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Wei East Eyes Alive Review – Effective or Not?

Wei East Eyes Alive Overview

The skin around your eyes shows its age in a bunch of ways.  It could be fine lines and wrinkles.  Maybe it’s dark circles or puffiness.  Perhaps it’s all of the above.  When that’s the case, you want an eye cream that does it all.  Wei East Eyes Alive brings together the best of ancient Chinese beauty secrets and modern advances in science and technology to form a cream that can do it all.   Before you spend your hard earned money, let’s see if it’s true.

Wei East Eyes AliveWei East Eyes Alive Ingredients and How They Work

The key ingredients in all Wei East products are natural herbs.  Eyes Alive uses a few in particular.  Green Tea and Soy are included for their antioxidant properties to smooth and protect skin from free radicals.  Mulberry and loquat aim to target dark circles.  Cucumber, seaweed, and safflower oil work together to combat puffiness.  And since all the best ingredients in the world won’t do a thing if they can’t penetrate your skin, Wei East has developed an exciting new extraction technique that keeps the freshest, most active component of the herbs intact.  They are then ground into small molecules that can reach deep into your skin where they are needed.

Wei East Eyes Alive goes on silky, not heavy or greasy, and absorbs quickly.  A little goes a long way, and you can use it alone, under moisturizer, or with concealer for that flawless coverage.  There is a light fragrance, which most customers seem to like, but some may find it makes the cream irritating to their eyes.

Wei East Eyes Alive Pros and Cons

Listing out the advantages and disadvantages is a great way to try to help decide whether or not you want to invest your money in a product.


  • Wei East Eyes Alive is a 3 in 1 solution that works on wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness.
  • It is widely available on the internet and through home shopping channels.
  • Wei East offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all its products.
  • The company is well-established and reputable.
  • Many Wei East Eyes Alive reviews state that it works particularly well to reduce puffiness.


  • It contains fragrance which may make it unsuitable for the delicate skin around the eyes, especially for those with sensitive skin.
  • Eyes Alive hasn’t been clinically tested.
  • Wei East Eyes Alive reviews are very mixed.  Many say it doesn’t do much for wrinkles and does nothing at all for dark circles.

Where to Buy Wei East Eyes Alive

Wei East has a website where they sell their products, including Eyes Alive which goes for $35 for a .7 oz bottle.  Given the small amount required, this should last at least a couple of months.  But a better way to go would be HSN’s website where the regular price is $20, but it’s often on special.  HSN also offers an autoship program if you decide you like Wei East Eyes Alive and want to keep receiving it.  Both Wei East and HSN offer good customer service and product guarantees, so in either case, you’re protected.


Natural herbs have been keeping Chinese women looking young for centuries.  The trick is getting the right herbs in the right combinations and concentrations to be effective.  Without clinical testing, we can’t be sure with Wei East Eyes Alive.  So we’re back to the old, “works for some, but not for others” advice.

Given the very reasonable price ($20 for at least a couple months’ supply), and the money back guarantee, we would recommend it for some, but maybe not all, of our readers.  If you have puffy eyes, give it a try.  Judging by the reviews, this seems to be its strongpoint.  But if you have sensitive skin, or if some creams make your eyes sting or water, stay away from this one.  There were plenty of reviewers who said that it burned their eyes.  With that said, if you’re in search of a new eye cream, you’ve got $20 to spare, and you’re feeling adventurous, by all means give Wei East Eyes Alive a try.  It may be just what you’re looking for.

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  • sally

    I’ve been using this for almost a year because a little does go a long way. Not a single change or difference. I’ve recently started using the Sunday Riley line, noticed changes in two weeks. It was worth the money.

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