bust boom reviewSome breast enhancement formulas look at the issue of breast size and estrogen levels early in life. They address the “lost opportunity” for larger breasts by triggering the mammary glands of an adult woman to begin retaining fluid and slowly increasing the size of the breasts instead of relying on estrogen to do the job. We read that the Bust Boom product was one such compound and decided to see what it contained and if it really worked to increase breast size.

How Bust Boom Works and Ingredients

We were immediately impressed by the level of information available at the primary website. The details included the reason that the formula will work to increase the size of the breasts and why it also helps reduce symptoms of PMS and some types of acne too! Basically we discovered that Bust Boom relies on a unique blend of herbs that include cnicus benedictus, cimicifuga racemosa, tumera diffusa, taraxaci herba, foeniculum vulgare, serenoa repens, nasturtium officinale, dioscorea billosa, and dong quai extract. Although some of those ingredients are the most well known mastogenics, others have not yet been used in many other formulas. This is interesting to note when you read that the company has many clinical trials proving the effectiveness of their formula.

User Reviews

With one pill needed each day and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we were prepared for a lot of favorable reviews. We found them. The consumers who had used the Bust Boom herbal breast enhancement formula had experienced everything from lighter menstrual periods to an increase in three cup sizes during their use of the formula.

A sample review of Bust Boom we found:

“I used this for increased bust size, and it worked like a charm, but I have also noticed a huge improvement in my skin and hair too.”

Heidi, MA

Recommendation and Where to Buy

Though available through online vendors, we recommend using the manufacturer’s site in order to enjoy the 90 day money back guarantee. The site also makes some good bulk deals available including three bottles for $200 – which is a 180 day supply.

We recommend Bust Boom for its unique formulation, multiple uses, positive consumer feedback, and affordable price. If you are looking for something that is guaranteed to work in terms of natural breast enhancement, this is one product to try. The manufacturer has taken the time to ensure that customers are satisfied and also created a product that is innovative and which offers more than one beauty solution!

A Product to Compare

Whenever you’re deciding to purchase a product, it’s always a good idea to comparison shop. We recommend comparing Bust Boom to our top breast enhancement product, Total Curve. We like Total Curve because for roughly the same price, you get all natural pills and a topical cream containing clinically proven Volufiline to help increase your bust size, lift and firm. We like the one-two punch for bigger boobies!

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