Top 3 Eyelash Enhancers

eyelash enhancersWho doesn’t want plumper, longer, fuller lashes?! It opens your entire eye area up to make you look younger and sexier!

Unfortunately, as we age our eyelashes grow more sparsely, or we weren’t lucky enough to inherit the long lash gene.

We have come across dozens of Eyelash Enhancement Products, and have evaluated them based on a wide variety of criteria.  We also take the feedback from our users, as well as users on other sites, in order to help us rank these products based on user results.

The bottom line is, you want something that works, and works well, so we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation for you and found the Top 3 Best Eyelash Enhancers.

But before we disclose our choices for the Top Eyelash Enhancement products, let’s talk a little bit about how we chose and ranked these particular products.  Each product was thoroughly tested on the basis of:

  • Quality and Safety of Ingredients
  • Whether they’ve undergone clinical trials and are approved by ophthalmologists
  • Ability To Strengthen and Lengthen Eyelashes Effectively
  • How users rate the product
  • Price

Our #1 Choice – Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer

Price: $39.95 for one month supply, buy 2 get 1 free

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Our #1 Eyelash Enhancer is called Idol Lash.  It is one of the only eyelash enhancement products in the country to actually be clinically proven to strengthen and elongate your eyelashes effectively, and you can use it on your eyebrows!

Their clinical study involved a panel of 15 subjects between the ages of 24-82 years old.  Applying just once a night for 2 weeks straight, the majority of users saw an average 82% increase in their eyelash density, making their eyelashes appear fuller and longer that before.

Idol LashFrom our research, we have determined that Idol Lash has been used by thousands of women successfully.  You can read some of the positive reviews of Idol Lash we have found below:

“I have had very short eyelashes my whole life, and I have experimented with my share of products.  I was a bit skeptical it would even work. Well, after applying Idol Lash once a night for about a week, I began to see drastic results.”
Brenda, California

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eye secrets lash growth acceleratorOur #2 Choice – Eye Secrets Lash Growth Accelerator

Price: $76.05

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Our #2 Eyelash Enhancer is called Eye Secrets Lash Growth Accelerator.  It’s all the rage in England, and you’ve probably seen the promotions by Michelle Collins for the Eye Secrets products, namely the Eye Secrets Instant Eye Lift Strips.

Like Idol Lash, Eye Secrets Lash Growth Accelerator is one of the few eyelash enhancer products on the market to be ophthalmologist tested and approved, and made of safe and nourishing ingredients, and you can also use this product on your eyebrows.

eye secrets lash growth accelerator before and after
Eye Secrets Lash Growth Accelerator Before and After

In a clinical study, people who used Eye Secrets Lash Growth Accelerator, it was shown that there was a 72% improvement in the appearance of eyelashes within a period of 21 days, and after 42 days overall results of the appearance of their eyelashes including fullness, length, visibility, thickness and how lush and healthy improved by 89%.

Eye Secrets Growth Accelerator, applied nightly like eyeliner across your lash line, will increase lash volume, lengthen lashes, and help them grow longer!

The product is non-irritating, clinically tested and can be used on the eyebrows as well.  One tube of Eye Secrets Lash Growth Accelerator should last you 12 weeks at least.

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 dream lashOur #3 Choice – Dream Lash

Price: $12.49

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Our number three choice is called Dream Lash, which is manufactured by a company called The Salon Shoppe.  Some of the top Hollywood makeup artists have also been recommending it to celebrity’s to help plump up their eyelash appearance.

Dream Lash is a very popular product that has been featured on many TV news outlets and infomercials.  The product is designed to be worn over top of Mascara to help double your volume, leaving your eyelashes thicker and fuller looking, so it works very differently from our #1 and #2 choice.

This product will plump and create fuller lashes but it doesn’t enhance the actual growth of your lashes and it’s not recommended for eyebrows.

From our research, we have determined that Dream Lash has been used by a ton of women successfully.  You can read some of the positive reviews of Idol Lash we have found below:

“I started using Dream Lash just last week and I have to say it works great!  It’s really easy to apply, and I think it actually more than doubles my lash length and plumpness.  I have recommended it to alot of my friends and they all pretty much said the same thing.  Thanks for recommending it!”
Jennifer, NJ

“I have used a few different eyelash enhancers before, but many of them kind of clumped up or started to lose their results pretty quick.  Not with this one!  It worked perfectly from day 1, and I have been continuing to use it for the past few months.”
Teresa, FL

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  • Maria teresa

    Loved your website. As per lash enhancers, have you tried dabalash? It really works for lashes and eyebrows. Only too expensive.

    Another product I find amazing games is the Doux Peeling by Clarins . You should try it.



    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Thanks Maria! I haven’t tried dabalash but I wouldn’t mind trying it on my eyebrows! And I haven’t tried the Clarins Doux Peeling but it looks like a nice exfoliator. Thanks for the tips.

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