Liftfusion Triple Threat Review – Does it Work?

LiftFusion Triple Threat Overview

The full name of the product we’re looking at today is Fusion Beauty LiftFusion Triple Threat Intense Target Magic Wand. That’s quite a mouthful so from now on we’ll just refer to it as LiftFusion Triple Threat and leave off the name of the manufacturer, Fusion Beauty, and all the rest. This product bills itself as a magic wand.  The trick it performs is to make wrinkles disappear and to magically make skin look smoother and younger.  Is it hocus pocus or is it for real?

LiftFusion Triple Threat – How it Works and Its IngredientsLiftFusion Triple Threat

The manufacturer’s website is out of commission and undergoing its own face lift as this review is written, so much of the information here has come from other sources like retailers and other reviewers.  The timing is unfortunate because I’m unable to see exactly what the manufacturer has to say, but there is plenty of valid information available elsewhere.

According to retailers, LiftFusion Triple Threat is used to diminish signs of aging, now and over the course of time.  When applied, wrinkles and fine lines are said to become nearly invisible.  The serum contains a blend of wheat proteins, liquid GABA, and hyaluronic acid that helps disguise expression lines and wrinkles and help plump and moisturize the skin. It also contains a combination of antioxidants and botanical extracts to protect your skin from further damage.

The directions say to apply the serum to a clean face twice a day and you can also use it for touch ups throughout the day. LiftFusion Triple Threat comes in a slim, compact container that slips easily into your purse or pocket to go wherever you go.

The Nordstrom website does report clinical test results for LiftFusion Triple Threat, though there is no access to the actual studies.  If the report is accurate, however, the results are impressive.  According to the retailer, 87% of trial participants saw visible improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles on their face within 15 minutes.  It also states that in 8 weeks 90% of participants said their skin was firmer and tighter and wrinkles had diminished significantly.

Where to Buy LiftFusion Triple Threat

LiftFusion Triple Threat may be purchased from Nordstrom’s and other online retailers.  The cost varies greatly from one retailer to the next, starting as low as $9.50 at Amazon and ranging to $39.95 at other locations.

LiftFusion Triple Threat Pros

  • Fast acting
  • Reasonably priced
  • Contain GABA and hyaluronic acid
  • Clinical trials mentioned
  • Portable

LiftFusion Triple Threat Cons

  • No website currently available
  • Mixed reviews

Our Conclusions

Normally, the lack of a website, even temporarily, is enough to turn me off a product but fortunately, there is an abundance of information about LiftFusion Triple Threat available at retailers’ websites.  The fact that this serum contains clinically tested ingredients is a plus and many of the consumers’ reviews are positive.  Although I would have preferred to see the information available at the website, because the price is reasonable and the manufacturer a respected name in the skin care industry, I think LiftFusion Triple Threat could be worth trying to see if it can work its magic on your skin.

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