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Activlash Reviews – Does Activlash Really Work?

activlash reviewsIt makes plain, old-fashioned “good sense” to reason that if you know about the ways of improving hair growth then you can apply this to eyelash growth too. The trouble is that the area around the eye is very sensitive, as is the eye itself, and this can lead to trouble if you put any old chemical hair treatment along the eyelids. This is one of the reasons we decided to explore the Activlash formulation since it is marketed as promoting hair growth while having undergone adequate scientific studies that guarantee safety.

How Activlash Works and Ingredients

Activlash is applied like liquid eyeliner around the top and bottom lash lines. It can be worn under makeup and is best used on a daily basis. Most people seem to apply it in the morning and again before going to bed. We checked out the list of ingredients and could see immediately that this formula relied on conditioning ingredients that would immediately begin improving the condition of the individual eyelashes. For instance, vitamins and herbal extracts that promote circulation and fight free radicals appeared along the top of the list, but we also saw glycoproteins that would stimulate the hair follicles and blood flow too.

User Reviews

Though we could not find evidence of the clinical studies demonstrating safety, we did find a lot of customer testimonials praising the Activlash formulation and its remarkable effectiveness. Many consumers loved that it is such a light formula that it can be used around the clock, and others praised it for its optimal blend of chemical and natural ingredients. A lot of people indicated that they noticed the improvement of the lashes right away (thanks to the conditioners) and that this is what allowed the lashes to finally reach their full growth potential.

A sample review of Activlash we found:

“This product is so easy to apply, and though I have pretty sensitive eyes, it did not bother them at all. My lashes are now thicker than ever.”

Sarah, PA

Where to Buy

Activlash is available through the manufacturer and from various online retailers. A four-month supply is $129, so that makes it very reasonable when compared with prescription formulas and many other over the counter products.


We recommend Activlash for people who are looking for a 24-hour formula and one that can be worn with makeup. If constant use of a product is “not for you,” we do recommend that you look for a different product because this formula does need constant use to remain effective.

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