Welcome to our skin care category all about acne. Here you'll find products that we've personally tested and reviewed for treating this condition. When treating acne, it's important to use products that work to clear the skin of blemishes and reduce bacteria. However, it's also important to nourish the skin for a clear, healthy complexion. Using products which help reduce redness, inflammation, and clear the skin of bacteria without stripping the face is optimal. We've found that a more gentle approach works best for healthy skin. Harsh chemicals are not always your friend when it comes to treating acne! Stripping the face of essential moisture can have the opposite desired effect by causing an overproduction of oil. As a result, this can lead to more breakouts. Our best results for acne treatment have come by using a balanced approach with more natural products. It's important to cleanse, treat, hydrate and protect. Believe it or not, even facial oils (if you use the right one) can be very beneficial to balance and clear the skin! Enjoy our reviews!