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Cellulex Anticellulite Gel Review- Does it Work?

Many people believe cellulite is a problem only women have to deal with and it is true that the majority of people with cellulite are females.  The truth is, though, men can get cellulite, too.  That’s why SeSDerma, a company that makes numerous skin care products, has developed Cellulex Anticellulite Gel and promotes Cellulex for both males and females.  Now you know it’s a product for the sexes, but you need to know if it works.

Cellulex – Its Ingredients and How it WorksCellulex

Cellulite is a tough problem to eliminate.  Often called such derogatory terms as hail damage, cottage cheese , or orange peel, cellulite gives skin a dimpled, bumpy appearance.  Cellulite is actually fat deposits built up beneath connective tissues, creating a waffled look. Most authorities agree there are various reasons people develop cellulite, including heredity, hormones, and lifestyle.

The makers of Cellulex claim that this gel will help diminish that dimpled appearance. The limited web page for the anti-cellulite topical treatment says that after beginning to use the gel you’ll soon notice the skin starts to appear smoother, more toned, and it will develop more elasticity.

The reason the manufacturer believes Cellulex is an effective cellulite reducer is because it contains ingredients that help promote drainage of excess fluids and “tonify the tissue”.  Some of those ingredients include extracts of ivy,  green tea, algae, and asiaticum centella.

The website provides  little information about Cellulex other than what’s already been mentioned.  There is not a complete list of ingredients available, nor does the site include any clinical evidence that the gel is effective.  There are no before and after pictures and no customer testimonials.  There isn’t even any clear directions for use or mention of how soon you should expect to see effects. No guarantee was found, either.

Where to buy Cellulex

Cellulex is available at the SesDerma secure website and costs $64 per tube.  This gel is also available at competitive prices at other online retailers, so shop around for the best price.

Cellulex Pros

  • Made by established company
  • Contains some natural ingredients
  • Secure website
  • May be used by men and women

Cellulex Cons

  • No evidence of effectiveness provided
  • Website is secure but uninformative
  • No complete ingredients list provided
  • No guarantee found

Our Conclusions

The best thing we can say about this product is that it’s made by a company that’s been around awhile and specializes in skin care products.  In fact, Cellulex gel may work effectively, but the website fails to provide any concrete information about the formula, its effectiveness, or why you should invest your money in the product.  For those reasons, we have to say no to Cellulex.

Fight cellulite from the inside out, our top fat burner supplement is HCA Fit which works as a fat blocker and also suppresses appetite.

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