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NatureDay Breast Enhancement Pills and Cream Reviews

natureday reviewsWe have been thoroughly researching a wide variety of breast enhancement pills and creams recently, and got a chance to learn more about what NatureDay products can do for you.  It was actually originally hard to believe that a cream or pill can actually increase the size of your breasts naturally, but as we investigated further, we noticed there was some truth to the matter.  We poured through reviews from women concerning NatureDay’s product line to help us get a better understanding of this product.

What is the NatureDay Breast Enhancer System?

Backed by extensive scientific research by leading doctors, natureday has developed a large foundation of breast enhancement options for the woman who cannot afford expensive surgery.  According to their website, they have 4 different types of breast enhancer products, which are all natural.  They are:

Breast Enlargement Cream – Applied 1 – 3 times daily, there breast enhancement cream is designed to help grow underdeveloped breast by as much as 1/2 with continuous use.  Containing primarily Yam Extract, this product does not reportedly have any side effects.

Breast Enlargement Soap – Natureday also manufactures a breast enlargement soap, which is made up of ingredients like palm oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, and sea salts.  With continuous usage, women have reportedly seen increases in size by as much as 2 inches over the course of 3 months.  The only downside to the soap that we see is that it needs to be applied longer for more effects, keeping you standing in the shower for long period of time.

Liquid Extract – The last product they have on the shelves is a liquid extract, which is similar to the pills.  It is made up entirely of homeopathic remedies, and is designed to be take once a day, with 1 – 3 drops per dose.

User Reviews

Aside from the product website which shows numerous consumer reviews of Natureday Breast Enhancement products, their are dozens of reviews on third party websites as well.  Practically every women that talks about the breast enhancement cream says that it works great, and even the ones that reported no change in size said it felt great on the skin.

Below is a sample review of Natureday Cream:

“I have been suffering from small breasts ever since high school, and tried alot of different products before I came across NatureDay.  I actually considered getting breast surgery, but the costs were way outside my budget.  I have been using the breast cream for about 3 months now, and I see a very noticeable increase in my bust size.”
Mary, Texas

Where To Buy NatureDay Products

From our research, it does not appear that you can buy natureday breast enhancement products in any local stores like Walmart, GNC, or Target.  That being said, the best deals we could find were online, both on and the official website.  The cheapest price online was $31 for a 4 oz container.


If you have been considering breast augmentation surgery, but the costs are too great, you may want to consider what Natureday has to offer.  While not all herbal formulas work very effectively, we believe that with continued use, you can find yourself with bigger and more firm breast within just a few short months using their breast enhancement cream and liquids.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I'm getting a free trial of the breast actives. The small breast was not that small until I started using naturaful then it made the one breast grow and not the smaller one. With breast actives does that product help even breasts out? I know breast actives and total curve is the best one out there and so is naturaful from all the great reviews. I know some women that's a A gains 2 cup sizes. Could breast actives possibly make me gain a cup and a half or 2 cups if I use it 6 to 9 months? -Kristina

A: Kristina, Breast Actives is a great product. I can't tell you with certainty that your breasts will eventually even out. Hopefully once they become more full, they will look and feel more symmetrical. I don't think any product on the market could make that claim, because it's very common for women to have one breast larger than the other - that's just physiology.  Give it time, and if you're committed to using the product for that long, you will definitely see results. You have to be patient.

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Q: When taking nature day breast enhancement pills will it make my body feminine and will it shrink my penis -Roddie

A: Roddie, I'm not sure about Nature Day, but I actually have a male subject testing Total Curve right now. He's on month 2 and he's shown some breast growth. As for your other questions, I really have no idea.... If it makes your breast grow, then yes it would be making you more feminine.

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Q: I've been using your products the cream for over two years and the drops for about five months and I have seen the progress of it working. My question is my aoroas aren't that big can they increase in size? I'm male to female -Lorin

A: Hi Lorin, thanks for your question. I'm happy you're seeing progress, but I'm not certain on the answer. I think as you continue to increase in size, your areoles will stretch and also increase over time. Good luck! Rachel

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Q: Does this cream work for all women and body types of and even out uneven breasts? Can a A cup person gain 2 cup sizes bigger? What's the best combination the pills with the liquid or the liquid with the cream etc? How much is a one month supply of the liquid and cream and soap? -Kristina

A: Kristina, I'm more familiar with my top recommended breast enhancement duo, Total Curve (my review). It's pills and cream and they work really well together and have good reviews. Going from an A to a C might be a stretch, but you won't know until you try. I could see it giving you a full B cup with 2-3 months use for sure. It may help you to feel they are more even but if one is already smaller they may not grow to be symmetrical. Total Curve is $69 for a one month supply but they have specials. Check the Total Curve official website.

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