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Natralox Wrinkle Cream Review – Is it Worth It?

Natralox Wrinkle Cream Overview

As we age, our skin often needs special care to control the damage from time, pollutants, UV rays, and other harmful elements.  That means there is a demand for products that help us keep our skin healthy and younger looking. One product that claims to do that is Natralox Wrinkle Cream.  This cream bills itself as Organic Natralox Anti Wrinkle Cream and promises to stimulate natural collagen production and reduce visible lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.  It is promoted as an all natural way to keep your skin glowing and ageless. It sounds wonderful, but what else should you know about Natralox Wrinkle Cream?

Natralox Wrinkle Cream – Its Ingredients and How it WorksNatralox Wrinkle Cream

Organic Natralox Wrinkle Cream is made by an Australian company named Sun Elements that also has a strong presence in the UK. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an official website for either Natralox Wrinkle Cream or the manufacturer. There is great information available about the product at some of the online retailers and from a few other reviewers, so we’ll have to use their help to make a judgement call.

Natralox Wrinkle Cream does contain two ingredients that have been scientifically proven to hydrate and rejuvenate aging skin: Argireline and Hyaluronic Acid.  Argireline works like expensive injections that inhibit muscle movement, allowing the muscles to relax and preventing wrinkles from deepening or new ones from appearing.  Hyaluronic Acid combined with Vitamins A,C, and E work to soften and hydrate the skin and boost collagen production.  Other natural elements contained in Natralox Wrinkle Cream include Jojoba oil and Coriander oil, sunflower, green tea, lemon, clove, avocado and cedarwood oils, and Shea butter.

Directions say that Natralox Wrinkle Cream should be applied twice a day, morning and night, on a clean face.  Rub the cream into the face and neck area until it is absorbed. Wait five minutes before applying makeup or moisturizer.

The manufacturer claims that you will probably begin to see improvement within 14 days but you should experience optimum results within 4-6 weeks.  When your skin reaches the condition you desire, you may cut back use to once a day.

Where to Buy Natralox Wrinkle Cream

Unfortunately, there is no secure website to order from and though there are a few online retailers that sell Natralox Wrinkle Cream none of them seem to be US based.  At most sites it cost about 70 pounds, which converts to about $111 US . It is also available at some retailers and spas in Australia and the UK.

Natralox Wrinkle Cream Pros

  • All natural
  • Contains 2 scientifically proven ingredients
  • Complete ingredients list available
  • Paraben free

Natralox Wrinkle Cream Cons

  • No official website
  • Difficult to order
  • No clinical trials found
  • No guarantee found
  • Expensive

Our Conclusions

The fact that Natralox Wrinkle Cream is made from all natural ingredients and contains both Hyaluronic Acid and Argireline is impressive. Under normal circumstances I would recommend trying this product.  The fact that there is no website, no guarantee, and no clinical evidence of the cream’s benefits, however, make me hesitant.  This seems like a beneficial product, but I believe there are other products just as good that do have websites and US retailers.  If you decide to try this product, I hope you’ll let us know what you think.

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Q: What is the number for le jeune to cancel my subscription that I never applied for? -Andrea

A: Check my phone number list of these companies to see if it's there (and if it still works). Otherwise, call your bank and ask for the number of the company who is billing you, it could be under a different company name. Good luck! Rachel

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