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Vasofem Review – A New Treatment for FSD?

Vasofem Overview

It is estimated that 20% – 50% of women in the US are effected by Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) at some time in their life.  FSD is common, often age related, and progressive.  Numerous developers are seeking to find a successful treatment for this condition, striving to create a ‘female Viagra’.  Zonagen, Inc in The Woodlands, Texas, is  hot on the trail of a winning treatment for FSD.  It’s called Vasofem and testing has hopes raised.  If you are one of the many women with FSD, here are some facts you need to know about Vasofem.

VasoFem – What is it and How it can Help FSDVasofem

FSD has a variety of causes and few effective treatments available at this time.  Hopefully, Vasofem will soon be approved by the FDA and millions of women will find some relief from the distressing condition.  The symptoms of FSD are lack of interest in sex, poor lubrication, the inability to feel arousal or obtain orgasms.  Painful intercourse may also be included as one of the conditions created by FSD.

Like erectile dysfunction, female dysfunction has a variety of causes which can include hormonal, physical, and psychological factors and it can effect both premenopausal and postmenopausal women.  The most common cause, however, is aging and changing hormone levels.

The scientific theory behind Vasofem is based on a similar theory as Viagra.  When blood flow is increased to the genitalia, so is arousal and the ability to perform sexually.  In males, blood flowing into the penis creates erections and in women, it causes swelling in the clitoris and vulva, and initiates the creation of natural lubrication, making sex organs more sensitive.  Vasofem is also similar to Viagra in that when taken orally, it needs to be taken twenty minutes or so before sexual activity begins for optimal effectiveness. Phentolamine, the active ingredient in Vasofem, then urges the brain to start blood flow surging to the genitals and creating the desired results.

Why the FDA is Hesitating to Approve Vasofem

Although women suffering with FSD are anxious for Vasofem or some other effective treatment to become available, the FDA weighs in on the side of caution.  In early rodent testing of Vasofem, rats receiving a daily dose of the medication showed some signs of brown fat proliferations, which are associated with benign tumors.  Joe Podolski, president of Zonagen, says that those results are rat specific and have not been found in any humans tested. He goes on to say that humans would not be taking daily doses of the medication.

The FDA is wise to make sure any medicine released for use in the US is safe and does not cause harm.  Despite their care, there have certainly been harmful drugs available on the market before and it is best to wait until testing is completely satisfactory.

The tests that have been conducted do show positive results.  Those who do suffer from FSD must use patience and hope that all questions regarding the safety of Vasofem will soon be answered and the female population can begin enjoying the results as much as men have enjoyed Viagra.  Testing of Vasofem does seem to be stalled at the moment but hopefully this or some other safe, effective product will be available to the millions of women with FSD.

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Q: Probably a dumb question, but I thought that it was good to have brown fat, for weight loss reasons, as it supposedly boosts metabolism. What are your comments? -Maree

A: Maree, yes some brown fat is good. I think the problem is most Americans just have way too much fat, both brown and white collecting around organs and such which is not good... we're not optimized to the levels where we should be and it causes insulin and hormones to be whacked out. If you're suffering from FSD, it could be related to being overweight much like erectile dysfunction in a male. Most overweight guys have trouble down there and it's all related. I have no idea what your current status is, and so I could be way off the mark. Just saying that if health and weight are in line, many other things fall into place. xo Rachel

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