Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum Review
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Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum Review

One of the first things people notice when they look at us is our eyes.  Unfortunately, as we age, that includes the wrinkles, bags, and dark circles under them.  There are creams, gels, and serums in every price range designed to help make that first impression a good one.  Some work and some don’t.  Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum is an inexpensive solution to problem skin under the eyes.  It claims to work instantly to tighten and smooth your skin, reduce puffiness, and lighten dark circles so you can look younger in just 3 minutes.  But does it work?

Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum ReviewSudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum Ingredients

Sudden Change lists the ingredients of its products on its website.  The two main active ingredients in the Under Eye Firming Serum are serum albumin and hyaluronic acid.  Serum albumin is a protein that tightens skin much like an egg white would.  Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizer that acts to rehydrate and plump dry or aging skin.

How to Use Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum

The instructions are very precise, and you can use it with or without foundation.  To use it alone, apply 2 drops from the inner to the outer corner of each eye.  Let it dry for 3 minutes, making sure not to frown, smile, or otherwise move your face during that time.  And you should not use moisturizer in the area either before or after application.

To use with foundation, mix 2 drops of Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum with 1 drop of foundation in the palm of your hand.  Again, apply from the inner to the outer corner of your eye, and don’t smile or frown until it is completely dry.  When dry, apply foundation to the rest of your face, making sure not to go over the eye area again.

With either method, you should feel a tightening sensation almost immediately.

Pros and Cons

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum, it might be helpful to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks.


  • The ingredients are listed on the website.
  • Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum is inexpensive and widely available.
  • There are many positive reviews from satisfied customers who claim to get great results.
  • You can re-apply throughout the day as needed.  Customers also say that wetting the area again re-activates and renews the effectiveness.
  • Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum comes with an unconditional money back guarantee.


  • The results are temporary, and may only last a few hours.
  • There are reviews from customers who do not find it effective at all.

Where to Buy

Two of the best things about Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum are its wide availability and low price.  You can get it from many retailers online, including Amazon.  You will also be able to find it at brick and mortar stores like CVS and Walgreens.   Prices vary from $9.99 for a .23 oz bottle a to $20.00 or more, so make sure you look around for the best price.  And don’t forget to factor shipping in to your calculations.


If you’re still looking for an eye cream that works, Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum is worth giving a try.  The reviews are definitely mixed.  There are customers who swear by it, and customers who would advise you not to waste your money.  That tells me that, like most everything else, it works for some and not for others.  Given the low price point, there’s really very little to lose in trying it out to see which category you fall into.

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Puffy Eyes

Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum Review
5 out of 5 stars

Mar 17, 2018 by 

One drop under each eye takes care of puffiness. Not for wrinkles or dark circles. Morning puff of my 65 year old eyes is pretty normal for me. I use this when going out. Do not wear makeup so don't worry about that.

5.0 5.0 1 1 One drop under each eye takes care of puffiness. Not for wrinkles or dark circles. Morning puff of my 65 year old eyes is pretty normal for me. I use this when going out. Do not we Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum Review

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I bought Sudden change and tried several of the suggestions on how to use it and keep it from flaking. However, it somewhat works but if I smile, it makes under my eyes look more wrinkled. -Elva

A: Elva, I've tried similar products and they do the same - become hard and flaky and make the wrinkles even more pronounced, it may have been this one I tried, it was like Elmer's glue. It's better to just use a good under eye treatment. The Beautycounter Rejuvenating Eye cream is a good one, it's their strongest anti-aging eye cream. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: I want to know what did they do to this serum.Used for years,now thicker,and flakes everytime. There is a difinite change,too thick and sticky. Does anyone else see this??,by the way this is May 10th,2019 -Mila

A: Hi Mila, I'm not sure if they changed the formula, but I've experienced this with another under eye firmer, it felt like paste under my eyes and made them look worse! Maybe the key is to use just a drop.  I may have used too much. But if you've used for years and never had this happen, then maybe they did change it. Try using some eye cream first and let it absorb and try it again using less. Good luck and thanks for your comment! Rachel

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  • Sheila Fletcher

    I have used this product for years, around 20 years, and there is nothing else as effective. I too always wonder what if it goes off the market. The only product I have ever used, moisturizer etc that works just like it is advertised. Thank you Sudden Change for doing the job!

  • caroll

    I use under eye firming serum, and before I run out of it, I make sure (in advance) to buy another bottle. I swear by it and I can’t imagine it not working. There are some flakes at certain times, but I think they may come from putting on too much or going over it wirh more. It works so well that I sometimes think, “what if they ever stop making it, what will replace it” I have tried others and nothing compares. There was one other but for some reason they don’t make it anymore, I think it was called dream face. Thumbs up all the way for sudden change….

  • Marina Drysdale

    I used it. It is great. I only use 1 drop. If you use a good moisturizer before you apply it you won’t get the white flaky film. You can see the change immediately. I work nights, and a lot of days, so my eyes get bags, and black circles that look horrible. It was a present to me. One of the best things. If you see any white flaking just get your fingr wet with water, or apply a little moisturizer, and rub around the eye. You wont’t regret it. There is nothing to loose, but those ugly bags under your eyes.

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