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Talika Lipocils Reviews, Side Effects, Ingredients, and More

talika lipocils review“Twenty-eight days to noticeably better eyelashes”…that caught our attention immediately. It was the phrase appearing in a description of the Talika Lipocils conditioning product and we knew we had to “read on”. What we learned was that this product was less an eyelash enhancement product and more a conditioning gel that would encourage growth in terms of length and volume. It even explained that it was good for people wearing contacts too. Naturally, this sounded very interesting and we began our brief investigation.

How Talika Lipocils Works and Ingredients

The product is applied in the familiar liquid eyeliner method, which means it is a very controlled application. It goes on once or twice each day and is used along the upper eyelid alone. The one glitch in our research came when we discovered that Talika Lipocils will not provide a detailed list of ingredients. We explored their website and scouted around on the internet without any luck. What we did learn is that the ingredients have been FDA approved, clinically tested, and are all natural. We also learned that it achieves results by using plant extracts that nourish and repair the individual ashes and by coating them with ingredients that include “nettle and soy lecithin”.

User Reviews

Because we couldn’t find an extremely detailed ingredients list, we decided to rely heavily on what the consumers had to say. When we headed to one of our favorite beauty review websites we discovered that the product received a solid 85% approval rating from more than 500 consumer reviews. The positive comments focused on the ease of application and the reliable results.

A sample review of Talika Lipocils we found:

“It applies easier than my mascara and doesn’t irritate my overly-sensitive skin and eyes. I prefer a non-prescription formula because I am afraid of side effects, but I also want results. Talika Lipocils gives me noticeable eyelash growth and guarantees my safety.
Sharon, VT

Where to Buy Talika Lipocils

Online vendors make the product available, but we found that the company website offered special “kits” and package deals that were much more beneficial to someone looking to improve the condition of their lashes and brows. A 10ml bottle costs $55, but kits can range from $58 and less!


We recommend Talika Lipocils for anyone hoping to improve the looks and health of their eyelashes. Solid consumer feedback, clinically proven ingredients, and a very reasonable price make this one to count on for good and reliable results.

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Rachel Vrabel

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  • Cheryl Anderson

    Keep us informed. BTW, I found the active ingredients for Lipocils according to the pkg. insert.
    Nettle, stimulates growth
    horse-chestnut, strengthens
    Allantoin, hydrates
    Soy Lecithin – essential element (liposomes)
    Witch Hazel, Anti-inflammatory
    St. John’s Wort , ‘ ”
    Apple extract, softens, calms heals the skin

  • Cheryl

    I have used this off and on for years. I think it works well for me. Longer and thicker. Not perfect but very much improved. I wear contacts.
    I like the price and the only product that came close at $60.00 was Obigi . They discontinued their product!

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Cheryl,
      Thanks for your comment on Talika Lipocils, I’m glad it’s working for you. I actually just started using Idol Lash on my eyebrows to see if I can get them to grow. I overplucked in my 20’s so now I seem to be stuck with skinny-ish eyebrows. :/ I have used Idol Lash for my lashes and it worked well, but never tried it on the eyebrows.

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