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Clevastin Review – Does Clevastin Work?

clevastin reviewAvailable only online, the product known as Clevastin caught our attention because it is a two-step system. The individual will use the supplemental pills and also a breast enhancement cream. Naturally, we wanted to know what both products contain and whether consumers got good results. We were curious to discover if this product had some different materials or compounds than other formulations, and if they created better (or lesser) results in terms of bust size and firmness.

How Clevastin Works and Ingredients

We do have to commend the manufacturer of Clevastin because the entire ingredients list is so readily available. The pills contain the most well known and well respected compounds to increase breast size, including saw palmetto, fennel seed powder, dong quai, damiana, dandelion leaf powder, black cohash, wild yam, fenugeek seed extract, l-tyrosine, kelp powder, vitamin e, and bioperine. The gel also used many of the same extracts, and this meant that taking the capsules twice a day and applying the gel to warm and damp skin each day would give the body a tremendous amount of the stimulation it needed to create enhanced breast tissue.

User Reviews

We decided to start with professional reviews of the Clevastin approach to enhance your breasts in order to see what the experts had to say about the formulation. We repeatedly discovered approval of the two-part regimen and its dual action on the skin and on the cells. We then looked for consumer feedback and found a lot of positive comments. Because it is a product only available online, however, we did take consumer “testimonials” with the proverbial grain of salt since they could be considered subjective.

A sample review of Clevastin we found:

“I would never have surgery and am a pretty ‘natural’ person, but I was self-conscious about my small and somewhat saggy breasts. This product was a great way to improve the issue in a safe way.”

Margot, NC

Where to Buy Clevastin

The only place to purchase Clevastin is directly through the manufacturer or an affiliate site, but this actually ends up saving a consumer a lot of time and effort because pricing is going to be “static” across the board. Thirty days of pills and gel cost $60 with prices dropping for each additional month purchased.


We strongly recommend Clevastin as one of the most practical approaches to bust enhancement. It asks you to treat the issue from the inside out and to also enhance bust growth through massage and application of the gel. This is a winning approach!

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User Questions and Answers

Q: How do I purchase the clevastin pills and cream. Am in Nigeria -Lilian

A: Lillian, I don't know much about Clevastin, I don't think it's available in Nigeria as it's a smaller brand. Total Curve is my top recommendation for a breast enhancement product and they DO ship to Nigeria. Good luck. Rachel

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