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Triactol Breast Enhancement

triactol reviewManufactured By: SmithMyers Labs Ltd.
Quality: Highest Grade
Guarantee: 60 Days

We have been reviewing several dozen natural breast enhancement creams, pills, and ointments over the past few months, and have seen pretty much every one that has ever been manufactured. We came across Triactol after researching top of the line breast creams, and noticed that it was one of the only products that actually had produced Clinical Proof that there product works. Read more about this great breast firming and enhancement cream, and how it can help you get bigger breasts naturally.

What is Triactol?

Triactol is an exclusive breast uplifting formula that is all natural, safe, fast acting, and above all, effective.  It works by using a little ingredient called Pueraria mirifica which is a natural extract found only in Triactol.  What this ingredient does, according to the manufacturer, is enhance breast size by as much as 82%, and increase breast firmness by 88%.

Triactol is applied twice daily to the breasts, typically after a shower, and only takes a few minutes to apply.  After just a few short weeks, users have reported a breast size increase of a cup or more within a few months.  Compared to expensive or dangerous surgery, or uncomfortable push up bras, and its a no brainer.

User Reviews of Triactol

“I have suffered from small breasts most of my adult life, and I was getting so sick of trying to disguise my problem.  I would wear my Wonderbra all the time, avoid the beach, and felt very uncomfortable when I was getting intimate with my boyfriend.  After using Triactol breast enlargement serum for 2 months, I noticed a BIG difference in my size (almost 1 cup), and I no longer felt embarrassed to go out again! ”
Paula, Virginia

“I considered getting breast enhancement surgery for a long time, almost putting down a $2,000 deposit and picking a date! With the costs being too much for me to handle, plus all the potential side effects, I began looking for an alternative.  I came across Triactol after a friend recommended it to me and I was surprised at the results.  What was even better was it was a fraction of the cost of the surgery, so well worth it in my opinion.”
Linda, Texas

triactol results

“After I moved to Hollywood to pursue my career as an actress, I noticed I needed ALOT of help in the breast area.  I knew that I couldn’t wear a push up bra forever, and that eventually my opportunities would dry up If I didn’t make a change.  After using Triactol for just a few short weeks, I felt a dramatic change in my size and lift.  It was a breath of fresh air for me to finally get the size I had been looking for.
Jennifer, California

Quick Overview of Their Clinical Trial

There are not too many Breast Enhancement formulas that can say this, but Triactol actually had numerous clinical studies conducted proving its effectiveness.  The study was the result of numerous testing done on 15 participants, ages 21 – 48, and lasted for 3 months.  During this time, the study concluded that:

  • After 6 Weeks, 94% had Marked Improved Size And Shape
  • 81% Felt More Confident in Public After Using Traictol For 4 Weeks
  • More Than Half Report Breast Lifting Of Up To 1 Cup After 42 Days

Their is practically no other Breast Enhancement product that has produced such detailed and positive clinical test data as Triactol.

Triactol Official Conclusion

Based on numerous positive reviews about Triactol from women, in addition to their clinical studies and remarkable reputation, we believe that it is the most effective all natural breast enhancement cream on the market.  There are very few companies that can compare their product to the effectiveness and results found in Triactol, and the fact that it costs only a fraction of that of Surgery is a major plus in our decision.  Should you decided to choose Triactol, please email us with your results.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Try Triactol

  1. Backed by Clinical Studies
  2. Thousands of Positive Reviews
  3. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  4. Free Shipping
  5. Numerous Bonuses
  6. Most Effective Breast Enhancement Cream
  7. Contains all Natural Ingredients
  8. No Reported Side Effects
  9. #1 Selling Product
  10. It Will Help You Become More Confident

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User Questions and Answers

Q: Im trangender can i use this product to make my breast bigger as woman if yes how long will take to be success -Noor Mohamed

A: Hi Noor, yes it does work - I had a male customer take Total Curve for several months (both cream and pills) and he had a good result. So, I believe it'll work for anyone. Total Curve is the one I've recommended for years, it's a great company. I'm not even sure Triactol is still around. xo Rachel

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Q: Which is better triactol or total curve. -Nouf

A: Hi Nouf,

Total Curve pills and gel (used together) is my top recommended product for breast enhancements, it works. I'm not as familiar with Triactol, I have an informational review but no real feedback or reviews on it. They must be advertising because I've gotten several emails about it.  Total Curve I've had tons of feedback on, it even works for men. Takes 3-6 months for best results. It's been my top product for over 5 years. Thanks! Rachel

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Rachel Vrabel

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  • Nadia

    If I used Triactol for 3 months, my boobs got bigger, and then I stopped taking Triactol, would my boobs go back to their original size over time?

    • Rachel Vrabel

      Hey Nadia,
      That’s a really good question, and I really don’t know the answer to it. I looked all over their site and it does not mention permanent results. Female breasts do not stay the same throughout life. They will swell or change during menstrual cycles, enlarge during pregnancy and shrink or droop when you start to age and go through the menopause. I think through continually using it in a maintenance phase you should be good.


  • jasamine

    I am currently a 32 d . After having a baby my breasted flattened on the top – they are not *savvy* just full on bottom flat on top. What should be the best cream for me to use?

    • Rachel Vrabel

      Hey Jasamine,
      The best cream for me was actually Triactol, its works very quickly and effectively. Click here to see for yourself.


    • Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Monica,
      The promo price is actually $358.85, which reflects a $280.95 discount off of the retail price.


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