Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream Review
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Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream Review

Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream Overview

Ultraceuticals is an Australian skincare company.  Their products are difficult to come by in the States, but not impossible.  The line was developed under the guidance and tutelage of plastic surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey Heber, way back in 1998.  This was actually one of the first in the wave of doctor inspired and created skincare lines.

Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream claims to be the product that’s figured out dark circles under the eye.  In addition to cutting edge ingredients, they use a state of the art delivery system so you get concentrated help where you need it.  Some of the Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream reviews we’ve seen are impressive, so we figured we needed to take a look at this contender from down under.

Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream ReviewUltraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream Ingredients and How They Work

The key active ingredients are Vitamin K and Retinol.  Vitamin K has been clinically proven to repair blood vessels and improve the appearance of dark circles.  Retinol, as you know, stimulates skin to generate new cells so skin is softer and more supple, and you’ve got fewer visible lines and wrinkles.

It also contains Vitamins E and C and Green Tea for their antioxidant properties as well as Titanium Dioxide to provide a little tinted coverage of your dark circles.  The titanium dioxide isn’t really skincare.  The effect is temporary and cosmetic, but lots of eye creams include ingredients like this so you can see an immediate improvement.

Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream uses a special delivery technology called MicroSponge, to release the active ingredients gradually so that their effect continues over time.

Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream Pros and Cons

A great way to decide whether or not a product is worth pursuing is to list out and compare its best attributes and its flaws.

Advantages of Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream

  • It contains Vitamin K to combat dark circles.
  • It’s fragrance-free.
  • Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream was made doctors and recommended by dermatologists.

Disadvantages of Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream

  • Availability in the US is limited.
  • Several Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream reviews we saw simple said it doesn’t work.

Where to Buy

Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream is hard to find here in the US.  It’s kind of hit or miss at places like eBay.  It looks like there used to be some online places to buy it, but they are not offering it anymore.  When they were, the price was about $86 for a .7 ounce tube.


While there might be some benefit to using Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream, we don’t think that it’s worth the herculean effort required to get it in the United States at this time.

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