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How Do Herbal Breast Enhancement Products Work?

The Skinny on Herbal Breast Enhancement Products

It’s no secret that there are millions of women worldwide that would like to have bigger breasts.  It is ingrained in our culture, particularly in the US, that a bigger bust usually means more attention from men, and even can help advance certain careers. As sexist as that sounds, it can be true.

There has been no shortage of herbal breast enhancement products to hit the market in the past 5 years, and we have had the chance to check out many of them personally.

So how exactly do these “miracle products” work? This article will attempt to explain all of that, and give you our recommendations for the top breast enhancement products on the market.

The Variations of Herbal Breast Enhancement

Herbal breast augmentation products come in many forms, but the two most popular are creams/gels and pills. Some products are actually packaged as a combination of both, and these seem to be the most effective.

Creams and gels use a wide variety of all natural ingredients, but one such ingredient that has showed really good promise is called Volufiline.

herbal breast enhancementVolufiline, the main ingredient in Total Curve gel,  has been studied by a research firm called Sederma (1), and it has been proven to increase adipocyte volume in fatty tissue.

What this essentially means is, wherever you place the volufiline cream on a surface which has fat underneath it, it should grow by as much as 10%.

That might not sound like a lot, but it can mean the difference between an A cub and a B cup.

Pills generally contain a wide variety of ingredients as well, and almost every single one promotes the production of Estrogen.

They do so through the use of an ingredient called Fennel Seed, which contains anethyl.  It’s polymers act as phytoestrogens, which in turn are supposed to increase estrogen levels.

This increase in estrogen works to naturally increase breast size.

Are They Truly Safe To Take?

The jury is still out on this one, namely because there have not been any official government studies conducted on their use.

The fact that these products have not been tested by the FDA does not mean they do not work, it just means that the FDA does not regulate the use of any over the counter dietary supplements.

From anecdotal evidence from a wide variety of sources, it seems like side effects generally include weight gain and stomach cramps, but these cannot be confirmed.

Herbal Breast Enhancement As an Alternative To Surgery

One thing is for sure, as an alternative to breast enhancement surgery, herbal breast enhancement products may be the safer choice.

Take for instance the multitude of side effects that can come about from surgery.  There is capsular contracture, which is the immune systems response to a foreign object in the body.

When a synthetic breast is introduced into the body, it is possible that the bodies immune system will “attack” it, causing a contraction around the breast tissue.  This can be extremely painful, and is one of the most common side effects of breast enhancement surgery.

This in fact happened to my cousin, and ten years after her surgery, she had to have them removed. She also had 10 miserable years of auto immune health issues, and she has no doubt this was the cause. Her experience alone is enough to keep me from ever having surgery.

Their is also the possibility that the synthetic breast may rupture, and cause extreme physical and mental anguish.  The only way to reverse these effects is to literally cut open again and remove the damaged tissue.

This can prove to be very costly, and is generally not covered by doctors performing the surgery.

The Bottom Line

We have read numerous reviews and testimonials from a wide variety of women that have used herbal breast enhancement products, and the general consensus seems to be that they do work in many cases.

While the potential for side effects is possible, the alternatives may not be as suitable.  Take a look at some of our top choices for herbal breast enhancement to see what may be possible with these therapies.

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