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Pure Silk Anti Aging Review – Should You Try It?

Pure Silk Anti Aging Overview

When it comes to anti aging skin care, it’s all about the ingredients.  Find a formula that uses the ones that work for you.  Then stick with it.  Finding that right formula in the first place is the tricky part.  Look for known, well-tested ingredients that have been proven to work.  Pure Silk Anti Aging Serum uses several proven ingredients and promises to pour new life into skin cells and fight damage caused by free radicals.  It’s made by Baby Quasar, known for their light therapy tools.  In fact, Pure Silk Anti Aging is promoted as the perfect serum to use with your light therapy.

Pure Silk Anti AgingPure Silk Anti Aging Ingredients and How They Work

Green tea and hyaluronic acid are the two key active ingredients.  Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that protects skin from free radical damage.  Hyaluronic acid is a great hydrator that attracts and traps water, effectively filling in lines. In addition to those, Pure Silk Anti Aging also contains copper peptides which have been shown to increase collagen production for plumper, more elastic skin.

To use Pure Silk, apply one drop to your forehead, one to each cheek, and one to your chin.  Then massage it into your entire face.  You can also use it as your moisturizer in conjunction with your Baby Quasar Red light therapy tool.

Pure Silk Anti Aging Pros and Cons

It is always helpful to take a look at a list of benefits and drawbacks of this and any product.


  • Pure Silk Anti Aging Serum is made with quality ingredients.
  • Baby Quasar offers a 60 day money-back guarantee on all of their skin care products.
  • Pure Silk Anti Aging reviews are mainly positive, particularly citing smoother skin tone and increased elasticity.
  • It is available online and in high end retail stores.


  • Baby Quasar’s primary focus as a company is its light therapy tools.  In fact, Pure Silk Anti Aging is the only serum or cream they make.
  • It’s on the expensive side at $60 for 1 oz bottle of serum.

Where to Buy

Pure Silk Anti Aging can be purchased through several different avenues.  The The Baby Quasar website sells it for $60, as do several other online retailers including Amazon and The Skinstore.com.  As always, look for shipping deals because this could make a big difference to your final cost. You will also find Pure Silk at higher end department stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.


If you like a lightweight serum, and you’re looking for an all-over facial moisturizer with proven ingredients, this could be the one.  Green tea, hyaluronic acid, and copper peptides are all proven ingredients that you should be looking for in your anti aging skincare.  Given that it’s sold by reputable dealers, backed by a reputable company, and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, we don’t think there’s any risk involved in trying. If $60 is within your budget for an anti aging serum that works, then we recommend Pure Silk Anti Aging.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: What is the shelf life of Pure silk? -B. Corbett

A: B, the shelf life of any anti-aging product is likely no more than about six months. Once it's opened and exposed to air it starts degrading. This Pure Silk product is very old as it is. If you have an old bottle, it's likely bad.

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