Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream Review
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Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream Review

If you’ve got dark spots or patches because of aging, over-exposure to sun, pregnancy, or birth control, you’ve probably considered using a skin lightening or skin brightening product.

There are many out there, but few have been around as long as Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream.  Porcelana has been offering nourishing creams that lighten skin for generations.

They promise that if you use this particular nighttime product, you’ll awaken to brighter, smoother, more radiant skin.

However, hydroquinone is known to be a questionable ingredient because of skin reactions and toxicity.

Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream ReviewPorcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream Ingredients and How They Work

Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream uses hydroquinone as its active ingredient.

It works by blocking the skin’s production of melanin, which is what causes darker pigmentation in skin.  There is some concern over its safety, however.

Hydroquinone is banned in several countries, and the FDA considered banning it in the United States.  Currently, it is allowed in concentrations up to 2%, which is the concentration used in Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream.

The concern is that hydroquinone has been shown to cause cancer in rats, though no human cases have been reported.  There is also a connection to a skin disease called Ochronosis, which is basically a permanent hardening and darkening of the skin.

On the other hand, hydroquinone still remains the lightening ingredient most recommended by dermatologists.  They believe that the studies were done using very high concentrations, and in some studies, the ingredient was ingested, not used topically.

The information is out there.  If you have concerns, we’d recommend researching it on your own and discussing it with your dermatologist.

In addition to the lightening agent, Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream uses natural botanicals and vitamins to nourish and protect the skin.  Avocado oil nourishes and maintains moisture levels, while Vitamins A and C restore elasticity and firmness so you awake to beautiful, refreshed skin.

Porcelana Cream also comes in a daytime formula that is meant to be used in conjunction with the night cream.  If you use them both for 3 months, and don’t see any results, you are instructed to discontinue use.

Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream Pros and Cons


  • It is affordable.
  • It contains nourishing vitamins and botanicals.
  • Some Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream reviews demonstrate that users are getting positive results.
  • It has been used and trusted for 40 years.


  • Some say there is a greasy, heavy feel.
  • There is some concern about the use of hydroquinone.
  • Some Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream Reviews show that some users were dissatisfied with their results.

Where to Buy

You can find Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream through many retailers both locally and online.  Beauty supply stores, as well as stores like Walmart and RiteAid, carry it for about $7 for a 3 oz jar.  Online, you can choose from Amazon, MyOTCStore.com, and Drugstore.com among many others.  Prices vary, but all are in that same general $6-$8 area.


Porcelana Skin Lightening Creams have been around a long time, and have become well-respected and well-liked products due to their affordability and effectiveness.

There is no denying that there’s controversy over hydroquinone being a known carcinogen, but the fact remains that it is a popular skin lightening ingredient recommended by dermatologists.

Personally,  I break out in itchy red bumps and my skin doesn’t recover for days, so I flat out cannot use any products with hydroquinone. So, if you do give this product a try and you have any adverse skin reactions, you should discontinue use right away.

Since I believe in more natural skin care, and don’t recommend any products that are questionable when it comes to toxins, I would not recommend products with hydroquinone.

Sorry Porcelena, but just because our Grandmother’s used your products does not mean they are safe!!

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Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream Review
1 out of 5 stars

Feb 02, 2019 by 
Wilfrido Colon

A dermatologist recommended porcelana skin bleach,and I used it. The second day I noticed an area of my left temple close to the eye which turned too bright. I stopped using it. The light spot is still the same and I don’t know what to do. By the way, If you have a suggestion please let me know.

Very happy!

Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream Review
5 out of 5 stars

Jul 10, 2017 by 

I'm so glad I found this cream. I hhad a really bad polka dots on my face because I used to pick on my pimples so it has left me scars on my face. I found this product as Walgreens and I thought to give it a try which I'm glad that I did. The scars on my face are fading and my face is amoother than ever, no more break outs. I have been using it for a month now and the container is still half full. I only use it during night time. The only thing that I didnt like is the smell, once you put it on it smells like garlicky...

3.0 5.0 2 2 A dermatologist recommended porcelana skin bleach,and I used it. The second day I noticed an area of my left temple close to the eye which turned too bright. I stopped using it. Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream Review

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I am pregnant and I have pregnancy dark spot and patches on my face and neck,is it OK if I use porcelana cream -abby

A: Abby, no you should not use any products containing hydroquinone while pregnant especially as it's toxic. I wouldn't use if even if I wasn't pregnant to be honest. Use something natural without hydroquinone. I would recommend Beautycounter's Brightening Oil, it works great and they also make a mask in this line. There's also a smaller spa set that contains the oil, the mask and a spritzer. This oil is fabulous and contains lots of Vitamin C and other natural lightening ingredients. Beautycounter contains nothing toxic. They have a ban on 1,500 harmful ingredients. Good luck with your pregnancy, stay away from the toxic stuff, they are hormone disruptors. ~Rachel

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1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

Q: What is possible effects if i discontinue using porcelana cream? -

A: Porcelana contains toxic hydroquinone, I don't recommend this product. If you stop and get a lot of sun, then your spots will come back. It's important when you're lightening to also use SPF to keep your results.  Rachel

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Q: I used Pocelana night cream on a dark spot on my face for two nights. The next morning I had a rash and rough spots on that area. Three days later, it is still there. Should that disappear in a few days or should I contact a dermatologist? -Donna

A: Hi Donna, you are probably allergic to hydroquinone, just like I am! I get a rash and itchy bumps, I can't use it at all. So, I use skin lighteners will all natural ingredients without toxic hydroquinone, it's a hormone disruptor as well. One that's free of this ingredient that I've used with good results is Illuminatural 6i, it's one of my Top 3 Topical Lighteners.  Good luck! I would return if you can, but the rash will go away after a few days, just discontinue use for sure. Rachel

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Q: Is it alright to use Porcelana cream on your body? I've been thinking of making a sort of body butter with porcelana as an ingredient. -catherine

A: Hi Catherine, any cream that is safe for the face is also perfectly fine for the body. :) Good luck with your new cream! Rachel

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Q: Want to get rid of sun spots, but not my tan? Is this possible? -Lisa

A: Hi Lisa, thanks for your question. It's a bit of a complicated answer. If you're tanning (which is terrible for your skin) and you're getting some dark spots pop up, those are only going to get worse and increase over time... and even heat can increase melanin production in your skin. You can spot treat dark spots with Illuminatural 6i, but it's very important to use an SPF during any skin lightening treatment. Good luck! Rachel

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