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Revitalash Reviews, Side Effects, Ingredients, and More

revitalash reviewsHaving thicker, fuller lashes is something that most women seek.  This is because long lashes are a sign of beauty.  If you have long, full lashes- you can really pull off a sexy look.  The truth of the matter is that not everyone is born with long lashes.  If you are like me, then you notice all of the MEN out there that have the long lashes.  Why are they the ones that are blessed with the beautiful lashes most of the time?  Women that were not blessed with those lashes now have an opportunity to change their lashes, naturally- without any false lashes or extensions.  There are many serums out there that will help to promote healthier lashes.  How does Revitalash stand up among all the serums out there?

Product Overview

Revitalash has a few different products on the market.  They target mostly the lashes and brows, but they also have a hair conditioner out there that will help your hair to be healthier and moisturized.  Revitalash and RevitaBrow are two of the commonly used products that they have on the market.  They also have mascara!  The Revitalash is used to condition the lashes and nourish them.  There are ingredients such as peptides and botanical boosters that lead to a natural approach to longer thicker lashes.  The good news is that these products are made of natural ingredients that will not be harmful to the skin around your eyes.

Consumer Review

One consumer that tried this product stated:

“When I started using the product, I noticed within the first three weeks that my lashes were fuller and longer.  I have not had to deal with any of the side effects that many other people have stated that they experienced with this product.  Luckily, for me, it was all great.  I was very happy to find that my lashes were getting longer and fuller.  I did notice that there would be some small periods of time while using the product that my lashes would not grow longer.  This may just be because they had reached their maximum length, but either way I was very pleased with this product.”  – Denise, West Virginia

Pricing and Availability

The good thing about purchasing this product direct from the manufacturer’s site is that they often times have special deals.  When I was browsing the site, I noticed that you could get a three month supply of three of their products together for around $150.  If you want to purchase just the Revitalash, then you can get it for around $100 for a three month supply, or $150 for a six month supply.  If you want to get a really great price, then try ordering from Amazon for around $50 plus shipping.  This is the best deal you will find unless you order the specials offered on the retailer’s site.


After trying Revitalash for myself, I would definitely give it a great rating.  I recommend it as an eyelash enhancer.  I also recommend the other products that they manufacture.  These products work well when used together.  If you find special deals and money saving offers on the product, it is an even better idea to go ahead and order it.  If you have your reservations, as we all do at times, then you should just get the three month supply to start out.  I’m pretty convinced that you will love the product just as I do.

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