO protein powders!


No Fats, Oils or Butter – this means no salad dressings and no mayo – Seasoning, Lemon and Balsamic Vinegar is OK

  • Spinach, Kale, Romaine, Iceburg, any green leafy lettuce is OK.
  • Asparagus, Broccoli, Green Pepper, Celery, Cucumber, Zucchini, etc.

Lean and Green Sample Day

7am – wake up, drink ketones

11am – L+G meal with water

2pm – ketones + cardio (go for a walk, workout, just move)

5pm – L+G meal with water

8pm – L+G meal with water

What I Ate During the 60 Lean and Green Experiment

Ok so the first thing I’ll mention is – I screwed up and ate the egg yolks during the Lean and Green!

I still had great results but next time I’ll stick to egg whites only per the protocol. Gotta be honest…I must have conveniently “missed” that part. 🙂

With the reset being 60 hours, you start with dinner and go on for the following full two days. I started on a Sunday night and went all day Monday and Tuesday.

Lean and Green Dinner Night 1

Baked chicken breast with green beans and Brussel sprouts, with mustard.

60 hour lean and green dinner

Lean and Green Breakfast Day 2

3 egg omelelette with onion, green pepper and micro greens on top, whoopsie on the egg yolks.

60 hour lean and green breakfast

lean and green breakfast









Lean and Green Snack Day 2

Turkey roll ups (4 pieces total) with mustard, sliced cucumber, and mustard

60 hour lean and green snack

Lean and Green Dinner Day 2

Lean pork tenderloin, more green beans and Brussel sprouts

60 hour lean and green dinner

Lean and Green Breakfast Day 3

Same, just scrambled!  3 eggs, onions, green pepper and micro greens

60 hour lean and green breakfast

Lean and Green Snack Day 3

More roll ups, turkey and roast beef (perhaps not the leanest meat but….)

60 hour lean and green snack

Lean and Green Dinner Day 3

Guess what, I ate the same thing because I love this meal and I had leftovers. Chicken breast, green beans and Brussel sprouts.

60 hour lean and green dinner

60 Hour Lean and Green Experiment Complete!

lean and green results

I found the 60 Hour Lean and Green protocol fairy easy to finish. I felt like I completely depuffed and no longer felt carb-bloat. I was happy to see some ab definition again!

The following week my mom, my sister, and my mother-in-law all completed the Lean and Green reset. We all had similar results – we all lost an average of 5 lbs.

What happened after has been nothing but positive. Everyone has stayed lower carb and continued to make healthier choices.

My sister is ready for round 2 and my mom is continuing with a low carb diet to get her blood sugar and cholesterol under control.

Why Drink Ketones During the Lean and Green?

Bottom line, ketones gives you energy – especially brain energy. Your brain can only use either glucose (sugar) or ketones as a fuel source, and lowering your carbs to this level may be more difficult for some depending on your current diet.

If you’re a sugar burner and you’re used to a high carb, high sugar diet, drinking the ketones twice a day throughout the Lean and Green will really help you power through this reset without feeling low on energy. You will avoid the low carb blah feeling – you will be energized!

Ketones also do a great job of suppressing the appetite and put your body into a therapeutic state of ketosis in under an hour.

Committing to the 60 Hour Lean and Green

Would you like a 5 or 10 day experience of ketones to power through the Lean and Green 60 Hour Reset?  Visit my Keto Samples Blog.

For more information on exogenous ketones, please read my Pruvit Keto OS Review and Testimony.

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