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Revivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv – Why Both?

Revivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv Overview

The battle against aging skin rages on and numerous manufacturers are sending products into the fight.  Some beauty consultants are even advising that you should use more than one product to ward off wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and dry, crepey skin. One recommended combination of anti-aging products is Revivagenix Instant Wrinkle Reducer and Kollagen Intensiv. The two products do have some similarities.  One of the main goals of both Revivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv is to increase the production of natural collagen.  Both anti-aging products claim to improve skin texture, help skin retain moisture, improve tone and firmness, and to minimize the appearance and depth of lines and wrinkles.  So if one product works, does using Revivagenix and Kollagaen Intensiv double the benefits?

About RevivagenixRevivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv

Although Revivagenix claims to be “the fountain of youth in a bottle”, there is not a great deal disclosed about its ingredients.  The official website mentions a peptide as one of its main components and says its job is to help firm the skin and keep it from getting wrinkles.  The main focus, however, is on Matrixyl 3000, a component the company says is clinically proven to greatly increase the synthesis of collagen and to repair damage to the skin caused by aging, pollutants, and time.  The manufacturer promises that you’ll see a big improvement in skin tone and a significant reduction in wrinkles and fine lines in as little as 28 days. A 30-day supply costs $49.95.

About Kollagen IntensivRevivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv

Kollagen Intensiv anti-aging formula’s claim to fame is its ability to increase the skin’s production of collagen.  The main ingredient is a patented peptide called SYN-COLL, designed to stimulate collagen production, repair damage from sun, wind, and pollutants, increase moisture retention, firm and tone, and reduce the visibility of even deep wrinkles and lines. There are several other ingredients, including shea butter, in the formula.

The website informs us that some women report feeling a difference in their skin’s texture almost immediately after beginning use of Kollagen Intensiv but expect to experience optimal results after using the formula for 80 days. This product is available from the website for $59.95 for a 30-45 day supply.

Revivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv Together

If you choose to use Revivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv together, you’ll truly be giving your skin a double dose of care.  Both Revivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv have the same goal: to accelerate the production of that all important collagen that is responsible for keeping skin looking young and fresh.  They both claim to tone and firm the skin while helping it retain moisture.

Revivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv promise to help reduce age spots and lighten and brighten skin tone.  Clinical trials have been conducted on both Revivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv and both have favorable reviews online. Although they use different formulas to accomplish the same goal, both Revivagenix and Kollegen Intensiv  seem to have won over many consumers in the market looking for an effective solution to aging skin.

Our Conclusions

The combined use of Revivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv may seem like overkill, however, for those able to afford both products, it does seem as if this team would work especially well together.  They are both reasonably priced compared to many high end skin care products and both Revivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv have taken the time and spent the money to back up their claims with clinical trials.  If you really want to attack the problem of aging skin and can afford two high quality products, Revivagenix and Kollagen Intensiv seem like a formidable team.

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  • Margi

    The same happened to me. The product was free and all you paid was shipping and handling. Luckily i saw someone comment somewhere that it was a scam, in that it automatically enrolls you in a automatic reorder program where it ships to you every 30 days and then you are charged the full price. I cancelled right away after receiving my product so i didn’t receive a second shipment. There was a little push back from the rep when i called to cancel, but it was cancelled and I received a cancellation number and follow up email.

  • kristine

    i ordered these two products because i saw an add in witch a woman used them together and had great this add i saw they had pix of such once i received them i wanted to re-read the info and sow my husband why i believed in the products so much.when i attempted to pull the add up i was shocked to see the same woman advertising two totally different i dont know what to think,did i get scammed,i cant find any such add online at all now and i know it was there i ordered it from a quick link on that advertisement.

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