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Proshape RXNote: This is a personal review. Click Here to visit the official site for ProShape RX.

Today I’m reviewing an effective weight loss supplement called ProShape RX, which is an all natural dietary pill. ProShape RX is a nutritional supplement to aid in your weight loss goal and is designed to help you quickly and safely lose weight.

The herbal part of the system includes a well known herb called Hoodia Gordonii which sends a signal to the brain that you’re full even if you haven’t eaten, which can make it much easier to eat small, healthy meals and not over-indulge in those late night munchies.

We’re going to take a closer look at this all natural supplement to discuss its ingredients and how it can help you shed some pounds! We had a test subject for this review, Melissa, whom I regularly play beach volleyball with.  Melissa is a fitness model and a very active girl who exercises a lot, but she had hit a plateau and was having trouble losing any weight.

She took ProShape RX for one month and easily lost 9lbs, which helped her look leaner and made her abs finally pop out! The confidence she gained made her feel sexy again and improved her game. We are excited to have Melissa on board at as a new contributor to our health and fitness segment. Thank you Melissa for being my guinea pig!

Melissa’s 30 day trial with ProShape RXProShape Before and After

Melissa is a 30 year old female who does boot camp about 4x per week and plays beach volleyball on the weekends. While she obviously gets plenty of exercise, we all know that losing weight is 80% what you eat and only 20% exercise, so this is why Melissa was having trouble losing weight. As much as she likes to work hard, she also likes to play hard!

Just like most of us, she loves pizza, cheeseburgers and likes to drink on the weekends (in moderation). She’s a normal girl who likes cheat meals! But after two years of doing boot camp and the scale not really budging, we knew something had to give. She needed something to help her eat a little less to lean out.

Now as you can see from her before and after picture, she lost in the legs, hips, and waist area and her abs got more defined!

 Melissa’s Story

“I started taking ProShape a month ago because I was looking to add something to my active lifestyle to help get rid of these last few pounds I have been trying to lose. I was going on a cruise in a few months with my friends and boyfriend and really wanted to drop a few more pounds to gain some confidence. For the first week I only took (1) pill a day, 30 minutes before breakfast, and I did this to make sure that my body didn’t have any weird side effects from it, which it didn’t.

After the first week I began to take (2) pills per day, one 30 minutes before breakfast and one 30 minutes before lunch.  While I didn’t really feel like I had a lot more energy during the day from the pills,  I definitely felt like they suppressed my appetite. I sit at a desk from 8am-5pm and I get very bored which causes me to sit and eat junk food. When I was taking these pills I didn’t have the craving to eat and when I would eat I wasn’t overeating.

Proshape AfterAfter taking the pills for a month I could definitely see results and others commented on my weight loss as well. The pills helped me drop the extra weight (9 lbs total!) that I was looking to get rid of and really lean up. More specifically, people commented on my abs and how much leaner my legs looked. All that working out that I’d been doing and the muscle that I’d built was finally showing! 

I would recommend these pills to someone that is looking to add something to drop those last few pounds that never seem to go away. I feel like the pills helped to assist with the weight loss that I experienced but I also think that it helps that I live a very active lifestyle that consists of daily workouts as well as eating healthy “most of the time.”

Other Testimonials for ProShape RX

We found plenty of additional statistics on weight loss for this product, and some lost more than Melissa did. Because Melissa was already in good shape, and leads a very active lifestyle, she lost those “stubborn” pounds that often refuse to come off (which are the hardest to lose!). Other testimonials we found for ProShape RX included an 11 1/2 lb loss in 3 weeks, a 5 lb loss in one week, and a 3 lb loss in one week.

If you have more than 20 lbs to lose, the weight drops off more dramatically and easily at first so Melissa’s results aren’t necessarily typical of someone with a lot more weight to lose. I just wanted to offer some perspective if you’re thinking to yourself that 9 lbs is not a lot of weight to lose in a month, because for an athlete like Melissa, it definitely was a lot to lose!

ProShape RX Ingredients and How They Work

ProShape RX contains 100% all natural ingredients to help suppress appetite, give you more energy, and slim down your body to look and feel better! ProShape RX contains no ephedra (Ma Huang), which is obviously a good thing. A few of the main ingredients are:

Hoodia Gordonii – Hoodia is an African succulent plant consumed by the people of Kalahari to curb the hunger pains experienced during long hunting expeditions and during times of drought. It’s very effective as a weight loss supplement to suppress hunger. How Hoodia works scientifically -When you eat, the level of sugar in your blood goes up and when a certain level is reached, synapses in your brain send signals that you are full.  Since Hoodia is a lot more active than glucose, it’s able to travel to the mid-brain faster causing your nerve cells to signal that they are full even if you haven’t eaten.

Chitosan – derived from shellfish, Chitosan binds to the fat and cholesterol in your food before it’s absorbed by your body. Chitosan can’t actually be digested, so your body simply eliminates it along with the fat attached to it.

White Kidney Bean – the component derived from the white kidney bean, Phaseolus Vularis, reduces the absorption of calories from starch sources and has been proven to do so. Studies have shown the white kidney bean interrupts the process that converts starch to sugar. If less sugar is absorbed, it won’t allow that sugar to be turned to calories which will help you lose weight.

Green Tea Leaf – Extracts from the green tea leaf is a weight loss favorite, helping with energy levels while stimulating caloric expenditure and fat oxidation.

ProShape RX Recommendation and Where to Buy

Since we did our own 30 day trial with ProShape RX using Melissa as a test subject, we know this products works and we highly recommend it! Melissa lost 9 lbs in one month and it worked by suppressing her appetite, encouraging her to eat less during the day (cutting out the snacking at her desk from boredom), and also squashing late night cravings. That’s what most of us need to lose those extra pounds, just a little help with will power, and this product did not disappoint, nor did Melissa have any unwanted side effects like trouble sleeping.

You can purchase ProShape RX from their official website and a one month supply will cost $68.95. However, if you purchase at least two bottles you will receive a discount and it will afford you a full 67 day money back guarantee, so we recommend buying at least two bottles. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return the two empty bottles within 67 days from the time of delivery for a full refund excluding shipping charges. We think their guarantee is GREAT and it will allow you to try the product for a long enough time to see real results!

We also recommend this product for those who may not be so active.  Remember, losing weight is 80% what you put in your mouth and 20% exercise. If you have a lot of weight to lose, we think this product would be a good one to try to help you achieve your long-term weight loss goals.

Click here to visit the official site for ProShape RX or to learn more

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