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Zilis Ultracell CBD Oil Review – 10 Person Study and the Results are In!

Zilis UltraCell CBD Oil Review & Trial

Women’s Blog Talk did its own independent, informal study on the Zilis UltraCell Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil and I’m excited to share our results after six weeks, and also to educate you a little on CBD.

When I decided to navigate the waters on finding reputable CBD Oils to try, I took the task very seriously and I’m just getting started.

If you haven’t noticed, CBD Oils, hemp products and medicinal marijuana are HOT topics and have been for a while.

Supplementing with CBD Oil has become a popular and naturally safe alternative (or addition) to pharmaceuticals which can potentially help with many health concerns.

I also have an interest in brain health. Having a sister with epilepsy, I’m always on the lookout for things that won’t disrupt her delicate balance of meds and that could help her. She is my inspiration for this post.

The hemp plant has been used since ancient times for healing, but sadly it’s been illegal for the past 80 years, so we have some catching up to do on research!

There are many promising studies to date on CBD however, some of which I’ll link to in this post and plenty of anecdotal evidence to support its popularity.

If you’re considering trying a CBD Oil for endocannabinoid nutrition, whether it be for pain, anxiety, relaxation, better sleep, or a host of other health benefits – you’ll want to keep reading.

This is a personal review. 

Click Here to Visit the Zilis Website

Choosing a CBD Oil for our Trial

Choosing a CBD Oil can make your head spin, especially if you’re a researcher like me who demands quality and transparency.

There are varying MG strengths, differences in distillation processes, and huge differences in price because of quality standards.

I mean, do you really want to use a CBD that uses an alcohol distillation that requires boiling which can destroy its medicinal properties?  Or one that’s not organic? Hemp is like a sponge when it comes to absorbing toxins.

About Zilis UltraCell CBD

zilis ultra cell review

We used the Zilis UltraCell Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil for our study, in both the Berry and Lemon flavors (most people liked the Berry flavor best, including myself).

Participants took the UltraCell for 7 days and reported their results, and I’ve been on this product for over 6 weeks.

Quick Stats on Zilis Ultracell CBD Oil

  • 500 mg, 1 oz bottle (30 ML)
  • *16.67 mg per serving (1 serving = 1 ML = one dropper full)
  • Phytocannabinoid-rich Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (using the whole plant as nature intended and not an isolate)
  • Organically sourced legal hemp grown in Colorado
  • No THC
  • Has a medical advisory board in place
  • UltraCell (liposome and micelle) technology for maximum absorption and bioavailability, water soluble
  • 94% maximum absorption and faster onset of action
  • Per studies up to 30x more absorption vs a typical CBD Oil
  • Tested for heavy metals and pesticides
  • Contains Prebiotics
  • Infused with Acai berry for coloring and flavor (berry flavor)
  • Price: $149/bottle for a 30 day supply – $99 if you do monthly ship

*I’ve seen products with as little as 7.5 mg per 1ML (don’t waste your $$), and as strong as 40 mg in 2 drops (stuff of cancer trials). For this reason I feel that Zilis UltraCell has a strength that would appeal to most people to try safely without worrying about it being “too strong” yet strong enough to be considered an efficacious dose and with the option of adjusting the dose up or down. My humble opinion…

Why I Wanted to Try CBD OilZilis Ultracell CBD review

My purpose in wanting to try CBD stems from my interest in holistic measures I can take to help me relax and get more restful sleep, reduce anxiety and for natural pain relief, without using pharmaceuticals or addicting sleep aids.

Being in my mid-40’s, I’m really starting to feel the aches and pains. Sore knees, sore shoulders, achy and stiff in the mornings. Being premenopausal doesn’t help either… night sweats, random bad moods, PMS type symptoms.

I’m usually banged up and sore from playing beach volleyball and doing HIIT training, and I was hoping that CBD oil would be something that would fit nicely with my lifestyle to help my body just…feel better

What Can CBD Oil Help with and How Does it Work?

CBD Oil may provide many health benefits as our bodies are made with cannebenoid receptors;  we are hard wired to benefit from endocannabinoid nutrition to support homeostasis within the body.

Our bodies endocannabinoid system regulates many functions in the body including the central nervous system, cognitive and physiological processes (i.e., sleep, mood, memory, appetite, pain-sensation, fertility and pregnancy, and inflammatory responses).

CBD can effectively penetrate the blood-brain barrier to provide nutrition to our endocannabinoid systems (much like MCT oil can).

I should add that I’ve been supplementing with MCT oil in my coffee for over a year and love the brain benefits, intermittent fasting on MCT is my norm. The Zilis UltraCell also contains MCT.

CBD Oil May Have a Number of Health Benefits

I say “may” because CBD is NOT a cure all and shouldn’t be viewed as such. The purpose of this review is not to give medical advice (I am not a Dr.), rather to share information, studies and personal experiences. It is something natural and safe that you can try to see if it works for YOU.

Always check with your Dr. before starting a new supplement. 

  • Reduced anxiety – A study from Neurotherapeutics found that CBD may help reduce anxiety in people with related disorders, such as PTSD, general anxiety disorders, social anxiety disorders, OCD, panic disorder.
  • Natural pain relief and anti-inflammation – A study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine found CBD to significantly reduce chronic inflammation and pain and some rats and mice.
  • Better focus
  • Improved sleep
  • Joint Support
  • Epilepsy/Seizures – In June 2018, the FDA approved the use of a CBD oral medication (a pharmaceutical grade CBD) to treat two types of epilepsy, and here is also a Mayo Clinic article on the same topic.
  • Here is an additional study on on the potential therapeutic role of CBD with epilepsy and other neuropsychiatric disorders (anxiety, psychosis, addictive behavior).

Medical Disclaimer:  If you have any medical conditions, including epilepsy, please check with your Dr. before trying any new supplement, including Zilis UltraCell or any brand of CBD. My sister will never be able to stop taking her medications as she has a very complex case of epilepsy and thankfully her seizures are under control with meds. CBD may be something natural she can use to relax or help with anxiety, but CBD could never be a replacement for pharmaceuticals for her. This is also why it’s really upsetting to me when I see people saying anything to sell CBD…

Zilis UltraCell Full Spectrum CBD Oil – About the Blend

Unlike other CBD oil isolates, Zilis UltraCell is a phytocannabinoid-rich full spectrum hemp oil containing over 400 active compounds including CBD and a host of other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Much like eating a full orange would be more beneficial if you’re low on Vitamin C, vss taking a Vit C isolate pill, a full spectrum CBD has an entourage effect.

Zilis utilizes all aspects of the hemp plant in its natural state and creates an environment where the compounds work together to create a synergistic effect.

UltraCell is processed with a proprietary technology that makes it water soluble for maximum bioavailability.

Visit the Zilis Website

Zilis UltraCell CBD Oil is Water Soluble

Have you ever tried mixing oil and water? It doesn’t mix… What’s different about Zilis UltraCell is that it’s water soluble, which means your body will absorb it more efficiently.

Some CBD Oil blends are processed down to be a CBD isolate (not a full spectrum oil), and not easily absorbed by the body. Your body has to work hard to process fat.

Here is a study on the Bioavailability of Zilis Ultracell

Is CBD Legal? Does it Make you…High?

ultracell cbd reviews

Zilis UltraCell CBD Oil is made from the legal hemp plant (not its female counterpart – the marijuana plant). Hemp was legalized when the 2014 Farm Bill passed and is legal in all 50 states.

The Zilis UltraCell CBD Oil does not contain THC which is the psychoactive property in marijuana that makes you feel high.

So, while Zilis CBD Oil will not make you feel high, it does a good job of making some people feel “chill.”

Some CBD Oil blends are in fact made from the marijuana plant and do contain THC and may be beneficial for certain conditions.

Zilis UltraCell 7 Day Challenge

I heard about Zilis from a friend and decided to take the Zilis UltraCell 7 day challenge. using the UltraCell Berry Flavor, an organic full spectrum hemp CBD oil.

The directions are to not change anything else in your routine, simply take one dropper full a day. Even though I’ve heard CBD can give you energy, I decided to make it a nightly routine.

And for the record it did not give me energy, but I can see how if it reduces someone’s pain, that could make you feel better and result in more energy. Just my theory!

My Zilis UltraCell 7 Day Challenge –

Rachel (me), mid 40’s, good health w/ general body aches from an active lifestyle, premenopausal symptoms, trouble relaxing at night and falling asleep. 

Day 1

The night I decided to start taking my Zilis UltraCell CBD I was feeling AWFUL!  Bloated, miserable, achy, and felt like PMS was starting to hit, super cranky.

I was a little afraid at how this CBD stuff was going to taste…. I took one dropper full (1 ML) of the UltraCell Berry flavor and let it sit under my tongue for about 15 seconds before swallowing.

Zilis Ultracell serving size 1ML
1ML serving of Zilis UltraCell CBD 16.67 mg

It tasted good – sweet and every bit like berries and has a little “zing” to it. Definitely pleasantly surprised by the ease of consumption.

I felt it quick, within about 15 minutes.  As I was begrudgingly making tacos, I just started smiling and looked over at my husband and said “wow, I feel so much better, I feel like a I have some kind of a little buzz.”

But I couldn’t put my finger on the feeling. I just felt more relaxed, more chill, and my mood did a 180! My body wasn’t hurting as much and I didn’t cuss out my husband for wanting food – so far so good!

I felt sleepy and was ready for bed earlier than normal, and didn’t feel the need to take my normal dose of melatonin (I usually take about 3 mg liquid melatonin and have finally stopped!).

One thing I noticed was that I had some strange, vivid dreams (alligators trying to bite my sister), but I woke up feeling very rested, got a ton of work done the next day, and had energy to go lift weights. Good mood all day! Where did that PMS go?

Day 2

So I had a full day of activity and my body is sore from the gym, but I was in a much better mood today! I drank my ketones earlier, so I had lots of energy, per usual.

I took my UltraCell at 8:30 pm, and just like the previous night, I felt more calm within about 15 minutes.

Relaxed, but not falling asleep, just chill – I felt good!! I slept great and didn’t experience any weird or vivid dreams on night 2 and haven’t since.

Day 3

When I woke up this morning I seemed to feel a “residual” feeling from the UltraCell. I felt well rested, and wasn’t groggy, but I just noticed  an overall calmness and lighter feeling in my body (no aches or pains taking that first trip to the bathroom).

I have read that CBD “builds up” in your system before you’ll feel the full effect so I’m not sure if a week is really enough time to feel the full benefit.

Got my morning chores done without feeling grumpy about it and felt more patient and cheerful overall, no anxious feelings.

Got plenty of work done today, had a conference call with a prospect and felt sharp as a tack.

Took my UltraCell around 9:30 pm and felt like crawling into bed to watch Netflix, so it’s definitely helping me relax and stop working so much. Same as the other night, it took about 10-15 minutes to feel it.

Day 4

I played beach volleyball all day and by night time, my whole body hurt…like an OMG I’m hurting. So instead of taking my usual Advil and sometimes a vodka/club to kill the pain after diving for balls and falling in the sand, I took my CBD and it took the pain away…like ALL of it.

I’m pretty shocked actually at how it helps so much with my aches and pains. Slept great. I keep telling my husband he needs to try it since he pops Advil twice a day.

Days 5 – 7

Taking the UltraCell CBD at night feels like its become routine, overall I have nothing new to report that happened on days 5-7 other than I like the way I’m feeling.

I look forward to taking the CBD at night, it tastes good, chills me out quickly and I go on with a relaxing evening, and I especially like how it helps reduce my overall aches and pains.

I’ve taken no Advil in a week because I haven’t needed it. I haven’t really noticed much else but I don’t really have any major ailments either. I’m sleeping great and waking up rested.

6 Weeks Later – Summary of my UltraCell Experience

I’m going to sum up my experience since I continued to take the Zilis UltraCell long after the 7 day challenge and I’m still taking it nightly.

There is no doubt that the UltraCell CBD helps me relax at night and I like that. I tend to be a workaholic at night when I should be relaxing on the couch with my husband.

It has helped reduce general soreness (and sometimes really painful body aches) from beach volleyball and weight training, and helps put me in a good mood if I’m cranky and helps alleviate PMS type symptoms.

I took no other pain relievers during this six week period because I haven’t needed it.

Physically, that’s about all I can attest to. I like it – I like that the Zilis CBD oils are from organically sourced hemp and I do believe they make a good product.

Gave myself a concussion! Just a blip on the radar

does cbd help with headaches?

One thing significant that did happen to me just after the six week point was that I gave myself a mild concussion hitting the side of my head on the corner of a dresser drawer! Klutz….

Immediately I got a terrible headache and felt very tired.  I stopped taking my CBD oil for about five days…headaches continued and I thought to myself, could these be rebound headaches from stopping the CBD?

Spoke to my NP and she said you wouldn’t get rebound headaches from stopping CBD and she said take it, that it should help with the headaches. So that night I resumed, and my headache went away completely. I’m so mad at myself for stopping during that time!

As a follow up, I saw my GP, she confirmed I probably gave myself a mild concussion…I declined the CT scan, and declined the “short term antidepressant that also helps with headaches” and instead will continue taking the CBD and over the counter meds if I need them.

There seems to be enough convincing research on CBD and concussions that it could actually help me recover and it definitely takes my headache pain away!

In fact the first big study on cannabinoid treatment for concussion is being done by the University of Miami which received a $16 million grant for the research. Pretty exciting since my sister’s epilepsy Dr.’s are at UM!

Women’s Blog Talk Zilis UltraCell CBD Trial Results

My UltraCell CBD trial for Women’s Blog Talk was just a casual one –not an official case study by any means  but a way to get some random honest feedback. I gave away 10 bottles of UltraCell to 10 participants to try for a week.

Some were friends and acquaintances, and some were randomly chosen from a CBD Trial Participants Wanted post on Women’s Blog Talk Facebook page.

Angie, mid 30’s, recent car accident with concussion, neck and back pain

What time did you take it?  between 8:30-9:30pm each night

What did you think of the taste?  I had the lemon…and wasn’t really a fan.

How quickly did you feel it (if you felt it):  I think it made me rather sleepy most evening…but a few nights I really couldn’t tell if anything was different.

Did it make you sleepy, calm, reduce anxiety?   Mostly just sleepy

Did it help you fall asleep faster or stay asleep?  I think it helped me to stay asleep…TOO well.  I overslept a few times in the last week.

Did it help reduce pain in your body?  I don’t think it helped me with pain, I take other medications for that.

What things do you normally suffer from and did it help with any of that?  Unsure

I’ll tell you though…I had some crazy dreams.  I’ve also had a few morning headaches…I’m not sure if it was from this…or a change in the frequency of my chiropractor and physical therapy appointments.

I hope this is helpful information for you.  I wish I had “felt” more.

Elesha (NP) late 40’s, triathlete, hypothyroidism, congenital adrenal hyperplasia (results in lack of cortisol and aldosterone production, but well controlled with vigilant healthy lifestyle and meds)

Taste was OK. I went to sleep easily but I usually do once I actually get in bed and stay there. Looking back at my Garmen, the stress scores those days were about half what they usually are on work days, but I didn’t noticeably feel different. A Garmen is a triathlon watch called Fenix 5s. It measures heart rate and ratio of sympathetic : parasympathetic activity, and also records meals and how many calories eaten vs. burned.  9/25-9/28 were the work days during the week I took the UltraCell. Since taking the CBD didn’t cause any obvious problems, I bought more and will see if I notice anything else.

Garmen results taking CBD Oil

John, 35, muscle and disc pain in back 

This is John.  I really can’t give you much of a review. The first night I took the Zilis CBD I woke up the next morning and my back pain was minimal. I was ecstatic! After that i was in the same place I was. I honestly felt no results after the first day. I’m sorry I can’t give you more than that.

Melissa, mid 30’s, semi-pro volleyball athlete, trouble staying asleep

What time you took it: I took the CBD at night around 10:30 PM.

What you thought of the taste: The taste was good, fruity and wasn’t too sweet.

How quickly did you feel it (if you felt it): The first night I took it I felt it within 15 min. I felt very relaxed and fell asleep very easily. I only felt this way the first night, the following nights I fell asleep without any issues but didn’t feel the same feeling as I did the first night.

Did it make you sleepy, calm, reduce anxiety? It made me sleepy and calm the first night.

Did it help you fall asleep faster or stay asleep? The first night it helped me fall asleep faster and I also stayed asleep longer that night. The second night I woke up wide awake around 4 AM and had trouble falling back asleep. All of the following nights I fell asleep without any issues but still woke up in the middle of the night around 3 AM.

Did it help reduce pain in your body? I didn’t have any pain in my body so I cannot say this helped reduce pain in my body.

What things do you normally suffer from and did it help with any of that? I suffer from being able to stay asleep throughout the whole night. This seemed to help me stay asleep for longer the first night I took it but the following nights I still woke up in the middle of the night. I was hoping the CBD would help keep me asleep and I would stop waking up in the middle of the night like I have been but it did not.

Helena, late 40’s, Menopausal Symptoms, Pain and Depression, Has Tried Other CBD’s

I took it around 11am and I found the taste good.

This one didn’t make any change at all. I payed a very careful attention on all my symptoms and they remained exactly the same. The symptoms are:

Hot flashes.  I still have some despite the hormone therapy I am doing


Pain all over the body even if I am taking Lyrica

Poor sleep because of the pain

Lack of energy

Sadness because of the depression I think

Weakness and fatigue

I didn’t notice any change on those

Maybe this one isn’t strong enough or it is not recognized by my body as a medicine

I had some hope that maybe will work at least a little bit, because at this point a little bit means a lot, but I had no luck with this one.

I hope that it worked for the other ones! Thank you anyways for the opportunity to try.

Amy, 43, right hip bursitis, right knee patellar tendinitis, anxiety (panic attacks), difficulty sleeping at times

Yes I was able to finish the trial..  Here is my summary.

Day 1 : I took Cbd oil as directed about 8:30pm on Friday went to bed at 10:30 pm felt very awake almost hyper had to get back up. Felt like I had taken it but no change.

Day 2: took it in the day time sat 1:00 pm went to mall with son felt exhausted headache came then finally felt better after 40 min and felt pretty good. Still chest tightening noted (something that happens everyday for me ) anxiety without cause 🙁

I didn’t feel any changes at all with my pain..felt some difference with anxiety about 5th day but not for long.. Felt I did start sleeping better about 5th day .. So maybe 5th day is the trick.

It is also good to note that I have an active job in the healthcare field and am not over or underweight for my age and height.. I felt more difference with taking Keto Kreme than with any other supplement I’ve tried as far as mental clarity and pain goes.. I hope this answers all your questions if not please feel free to ask away..

Emily, 32, nightly anxiety, aches and pains from an active lifestyle
I tested the lemon UltraCell CBD oil and it tasted delicious.  It had a unique taste that was slightly sweet but definitely tasted like hemp.
I am in the middle of wedding planning and managing two jobs, my passion (a cardio dance fitness instructor) and fabric sales (to support my passion).  I have anxiety nightly and aches and pains from killing my body at the gym, trying to get ahead of the #winterbody.  My first wedding dress fitting the first week of January.
The CBD oil did help me relax, but it didn’t help me stay asleep through the night and I woke up groggy.  I had a couple bad dreams, one where a bird was stuck in my curly hair and I woke myself up swatting the air.  haha
It did help my aches and pains, but more notable was my lack of PMS symptoms.  Less cramps, less hunger cravings, less mood changes.
I like the Zilis CBD but the price point is a little steep.

Zilis UltraCell Conclusion

Zilis UltraCell CBD Oil is a quality, safe, non-pharmaceutical health supplement you would simply need to try to see how it helps you.

While our trial results weren’t consistent, one week is not long enough to measure the full potential benefits of CBD and some may need to play around with the dose (and increase if necessary). 

In fact, the first week is often a “loading” period where the CBD is just starting to build up, and some of my participants had some major issues they were hoping to relieve. The body doesn’t repair itself in 7 short days (don’t we wish) and obviously no “real” studies were ever completed in only 7 days…

What one person feels on Zilis UltraCell CBD (or CBD in general) may not be the way YOU feel on it, but I would give it at least 30 days before you make a judgement.

For me personally I’m quite happy with the relaxation effect, good sleep and less body and headache pain, and how it alleviates PMS/premenopausal symptoms and puts me in a better mood! And as I recover from my mild concussion, I’m thankful to have it as it’s helped with headaches.

I had enough faith in the way I’m feeling that I signed up to be a Zilis ambassador so I can get my CBD at a discount, and so I have a trusted brand to recommend to my friends and followers.

I think Zilis UltraCell is a quality product, it’s organic and full spectrum, distilled by cold methods and the company tests its quality regularly and has a medical board in place to make improvements or give suggestions as needed.

You have to be careful just choosing any brand off the shelf at a health food store or online. There are a ton of mom and pop brands and you really have no idea of the quality or the method of oil extraction. I’m sure there are plenty of GREAT ones as well…just do your homework.

I still have other brands that I plan on trying and will review and compare those as I can, but for now I’m happy with the way I’m feeling on this one and think that Zilis UltraCell is a quality CBD Oil to try. And while it may seem pricey, it’s  standard for the true CBD dosage per serving and for quality.

They do have a new product that I’m curious about as well, and that’s the Zilis Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Topical so stay tuned for more reviews!

I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope you learned something! Please leave comments or questions below!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here. 

If you’d like to learn more visit the Zilis website

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  • Christine Range

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and was curious when you might do a Hemp derived CBD review. Now we have one.

    Your trials with others was a different approach, but I liked that it wasn’t rah rah. Rather raw opinions from others using it.

    I’m an advocate for CBD Oils for those it can help. Even though we represent different brands, for buyers it’s important to know how it’s processed and ingredients. All our products have ingredient labels.

    Also while 500 mg may be fine for minor issues for more severe conditions, higher mg and longer periods may be necessary which can be pricey.

    So if one finds it is helpful, I would suggest sharing the love with others to help offset the cost. In the instance of my company we gave a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee. So we don’t offer samples.

    Thank you for your honest review. Although it can help many it’s important to industry integrity not to promote it like miracle snake oil.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Christine, I really appreciate your comment. My trial was definitely a different approach, and I wanted to keep it 100% real by posting everyone’s experience.

      I definitely agree most people would need more time and quite possibly a higher mg dose for the desired effect depending on what they’re treating. Having a sis with epilepsy, I would never want anyone to mislead her so I take the same approach.

      Understanding the mg dose in CBD has been challenging because of labeling, and I’ve noticed the disparity in transparency already taking a look at some other brands so it’s important to find trusted brands for sure.

      I don’t give samples either, I actually bought $300 worth of product just to do this review…not the most economical approach for myself, but it gave me some data for my own inquisitions. 🙂 Maybe we can chat soon. Thanks again! ~Rachel

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