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Starlash Eyelash Enhancer Review

starlash eyelash enhancerHave you ever noticed that movie stars have those lashes that are just perfect?  Well, the truth is that most of these stars have false lashes that will give them the appearance of perfect lashes.  It is hard to say if they are really just that perfect without the help of eyelash extensions.  Some stars use products that will naturally help their lashes grow full and thick.  You can use these products as well.  Which products are best, you may ask?  Well, the truth be told, there are many products out there that work great.  Lets take a look at Starlash and see if it is a product worth trying.

Product Overview

Starlash is a company that has put out two distinct products that help women look their best.  One of them, Starlash, helps to improve lashes.  The other product, Starbrow, helps to improve eyebrows.  They compare it with this analogy- Starlash is to eyelashes as conditioner is to hair.  Think about it, would you go without conditioning your hair?  Probably not.  Why go without conditioning your lashes as well?  Their philosophy involves treating the follicles with a serum to help protect the hair follicle, in turn protecting the lashes themselves.  With this product, you will find only natural ingredients such as peptides and minerals- without all of the other chemicals that can be bad for your eyes.

Consumer Review

One consumer that tried this product stated:

“I got this product about a month ago because I was just not happy with the way my lashes looked.  They were always so brittle, and my mascara would never go on smoothly.  This is when I tried Starlash.  I wanted to have those movie star lashes that you see on the covers of magazines and on television.  I have to say that I really love the product and the effectiveness.  I was a little worried that it would irritate the skin around my eyes, and I can honestly say that it has not.  I love the fact that it is an all natural product.  I recommend it to anyone with troublesome lashes!”  – Karen, Florida

Pricing and Availability

Most people that purchase this product do so directly from the Starlash site.  You can buy it in conjunction with the Starbrow and save money on both products.  They have a special deal when you purchase them both together.  If you purchase the Starlash by itself, you are looking at about $80, which is really a great price for an eyelash enhancer that really works and does not irritate your skin.  There are many other products out there that do not work nearly as well that cost twice that much!


I have to recommend this product, if for no other reason than it is all natural.  I am not a big fan of products that have harsh chemicals that will be put around the eyes.  Your eyesight is much more important than having lashes like the stars (or at least it should be).  That being said, the ingredients in this product are not going to harm you, and you will find that they really will boost your lash growth.  Try it in conjunction with the Starbrow for a winning combination and look.  For the price, it is really hard to find another product that will do the same thing.

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