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RevitaShape Review – Does it Work?

RevitaShape Overview

Cottage cheese skin, hail damage, orange peel skin… those are all slang terms for cellulite.  Not very attractive, are they?  Neither is cellulite but it’s something many people…especially women…have to live with as they get older.  Manufacturers are working hard to perfect a product that will reduce or eliminate cellulite.  One such product  introduced by Dermavont Labs is RevitaShape.

RevitaShape – Its Ingredients and How it WorksRevitaShape

Cellulite is a layer of fat just below the surface of the skin.  This fat pushes against weak connective tissues and creates that lumpy appearance.  It is not a sign of obesity, but rather something that the majority of women experience sometime in their life.  It can start as early as  puberty and it mainly effects the thighs, abdomen, and fanny.  Cellulite usually gets worse as people age.

There are several factors that contribute to cellulite, including hormones, heredity, diet, and lifestyle.  Poor circulation  and an excess of fluid in stored fat makes cellulite more visible.  That’s why the RevitaShape formula includes several ingredients that address those issues.

Caffeine is one of the main active ingredients found in Revitashape.  Caffeine works as a natural sponge, soaking up excess moisture in the area where it is applied. It’s also an anti-inflammatory agent and helps reduce  swelling that contributes to the bumpy appearance of cellulite.

Other ingredients that help reduce fluid retention or act as anti-inflammatory agents include glaucine, bladderwrack extract, and Gotu Kola.  Ingredients meant to help break down excess fats include  lcarnitine, Coenzyme-A, and Bupleurum Falcatum Extract.  Retinyl Palmitate joins the formula to firm and tone the skin and Vitamins C and E are included because they are powerful antioxidants and help promote the production of collagen in skin. Together, all the ingredients are said to work in sync to not only reduce visible cellulite but also to improve overall skin health, tone, and texture.

The informative website tells us that RevitaShape produces results in as little as two weeks and the manufacturer does provide a 60-day money back guarantee. The product should be applied twice a day and massaged into the skin until thoroughly absorbed.

Where to Buy RevitaShape

RevitaShape is available at the official website.  The cost is $69.95 for a one month supply and discounts are available for larger purchases.  It was also seen at other online retailers but the price was higher than that offered by the official website.

RevitaShape Pros

  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Secure, informative website
  • Uses approved cellulite-fighting ingredients
  • Positive online customer testimonials
  • 60-day guarantee

RevitaShape Cons

  • It’s expensive
  • Return process is complicated
  • Must be used continuously to maintain results

Our Conclusions

RevitaShape seems to contain the most commonly used anti-cellulite ingredients available today.  We like the fact that the manufacturer offers a 60-day guarantee even though there are several steps you must take if you decide to return the product.  The website is detailed and secure and offers good explanations for why each ingredient was chosen.  It seems to us that it would certainly be worth giving RevitaShape a try if it’s within your budget.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I bought RevitaShape anti-cellulite skin toning formula from a different website. Unfortunately I did not receive any instructions on how to use this product, and I would like to know how do I use this product? How many times do I apply it to my skin a day? And is there a certain way to apply it? Thank you -Teresa

A: Hi Teresa! I'm sorry I've never tried that one personally but just use it like any body lotion, twice a day is probably best (that's what I do with body creams). The one I've been loving is Hips Don't Lie, it's only $19 and has a lot of the same ingredients (caffeine is a big one). So if you're not happy with your results give this one a try, and it smells yummy! Makes my legs look hydrated and tighter. xo Rachel

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    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Astrid, probably since caffeine is a vaso constrictor. If it is too uncomfortable for you, then maybe this product is not for you. If you want my honest opinion, the creams will only do so much but they do help. I think the best way to reduce body fat is to actually do that…lose body fat. Leanbean fat burner for women does just that, and it’s one of my top products, I’m getting great feedback on its effectiveness. I would add the Leanbean and continue with the cream for maximum benefits. Thanks for your comment! Rachel

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