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Radiant Lash Reviews From Real Women

radiant lash reviewHow do people most often combat signs of aging in their hair? They dye it or use thickening products such as conditioners and styling gels. The problem with the aging of the eyelashes and eyebrows is that they are so close to the eyes and so sensitive that traditional hair products cannot work. This is one of the reasons behind the creation of Radiant Lash and also why we decided to see if the lash growth product really worked. It is touted as a solution for thinning lashes due to aging, illness or lousy luck, and indicates that improvements can be seen in as little as two to four weeks.

How Radiant Lash Works and Ingredients

Radiant Lash is made by Wellness Products and the company is proud of its ability to avoid the harmful prostaglandins and parabens that make other eyelash enhancement formulas dangerous and unsafe. Instead, they use a proprietary “Sym-Peptide” formula that triggers the creation of keratin – the essential compound of healthy and strong hair. By doing this the product will increase the number and thickness of lashes in as little as two to four weeks. Clinical studies also mentioned that most users saw a 55% increase in thickness after six weeks.

User Reviews

During our research on Radiant Lash we discovered video comments and lots of professional and consumer feedback. We also checked out the clinical studies and trials to see if they were valid. What we discovered is that most people really do see improvements in around four weeks time, and that there are no negative comments about reactions, sensitivity or problems with the formula.

A sample review of Radiant Lash we found:

“This is a good product…I really liked that the manufacturer provided me with all of the consumer information I needed. Because they used infomercial-style marketing I was initially turned off, but I am glad I gave it a try!”

Steph, FL

Where to Buy

This product is available through the manufacturer’s website where they make a 60-day money back guarantee available on all purchases AND where they frequently extend special pricing. For example, when we visited they had a two-for-one special running for a short time.


With clinical trials, positive reviews, and reasonable pricing, we feel that we can recommend Radiant Lash to people who want to improve the look and condition of their eyelashes. When used as directed, most people will see much thicker and healthier eyelashes in as little as two weeks, but most definitely within six weeks.

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Wow -- it works!

Radiant Lash Reviews From Real Women
5 out of 5 stars

Apr 09, 2016 by 
Bella B

Don't ask me why I bought such a hokey sounding product -- guess I figured it couldn't hurt, cos the lashes on my left eye are shorter and sparser than my right. So every night (and sometimes during the day cos I don't wear eye makeup)I applied it like liquid eyeliner to my left eye. Paid no attention til after about a month, a party tonight made me decide to wear mascara. SURPRISE! The left side lashes were LONG as the right's! Not quite as thick, tho maybe a tad more than they were. I was stunned -- did not expect this to really work, and it was so easy! Very happy, and would recommend it! Really.

5.0 5.0 1 1 Don't ask me why I bought such a hokey sounding product -- guess I figured it couldn't hurt, cos the lashes on my left eye are shorter and sparser than my right. So every night (an Radiant Lash Reviews From Real Women

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