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Shimia Age Reversal System Review

shimia reviewComing across an article I read on a site called Consumer Weekly Tips, they talked about a $5 Miracle trick that was making doctors in my town furious.  I have seen these ads before, and the fact that women get duped by them makes me a little mad.  One of these products that was featured on this site was Shimia Age Reversal system, which is an anti wrinkle cream.  We are writing this review to help you decide whether or not this product is right for you, and also to provide a platform for you to discuss your results with Shimia.

What is Shimia?

According to their official site, Shimia is a state-of-the-art wrinkle reducer and age prevention formula.  It comes with both a day and night cream, and is applied once daily.  With daily use of this product, you should enhance production of healthier, more radiant skin, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, and replenish your skin with deep skin conditioning.

Shimia is made up of a number of ingredients that are supposedly designed to work quickly and effectively.  The full ingredient list includes Vitagen, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin C, and Chamomile Oil.

User Reviews

We could not find any reviews of Shimia online, probably because their have not been too many women who have used it yet.  If you have used Shimia, we ask that you leave your review below in the comments section.

Where To Buy Shimia

Right now, the only place you can by Shimia is on their official site, but the only way to get it is to subscribe to their free trial.  BE WARNED, the free trial only lasts for 14 days! Once the FREE TRIAL PERIOD IS UP, you will be responsible for paying for this product on a monthly basis.  Some would say this is a scam, but these companies get away with it.


We feel that this product is way too new to really know if it works or not.  Like most anti wrinkle creams, this one promises fantastic results in a short period of time.  Without any reviews from real women, we cannot recommend Shimia.

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  • Scam

    I ordered a free sample of shimia beauty cream online from Facebook. When my confirmation of payment for the shipping charge was received by e-mail, there was a statement that read after five days there would be a $79.99 charge for a subscription unless you cancelled a which I did that same day. I was also charged the same day for 89.95 plus the 4.95 for shipping but was told me that the charge for 89.95 would fall off but if I agreed to a $50 credit I would only be charged $27.95 for one month subscription and nothing more. After a week, no product had been received and my account was charged 89.95 instead of $27.95 plus the shipping charge. The representative told me that I had agreed to receive the subscription therefore no refund was due to me and the quote given to me at last phone call was not accurate. A week later still no product I asked for a total refund and the representative said that the product had to be received first, and the refund would take 10 days. After two months, I have still received no product nor a refund of my money. I contact the BBB and filed a complaint but Shimia USA never responded to any of the complaints filed against them.

  • Frustrated

    BEWARE…..This company is a scam. They tell you it’s 1.99 but then charge you 89.95 without authorization. I still have not received the product ordered at the end of September. Do Not Give Them Your CC Number.

    The company advertised for a free trial of an anti-aging product. They advertise that you only pay the shipping fee. You can also request to try their membership and with that you’ll receive a $50 gift certificate (which I opted out of). Now, 8 days later, I’ve still received NO free product (but paid shipping) and they’ve charged me $89.95 for their “membership”.

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