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HCA Fit Garcinia Cambogia Review – How Does it Compare?

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Note: This is my personal review, click here to visit the official HCA Fit Garcinia Cambogia website

There is a plant which originates from the jungles of Indonesia – it looks like a small green pumpkin – it’s called Garcinia Cambogia, and it’s quite popular  as an effective weight loss product. Celebs everywhere are raving about it and confess that it’s their secret to a slim figure.

Dr. Oz has called Garcinia Cambogia “the holy grail to weight loss” and has been touting these products for months with promotions galore.

Even TMZ is on the bandwagon with a big promotion going on right now about how J-Lo “dropped” a bottle in the airport and supposedly this is how she’s still rockin’ an amazing body and wearing bikinis more suitable for a 20 year old!

So what’s all the hoopla about anyway? Does this stuff really block fat from forming, curb your appetite and melt away pounds? We decided to do a thorough investigation on a popular 100% Natural Garcinia product called HCA Fit Garcenia Cambogia and were impressed with what we found.

What is HCA Fit and what is HCA?

HCA Fit Garcinia CambogiaAlso known as hydroxycitric acid, HCA (as derived from the plant Garcinia Cambogia) has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia to make meals more satiating, in other words it makes you feel full faster.

This part of the world doesn’t partake in “American sized” portions I can assure you, so its no wonder they are much thinner in that region of the world. HCA Fit is a 100% natural weight loss supplement that is naturally high in HCA with a whopping 60% in its formula.

HCA Fit does two things very effectively as a weight loss supplement:

Blocks Fat – The HCA in HCA Fit Garcinia stops your body from turning carbs into fat. HCA does this by naturally inhibiting an enzyme called citrate lyase which is the process which makes fat from carbohydrates.

Suppresses Appetite – The feeling of being “satiated,” or feeling satisfied to the point of being full comes from the “feel good” neurotransmitter in the brain called serotonin. HCA naturally increases serotonin levels to make you feel full faster.

HCA Fit’s Effect on Your Waistline

HCA Fit Before and After
Before and after Garcinia Cambogia

The benefits stated above can only mean one thing to your waistline – it will shrink. If you’re eating less, you will lose weight.  If your body is not creating as much fat from the carbs you’re ingesting into your body because the HCA is inhibiting the process, then that’s less fat accumulating on your waistline. Seems like a win-win situation. The official website for HCA Fit Garcinia Cambogia highlights the following benefits of using their product:

  • Reduce excess fat storage
  • Cut back on binge-eating
  • Have fewer midnight snacks
  • Look (and feel!) your best
  • Bring out your lean sex appeal

HCA Fit Garcinia Cambogia Ingredients

In additional to the high concentration of HCA, what I love about this product is that it has NO CAFFEINE.  There is no Green Tea Extract (caffeine) in HCA Fit or any other stimulants to give you the jitters.

HCA Fit Ingredients
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HCA Fit works without the negative side effects that many weight loss supplements with caffeine can cause such as difficulty sleeping or concentrating. HCA Fit also contains a healthy amount of Potassium, Calcium and Chromium (200 mg), and that’s it!

Chromium is a trace mineral that enhances insulin’s action in the body. Insulin is essentially the fat-loss gatekeeper, so anything that makes a smaller amount of insulin more effective is great for fat loss. Chromium is a known fat burner and metabolism booster and is a safe and popular ingredient in many weight loss supplements.

Potassium helps you lose weight by converting food into energy and assisting to build muscles, while calcium is vital to guiding the metabolism in the right direction. If you lack either of these nutrients, it could inhibit your naturally ability to lose weight.

Look Out for “Pure Garcinia Cambogia” and “Pure Green Coffee Plus” Free Trial Scams

Be wary of the free trial scam offers being heavily promoted right now which says you need to combine Pure Garcinia Cambogia with Pure Green Coffee Plus. They only sell this by way of a “free trial” offer and then you’ll be billed on an auto ship program which may be hard to cancel. Just look at all the complaints on this combination offer and other free trials on the Ripoff Report.

If you’re not familiar with “free trials” they are in fact not free – when you accept a free trial offer, you are accepting the terms and conditions (usually in the fine print) giving them the authorization to bill you for the full price of the product after the free trial period is up (usually 14 days), and every month thereafter, until eternity until you cancel.

Oftentimes it’s hard to get through on the phone, and sometimes impossible which leads customers to have to trek down to their bank to cancel the credit card they used altogether. HCA Fit is not sold as a free trial.

Click Here to learn more about HCA Fit Garcinia Cambogia and additional discounts.

HCA Fit Conclusion and Recommendation

After thorough investigation of the HCA Fit product, and finding plenty of positive reviews on HCA Fit showing proven results, our conclusion at WomensBlogTalk is that we like this product and recommend it to be a safe and effective means to rapid weight loss. Its effects would also definitely be increased by a regular exercise routine, which we encourage with any weight loss venture and for a healthy lifestyle.

We like that it has a high concentration of HCA (60%) to boost serotonin, which makes you feel full faster, and we like that it inhibits the formation of fat and is 100% Natural. This one-two punch for weight loss also has no caffeine or other stimulants so this reduces negative side effects which can be experienced with many weight loss supplements.

We also like HCA Fit because it’s not sold as a “free trial” offer and they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Each bottle has 60 capsules which should be taken twice per day, and a 1-month supply costs $44.95. If you buy a 3 months supply, you can save $25 bringing the price down to $109.95.

So what are you waiting for? There seems to be a valid reason why Garcinia Cambogia has become a weight loss phenomenon and HCA Fit is a 100% natural supplement with a high level of HCA with no stimulants!


Have you tried HCA Fit? Leave your questions and comments below!

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I have used garcinia cambogia for about a yr., lost significant amount of weight, but also lost an enormous amount of hair. I am talking, all over thinning that has me terrified I may have to buy a wig now. Have you heard of this happening with other users? I had super thick hair all of my life & only started losing it a few months into the start of G.C.My doctor told me to investigate it as she has no other answers...do you? ? Thank you for your wonderful blog. Iwant/need to continue with my weight loss, but must I sacrifice my hair to do so? HAIRLESS IN WASHINGTON Claudia Gonzales aka:Red -Claudia

A: Hi Claudia, I'm sorry to hear this, that's very upsetting. I've never heard of garcinia cambogia causing hair loss. I have heard of nutritional deficiencies causing hair loss. Did you eat a healthy, balanced diet while you were taking it? Sometimes diet pills suppress appetite so much that people sometimes barely eat, and that's not good. I don't know if that's the case for you or not. I think you should try my #1 recommended weight loss and health product, Keto OS.  Tell me if it's something you'd be interested in trying. At this point, I would stop taking the garcinia since it's causes such bad side effects. Make sure you're taking a multi-vitamin supplement and you may want to add some extra biotin as that will help with hair and nails. Keep me updated with your progress. Rachel

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