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Xtreme Lashes Review

xtreme lashes reviewInstantly thick and luxurious eyelashes sound like a myth, but the Xtreme Lashes product promises just such a result. We heard about the product and decided to do an investigation. What we learned was surprising because it is not an eyelash enhancement product that you apply and wait for results – it is actually a semi-permanent application of lash extensions. This was something we had never before explored and were eager to get started.

How Xtreme Lashes Works and Ingredients

Basically, Xtreme Lashes are created from synthetic strands that are applied (one by one) to a person’s eyelashes in the same way that hair extensions are added to small groups of hair. This means that it requires adhesives and special training, and a very patient consumer. It also requires a professionally trained specialist to assess the lashes and to determine the proper length, style, and number for each client. It is important to note that you have to find an actual accredited and certified hairstylist in order to have Xtreme Lashes applied. The product is called semi-permanent because each extension is attached to an actual lash, and when that lash falls out so too does the extension.

User Reviews

When we went looking for reviews of Xtreme Lashes we did not find a tremendous amount of information. We ran across some consumer feedback that complained about the stylist who placed the extensions or the fact that the price was high, but we did not find any complaints about the quality of the Xtreme Lashes product itself. Interestingly enough, the only other issues we discovered were those relating to “clumping”. Apparently, the glue and adhesive used tends to lead to some of the lashes clumping together. This causes them to fall off, accumulate dirt, or lead to serious eye itching. We also read of complaints about the smell of the adhesives and some allergic reactions to them.

A sample review of Xtreme Lashes we found:

“I got my dream lashes right away, but I never realized it would take so long or that the smell of the glue would give me such a serious problem. Not sure I will get them re-done when it is time.”

Missy, GA

Where to Buy Xtreme Lashes

You can only find Xtreme Lashes through certified stylists. Check the Internet or ask your hairstylist for a recommendation. Prices vary per person.


If you don’t mind the lengthy application and strong odor of the glue, the higher price, and the need to get “touch ups” this is a good way to get “instant” lashes.

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Not Worth It

Xtreme Lashes Review
1 out of 5 stars

Oct 23, 2015 by 

Bottom line is that you will experience some loss of your natural lashes after wear Extreme lashes - or any lash extensions for any length of time. Period. After one year of wearing Extreme lashes with regular upkeep, my natural lashes were so short I had to purchase Latisse to re-grow my natural lashes which took about 4 months to accomplish. The lash extensions are beautiful, but the glue and weight of the extensions damages your natural and result in damage to and the loss of your natural lash. Additionally, lash extensions and maintenance are extremely expensive. Bottom line, it's not worth it. Buy Latisse twice a year and grow your own natural healthy lashes.

1.0 5.0 1 1 Bottom line is that you will experience some loss of your natural lashes after wear Extreme lashes - or any lash extensions for any length of time. Period. After one year of wear Xtreme Lashes Review

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