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Nue Science and Auravie Wrinkle Reducer Review

Sometimes we feel like we can’t keep up with these supposed “miracle combinations” that help to reduce your wrinkles and turn back the hands of time.  It seems like everyday I check my local weather over a cup of coffee, and there is the ad staring at me in the face that says that same thing everyday “Mom makes Botox Doctors Furious!” screams the headline.  Today’s miracle is Nue Science and Auravie Wrinkle Reducer, 2 skin creams we have touched on before.  Since we already wrote about these products heavily before, we feel there is no need to touch on them in detail again, but for those who are unaware, here is the scoop on these two products.

nue science and auravieWhat is Nue Science?

Nue Science promises the usual reduction in wrinkles, and also says it will reduce the volume and depth of wrinkles by as much as 40%.  It actually comes in a 3 step process including a firming toner, which is supposed to restore fullness to the face and plump up your face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  The 2nd step is an Age Repair Serum, which is used to reduce the depth, volume, and density of wrinkles.  The 3rd step is an Age Defense Moisturizer, which contains spf 30 and is used to prevent future breakouts of wrinkles.

What is Auravie Wrinkle Reducer?

Auravie is a wrinkle reducer that is also designed with its own 3 step system, which is designed to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.  The first step is and anti-oxidant face peel, which micro cleanses and stimulates surface skin cell renewal.  You use this 1-2 times weekly, and is combined with the 2nd step, which is an age defying serum that lifts and firms the eye area, face and neck.  It’s all capped off with a Day/Night Moisturizer, designed to increase moisture retention, smooth skin texture, and encourage natural cell regeneration. I actually had a horrible experience when trying Auravie and wouldn’t recommend it. *Update* Auravie has been pulled from the shelves and you can no longer buy it! Too many complaints apparently.

Read about my personal experience trying Auravie and how it stuck to my face!!

The Bottom Line

There is no conclusive proof that if you use Nue Science with Auravie that you will experience some sort of magical results.  We have read through countless reviews and could not find any woman who has used both Nue Science and Auravie the way it was described in the ad we came across.  If you are looking to try something that does what these 2 creams do on their own, but is an all in one product, you should check out Lifecell.  It has been scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles dramatically, and is endorsed by celebrities around the world.

Read my personal review of Lifecell Anti-Aging Treatment with before and after pics, I’ve been using it over two years!

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Rachel Vrabel

Rachel is Chief Editor of Women’s Blog Talk and writes reviews across the spectrum of anti-aging, health and beauty. She has an English degree from USF and worked in finance for 15 years before establishing this website in 2011. She loves having a place she can share her inspiration for health and beauty and continue to help others! She lives in South Florida with her husband and her hobbies include beach volleyball, HIIT training and combing the beach for sea glass and shells.


  • Someone

    When I looked up the address, it goes to a place called Caracol Cream. Surprise surprise… must be another name for the shady product.

  • Lidia

    The stuff is really bad burn my skin and i had really bad rush i have to go to doctor after 1 use,on the top my credit card was charged 98$ plus shiping for the sample before i even recieved .Stay away from this company .This is the worst of kind.Cusumer service is bad to they do not speak clear.This is last time i order sample like this!!!

  • Debra Seiler

    Oh, and by the way, the product is junk. It did nothing for my skin at all and the one serum actually burned my skin. It felt like i had sunburn for a couple of days.

  • Debra Seiler

    I was also scammed by AuraVie. From what I understood, it was a one time trial for $3.95 to cover shipping. They did not say that I would be automatically shipped more. I received another shipment along with a statement charging my account $97.88. I flipped. I tried to cancel my account over their website but it kept telling me that they didnt have an account under my email address. Which was kind of funny, considering that it was on the shipping statement. I called the number on the statement and actually did talk to a real person and believe it or not spoke english. Now i will keep an eye on my account to make sure they arent going to hit me again. The phone number i called is 866-216-9336. The address is listed as 7900 Gloria Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406

  • Laurie

    I was scammed by this company this month. I ordered a ” free trial” and the shipping was $4.95, which then they then said was only $.99 (cents). The very next day my account was charged the 99 cents AND $149.00 My bank called my because they said this was “suspicious” activity that they had had several problems with recently. They asked if I had charged $149 amount and I said no so they removed the charge. Don’t do business with this company. They are thieves.

    • punkin

      This is bad very bad it burned my face all swelled up
      face itches and all red not good it hurts. Not having
      good luck with this company they also charged my account
      not a happy lady people keep making fun of my face all puffed

  • Mary Bailey

    You call them, and get someone who cannot speak English and cannot understand this need for an address and an RM #. I finally was able to get an email from the very bottom of one of their “free offer” net ads. MOst of them quickly move and you find a 404 message when you click on the free offer. Their method is to hide from you. ONce they have your credit card number, they will charge your account — in my case over $99.

    Here is a working phone number:

    Here is their “new address” they just moved to the week after Christmas.

    NUE SCIENCE – West Coast Distribution Center.
    5300 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Unit 400
    Ontario, CA 91764

    1. File a complaint with the FTC.
    2. File a complaint with your BBB and with the one in California
    3. File a complaint with your states Attorney General and with the
    Attorney General of California.
    4. If they mail your product by US Mail, contact your Postal
    Inspector. They are Federal Agents who get the same training as
    FBI agents. They handle fraud causes. This is a fraud case.
    5. Contact your credit card company; they will file a dispute for you.
    As long as you return the product, they will help you remove the
    6. Post about them every place you can find on the web.
    7. Send them registered letters of complaint.

    Any email you get from them is “no reply” but keep looking for a way to coantact them by email.

    We all need to make these people our hobby. What they are doing is dishonest and a total scam. Working across state lines will not really protect them; they only will get away with what we as consummers allow them to get away with.

    Dr. Bailey

  • lori

    Do NOT try NueScience or AuraVie products. It is a scam. I ordered the free trial offer and paid the shipping/handling charges and then 2 weeks later my credit card was charged $98.16 for NueScience and $97.88 for AuraVie ! There were no terms and conditions attached to my free trial offers. When I called customer service to complain and to have my charge refunded, all they did was say “We’re sorry but the terms & conditions said 10 days free trial,” which was not the case, it said NOTHING on my end. The products did nothing and the customer service representative did less ! Do not order and get fooled. I am going to report them to the Better Business Bureau !

    • Ute

      Hello Lori:
      ALWAYS when you get free trial offers like this there are Terms and conditions attached. The same with AuroVie. You will have to scroll down all the way to the bottom of the ad and there are the “Terms and Conditions” explaining all you need to know regarding cusotmer service phone#s, time periods of returns and cancellation periods. Check it out. That is the first I always look for and needless to say, I hardly ever order something for FREE, there is always a hook connected. Good luck next time.

    • Jan Peduzzi

      I’m in agreement with your take on these two companies. I never realized until today when I got my bank statement that the two monetary amounts you mentioned were taken from my bank debit card on 9 January 2012. I also paid the initial S&H amount as you did, but was charged for the “free” skincare by both Auravie skincare and Nue Science cell revival. Just last Wednesday, I was charged for a second shipment for the same amounts. They have both arrived, Auravie on Saturday, and Nue Science today. It really surprised me to receive either one as I wasn’t expecting them ~~~ and didn’t realize they were using my debit card. I feel they have no right to unauthorized use of it, and am upset. I’ve made arrangements to return Auravie’s shipment for a refund after they have satisfactorily received it’s return, but they want me to pay $35 for the “free” offer that I was charged $97.88 for. I have to send them an email saying I’ll not pursue further action if I accept their offer.
      What to do? Their charges to my check account last month caused me overdraft fees because I have a limited income and their charges were applied before my routine bills were met. I never overdraw my account so that was a shock and concern, too.

  • Roberta

    I actually purchased, received and used the Nue Science trial and found the serum to be an excellent product… really improved the bags under my eyes. I debated and just reordered but I am skeptical about the company. NOTE – they will charge you the full price of $98 for the trial unless you cancel before 15 days, buying trial is committing to a monthly subscfription unless you cancel within the 15 days.

  • Selina

    This is a scam. I got charge for a product I never received for a ‘free trial’. I told them to cancel it, and they still charged me $103.!
    Do not fall for it!

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