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Librow Reviews, Before and After, and Ingredients

librow reviewsWhile doing a thorough review of the eyelash enhancement industry, we ran across one of the few eyebrow-specific products. The Librow product describes itself as having the ability to “give you the sexy eye-catching arches you always dreamed of,” and fortifying and conditioning the “hair follicles in the eyebrow area while gently darkening the brow hair”. What would this do, we wondered? Of course, it would help to brighten the eyes and improve the general shape of the brows, and so we decided to dedicate a bit of time investigating the product.

How Librow Works and Ingredients

Librow, we instantly discovered is made by the same people responsible for the popular Lilash eyelash enhancement product. On their website they explain that this product is meant to eliminate a step from your morning routine by making brow pencils and fillers a “thing of the past”. They go on to explain that they use their physician formula and do not test on any animals as well. They provide the entire list of ingredients, and we were delighted to see that they use many of the plant extracts known for encouraging circulation to hair follicles and also for decreasing damages done by free radicals. The “darkening” we realized is actually a natural botanical “tinter” that gently colors the hair on a temporary basis, and like most eyelash enhancers, Librow needs to be used on an ongoing basis to maintain results.

User Reviews

We found many professional and consumer reviews for the Librow product. All of them were favorable, with those actually using the product simply raving over it, and commented on the return of brows that had thinned beyond recognition to brows that were more attractive.

A sample review of Librow we found:

“I had resigned myself to be of the ‘no brow’ type. For some reason my eyebrows just stayed thin and skimpy. I used Librow on the recommendation of a friend and had decent brows in about two month’s time!”

Steph, NE

Librow Before And After

Below is an actual consumer before and after photo we came across when researching the results from using Librow:

librow results

Where to Buy

The Librow website offers the best deals in terms of multiple bottles and the offer of a money back guarantee. You can also find it online at affiliate sites, but it is not available in any retail establishments.


If thin or unhealthy eyebrows are your concern, this is the product we would point you towards. It has so much positive feedback and such reliable ingredients that we can recommend to anyone with sensitive skin and with the need for eyebrow growth.

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  • Shannon

    As a young woman I had always had thick and very dark eyebrows. Over the last 20 years I have had three series of chemotherapy treatments. As a result of the chemo, along with age, my eyebrows were very thin and faded. I felt my face had lost a lot of expression and definition as a result. A friend who had just completed her therapy told me she was using LiBrow and highly recommended the product. I tried it and it worked in about 6 to 8 weeks. My brows are back and I am due to have them waxed!

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