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Abyssine Eye Cream Review

abyssine eye cream reviewPackaged as an anti-wrinkle cream for the eyes, the Abyssine Eye Cream from Kiehl’s also contains an unusual list of proprietary ingredients. The primary ingredients for targeting wrinkles around the eyes is the “abyssine” which is a “survival molecule” found in deep sea environments, apricot kernel oil to keep skin supple, and a vegetal coral that is meant to thicken the connective tissues of the skin and keep moisture trapped in lower layers.

There is also a laundry list of other ingredients that go unexplained. Though the manufacturer has a 150-plus year history of making skin care products, they remain a bit vague in terms of how this product can actually target the wrinkles in the most sensitive skin around the eyes.

Where to Buy

The Abyssine Eye Cream can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, but it also appears in many locations online. This includes such “big box” sites as Target or Amazon, but also through much smaller retailers too.

Pro’s and Con’s

There is an even balance of pros and cons for the use of the Abyssine Eye Cream product. On the negative side there is:

  • Ÿ  The lack of clarity about the different ingredients;
  • Ÿ  The lack of clinical data demonstrating that the primary ingredients do perform as described;
  • Ÿ  The absence of the data from the dermatologist testing mentioned at the website; and
  • Ÿ  The relatively high price for the .5-ounce jar.

On the positive side:

  • Ÿ  This is a company with a long history of making good skin care solutions;
  • Ÿ  This can be used during the day and with makeup applied over it;
  • Ÿ  It is suitable for men and women alike;
  • Ÿ  The product has received many positive consumer reviews; and
  • Ÿ  It is readily available in many locations.
  • It has been rated as a best eye cream on numerous websites.

Best Price

Among other moisturizing eye creams, this is widely available online and in retail locations. The prices for a single jar range from $31 to $43 depending upon the retailer. Because there is no guarantee on the Abyssine Eye Cream, we suggest finding a retailer or vendor who offers a refund of some kind.


We do recommend Abyssine Eye Cream because of its strong moisturizing properties. Even if this is not the definitive wrinkle cream for the eye area, the blend of soothing and safe compounds will be of tremendous value to anyone hoping to improve the condition of the skin in the sensitive eye area.

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