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anew clinical eye lift reviewLooking for an eye product that reduces puffiness, dropping, and lines? The Anew Clinical Eyelift product claims to be able to do just that, and has the clinical testing to back up such claims! The manufacturer of the product, Avon, explains that their studies showed that in a single week of use more than 90% of the women tested said that their eyelid area was firmer, and 87% said that puffiness was reduced substantially.

After a four week period most said that sagginess and drooping had been reduced that that dark circles were faded to a noticeable degree. We checked out the ingredients to see what the secret might be and found that there is an even mixture of proprietary plant peptides and antioxidants that are what lead to such good results. We also highly approve of the hypoallergenic properties that this formula can offer too.

Where to Buy Anew Clinical Eye Lift

Though an Avon product, the Anew Clinical Eye lift under eye cream is available in many online venues. You can acquire it through the manufacturer’s site, a distributor, or through many online venues. None has a money back guarantee.

Pro’s and Con’s

In deciding on the pros and cons for this product, we realized that there are almost no cons at all! If there is a downside to the use of this product, it might include:

  • This is a two-part formula that asks the user to apply one product to the upper eye and one to the lower; and
  • There is no guarantee.

Among the benefits are:

  • This is a product suitable to all users;
  • There are no known side effects;
  • There are clinical studies demonstrating the effectiveness;
  • The ingredients are freely given by the manufacturer;
  • This is a very affordable treatment;
  • It ranks highly on an ongoing basis; and
  • It is readily available.

Best Price

Any Avon product is usually extremely affordable, and the Anew Clinical Eyelift does not differ. We found it ranging from $13 to $30 depending upon the supplier, with the manufacturer being the best in terms of consistency.


We highly recommend Anew Clinical Eyelift as a treatment for sagging and under eye darkness. It may not totally eliminate wrinkles, but it is actually a very proactive approach to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by creating a system that results in an increase in the tone of the underlying skin and tissue. This is always going to reduce wrinkles, but also enhances the appearance of the skin too.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: Anew eye lift cause puffiness?? upper eyelid is puffy -Carrie

A: Carrie, you must be allergic to something in the ingredients. I would stop using immediately and see if you can return. My eyes are extremely sensitive and I also suffer from blepharitis/ocular rosacea. One that's great to try is Eyelasticity. I've used it for years and it's very gentle and doesn't cause me any irritation. Reduces puffiness quickly and I use it on my eyelids too. ~Rachel

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