trish mcevoy lash enhancer review
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Trish Mcevoy Lash Enhancer Review

trish mcevoy lash enhancer reviewWe already knew the name Trish Mcevoy and had some pre-existing expectations about the reputation of the company. So, when we learned about the Trish Mcevoy Lash Enhancer product, we decided to check it out. We wanted to learn what the product was actually claiming to do and what the consumer markets had to say.

How Trish Mcevoy Lash Enhancer Works and Ingredients

We headed to the company website to see if the ingredients were available. What we discovered was a detailed explanation of some of the ingredients, but not a complete list. The website claims that the product provides a “lash-rejuvenating cocktail infused with the powerful protein complex SymPeptide, clinically proven to improve lash fullness. An abundance of proteins, vitamins, and moisturizing ingredients work synergistically to add hydration and strength“. We do know that peptides and specific proteins are a familiar formulation in most eyelash enhancement products. The fact that this company also did dermatologist and ophthalmologist testing on this product made us feel confident that it was safe and effective.

User Reviews

When reading the professional and consumer reviews we came to see that it takes at least four weeks for any noticeable difference in the length and thickness of the lashes to appear. This is a product that also requires permanent use to maintain results, but most of the reviews indicated that “optimal” growth was occurring at six to ten weeks. This was good news because there were also no comments about negative reactions.

A sample review of Trish Mcevoy Lash Enhancer we found:

“I took pictures before I began using it and then four weeks later, and even with my lousy camera I could see dramatic changes. Naturally, I will stick with this product.”

Tricia, FL

Where to Buy

Though widely available, we would say that the wisest venue to purchase the $125 bottles of Trish Mcevoy Lash Enhancer is directly through the manufacturer’s website. The bottle provides around four months of formula and it is only through the site that you can obtain the guarantee of a refund if not satisfied.


We do recommend this product for people who want to improve the look and condition of their eyelashes. The product is acknowledged as both safe and effective, and there were very few negative reviews available. We do feel it is a bit expensive, but a single container of the eyeliner style product is supposed to last several months, which offsets the initial outlay.

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