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Pro Dermagenix*Update 9/29/2014* I recently discovered some information on Pro Dermagenix that everyone needs to know! See my update below.

Pro Dermagenix labels itself as an effective solution for advanced anti-aging skin care, and has the flashy website to boot.  But does this anti wrinkle “gel” really work?  If you’re like me, your highly skeptical about what you read on the internet, and know that there are plenty of fake advertisements and supposed “news articles” talking about women who have had tremendous success combining wrinkle creams for great results.

Let’s look past the hype for a minute and examine exactly what Pro Dermagenix has to say. Located on 5th ave in New York, NY, Pro Dermagenix is attempting to position themselves as a market leader in anti-aging creams.  With a sleek design and fancy looking website, they claim that by using their product you can reduce skin roughness by 16%, reduce the appearance of significant wrinkles by 46%, and diminish wrinkle density by 21%.

But how does it work? That’s kind of where we hit a roadblock with Pro Dermagenix.  Most companies make it a priority to explain the ingredients in their product, and give a scientific analysis of how it’s supposed to work.  According to the manufacturer, we know that it somehow stimulates collagen production, which we all know helps to lessen the appearance of wrinkles.  We can only guess based on these claims that the ingredients in Pro Dermagenix must include Argirilene, which is a natural alternative to expensive botox.  But without any concrete evidence from their website, we are only left to guess.

Reviews of Pro Dermagenix

This is another shortfall for the product, because there simply is very little information about women who have used Pro Dermagenix and their results.  There are a couple of reviews on their official website, but other than that there are no discussions on leading women’s websites such as and  It seems that Pro Dermagenix is fairly new to the market, and this would describe why there are very few people talking about their results.

*Update 9/29/14* My Experience with Pro Dermagenix & the Ingredients

Pro Dermagenix Texture
Pro Dermagenix is a gel that feels sticky on the skin.

I finally got my hands on a bottle of Pro Dermagenix so that I could give you more first hand information on this product. It has a thick gel consistency which leaves an extremely sticky residue on your face that doesn’t go away; it doesn’t absorb well at all and feels pretty gross actually, I couldn’t wait to wash it off!

It also has an alcohol smell to it. I was finally able to research the ingredients per their label on the backside of the bottle, and what I found was shocking. It definitely does not contain any of the ingredients that we thought this product might based on their website claims. Please read!

  • Wheat Germ Oil is used primarily as a skin conditioning agent. The Vitamin E contained in this oil benefits the skin.
  • Glycerin is a sugar alcohol used in many cosmetic products, it’s a humectant which slows the release of moisture from a product during use.
  • Cetyl Alcohol is a fatty alcohol used as an emollient, emulsifier, thickener, and carrying agent for other ingredients.
  • Trethanolamine is an emulsifier used to control the ph in cosmetics and is used in mascaras, sun screens, hair dyes, etc.
  • Shea Butter is a well known skin conditioning agent.
  • FD&C Red #3  is a color additive and according to the FDA’s website, it was banned from cosmetic use in 2009! It is only allowed in food and ingested drugs.
  • Methyl Paraben is a preservative surrounded by some controversy. Check out Livestrong’s article on the matter

Click here to see a picture of the Pro Dermagenix ingredients label


This appears to be another free trial scam, designed to skim women out of their hard earned money.  They offer a free trial, but there is a familiar consequence for getting involved in one of these auto-ship, auto-rebills.  According the manufacturer themselves, once you are done with your 21 day trial, you will be billed close to $90 for another batch of the product.  This is great, especially if you are having great results with Pro Dermagenix, but often times we find that women are duped into these programs without knowing this was going to happen.

On top of being yet another free trial scam impossible to cancel, the ingredients in this product are extremely insignificant to anti-aging and it feel horribly sticky and don’t absorb. Pro Dermagenix contains a couple of run-of-the-mill skin conditioning agents, along with preservatives and a color additive banned by the FDA! I hope that these facts alone are enough of a red flag for you to make the decision to NOT order this product.

Be sure to protect yourself should you decide to order Pro Dermagenix, and make sure you write down the phone number to cancel, and mark the date on your calendar. Free trials can be great, but only if you fully understand the terms and conditions and 21 days is not a lot of time to receive the product and try it. 30 day trials are better in my opinion.

To learn about our #1 recommended wrinkle cream, check out my personal review on Lifecell Anti-Aging Treatment and see my results after two years!

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Beware of Dermagenetix scam

Pro Dermagenix Review
1 out of 5 stars

Aug 10, 2017 by 

Crooks charged my card without permission
I started ordering a free trial of Derma Genetix face cream. I had to pay $4.95 for shipping with a credit card. However when I couldn't get out without ordering a serum, I cancelled the entire transaction without completing it. I was charged $94 for the free sample cream and $93 for a serum I never ordered. They used the name and address I use for advertisers. They never conformed the order Or its cancellation. They wouldn't refund my money. I called them a few times and talked to the supervisor who was even worse than the phone crooks. She finally accepted to refund half the amount even though I never used their products. My credit card was then used in Mexico and I have a strong suspicion it was from this same dermagenix company. I had to cancel the card.
This company is running a dangerous scam. Never give them your credit or debit cards.

Free sample scam

Pro Dermagenix Review
1 out of 5 stars

Jun 19, 2017 by 
Joyce Taylor

This is definitely a free sample scam.I paid the $4or5 shipping for free samples. Yes, I did not read all the way through the "agreement" and now cant find one to read. When my credit card statement came, it had charges added for ~$98. I called to say I didn't order additional supplies because I can't tell any difference at all but was told this was not for extra supplies but that YOU HAD TO PAY FOR THE SAMPLES if you didn't contact them within the first 2 weeks that you didn't want to keep them. The customer service person was very rude but finally agreed to refund half. BEWARE of this company. The product did nothing a cheap drug store lotion does and obviously this letting them know within 2 weeks was buried deep!

1.0 5.0 2 2 Crooks charged my card without permissionI started ordering a free trial of Derma Genetix face cream. I had to pay $4.95 for shipping with a credit card. However when I couldn't Pro Dermagenix Review

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  • Liz

    Australian banks must have more power than US banks as I contacted my bank and told them what had happened – money back in my account within one week!

  • Lisa

    Right before I moved I ordered the dermagenix trial product as an add-on to something I bought on the internet and was charged $3.95 for shipping and handling. The product was terrible – burned and made my face break out. I then had to have major surgery for something unrelated and ended the lease on my flat, moving in with my family for the 5 month recovery. Just got back on my feet and checked my bank account, only to discover that over a period of 5 months they charged $129/month for a total of $650!!! I filled out a change of address card and never received any product so had no idea I was being charged until I went through all my bank statements yesterday. The bank doesn’t know if they can recover my money; I had to cancel my debit card and am waiting for a new one.

    They are still doing this scam; first billed under under the name of Proderma and later under the name Derma 4 Skin. I’m so angry I think there should be a class action lawsuit against these scammers!

    • angela edwards

      I am investigating into a possible class action lawsuit against Pro Dermagenix involving their “free trial” offers. Feel free to contact me for more information. There is no financial obligation. Thank you.

      Angela Edwards
      Law Office of Angela Edwards
      East Longmeadow, MA 01028
      (413) 525-3820
      [email protected]

      • Rachel Vrabel
        Rachel Vrabel

        Angela, is Pro Dermagenix still using a banned ingredient? For a time they were still including FD&C Red #3 which is a color additive which was banned from cosmetic use in 2009. It is only allowed in food and ingested drugs. The bottle I received still had this listed. This is according to the FDA’s Website. At any rate this product is amongst the worst serums I’ve ever tried. It’s sticky and gross, does not absorb and contains cheap ingredients. I couldn’t wait to wash it off when I tried it.

      • Rachel Vrabel
        Rachel Vrabel

        Hi Julie, please call the phone number listed on your bank statement – you have to contact this company directly and it sounds like a scam. Sorry, call your bank if you can’t find it or need further help. xo Rachel

  • Carolyn Williams

    I’ve tried to settle a debt with Pro dermagenix as we speak! They were adamant about getting to my account to settle a debt! I had to threatened them with my lawyer in order to get an address to settle my debt! I do not like owing anyone at all, so I cancelled future orders, and received an address! Get this an New York address, when the product comes from Ashton PA. They were so intent on getting my new visa number, I had to threaten them with my lawyer; because they would not take no for an answer!

  • jaschell

    Just called 887 318 9598 to cancel unwanted skin cream. It took about five minutes and I was given an address and confirmation number.(3033 Market St, Aston, Pa. 19014). I have already notified my credit card company who cancelled all charges the operator said that they knew I had cancelled. Don’t know how because until I read this blog I hadn’t been able any way to reach them. Thanks for your advice. Lesson learned.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Jacki, thanks for your comment, I’m glad you were able to cancel! I’ve heard ProDermagenix tries to play real hardball with you if you call to cancel. Keep a close eye on your credit card statement and I would send it back certified so you have a record of when it’s delivered back to them. I would be happy to recommend a reputable cream for you. What is your skin type?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      When I go to the ProDermagenix website, it says it’s down but offers a phone number. Give it a try. They certainly don’t make it easy to cancel unfortunately. But don’t give up, even if you have to cancel your credit card. Here’s the # 1-877-318-9598. Let me know if you have any luck getting through.

  • Robin M. Rynkiewicz

    I got myself a real lesson on Prodermagenix! I like a lot of others I got on to Free Samples.Bad place to go as nothing is free nor is the extra e-mail that came with Free Samples.I came to Prodermagnix thought I’m aging need some help with my wrinkles.I gave info,visa#,and got notice back from Prodermagenix by e-mail if one needs any help or imformation concerning the products.On Sept.8,2014 I received my product in 2 separate boxes only with a small piece of paper on the how to use the products.I started that same day to see what this product was about and follow the piece of paper to apply. In 10 min.of applying the face serium and eye cream I had my heart was racing like aNascar, then a serious hot flash{not menopause hot flash either},extreme nausea,extreme headache,and vomiting.I used very little of both the face serium and eye cream to test to see if this had any side effects and their was no warning notice of side effects inside boxes to be ware of like other products.I again did this application of serium 4xs a 2 day try for me turn into a real sickness,heartracing like a fast race car,extreme nausea,extreme headache,and vomiting.I called that toll free number no answers,their website is down,and no communication from Promagenix and sent emails to only to rejected,finally on Sept.15,2014 I got a voice a man’s voice who did not want to answer my question about their product but cancel my order,I thought as Prodermagenix attempted to go for my bank and I contacted my bank only to find that my bank put a stop to this company because of too many people complaining illegal activity of Pro Dermagenix.Yet this activity of entering someone’s bank without permission is one thing.The side effects I received from my application could really cause a heart attack or a stroke.I learned that seeing a licensed Dermatologist would be a great place to seek first to see what might work for oneself to find the healthy way to help on aging.Nothing like learning the hard way at 64 yr. of age. As Tonto would say BAD TRADE! BAD COMPANY! If anyone like stop this company’s bad business ! Send a letter to Better Business in NYNY and the State one lives in concerning this company as I am.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Robin, that’s just awful. Those side effects are unbelievable, I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this! This is exactly why I don’t recommend ANY short term free trial offers because they are just flat out taking advantage of people. Can I ask what you’re looking for in an anti-aging treatment so I can recommend something for you? You mentioned you are 64 so a collagen boosting moisturizer might work well for you. If you’re interested, check out my review on Kollagen Intensiv Moisturizer. I’ve used it with great results and it also lightens dark spots. It is NOT sold as a free trial and they have a 90 day money back guarantee so you won’t get yourself into a pickle if you don’t like it. I actually gave some to my mother-in-law (she’s 63) and she likes it a lot. Good luck and be persistent cancelling your order, even if you are forced to close your credit card and get a new one – they are relentless with the auto shipping and re-bills. No one should have to go through this! Thank you for taking the time to comment and let me know how this works out for you.

  • Rachel Vrabel
    Rachel Vrabel

    I’d like to offer a small conciliation for those left feeling ripped off by Pro Dermagenix. I have a 49 page free Ebook available called Wrinkles No More. It’s a complete skin care guide to understanding your skin, tips and tricks, and home remedies. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment.

  • nikki morrow

    All I can say is stay away. I ordered my FREE sample and ended up paying out the yin yang to finally get it stopped. Thought I was going to have to cancel my credit card to stop the payments. The product came in a plastic bag with no papers with phone numbers, etc.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Nikki, thanks for your comment and I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Unfortunately, many of the companies with “free trials” make it difficult to cancel. The only company I do business with that does in fact have a good free trial offer is Lifecell. They have 30 day trial period (not 14) and a 60 day money back guarantee and even extend that to 90 days if you return the unused product and with no hassles. Most consumers don’t understand how the free trials work, so you have to be really careful.

  • ma

    free trial is not free, in order to cancel the 129.00 order you have to pay 64.00 or when you say that’s not good enough they want 24.99 finally after 15 minutes on the phone I got the cancellation number but have to return the trial

  • Jared

    So, I too felt a little scammed into this product, but I’m willing to try, and I was fully aware of the marketing trickery. As a smoker, 33 years of age/male, I have noticed undesirable effects (obviously) to my eyes. A little weird that I’m heterosexual, and on this site to begin with, but I wanted to do a little more research, and appreciate everyone’s posts. I just received the product today, and cancelled immediately to ensure that I would not be billed again. While the representative did haggle, I simply responded firmly to all of her ploys… and after a short fencing match, my account was cancelled ( to my knowledge). I will however follow up with my credit card company for safe-measure.

    That’s the thing we these offers, I believe that you just have to take scrutiny into full measure, and ultimately understand the hooks. At one point the rep actually threatened that I needed to post a positive comment on their facebook page first, and THEN she would cancel. pfft. to my reply, “thanks, I’ll look into that, but did you hear me?! Cancel my account info now please.”

    All in all, I do believe that this company’s tactics are completely absurd, and unholy, so beware, and be prepared with the number to call to cancel (typically in the fine-print on the order confirmation page).

    Good luck all, Will follow up in 14 days to update 🙂

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Jared, thanks for your comment! You are absolutely right on the free trials, you just have to be diligent. Some companies do offer good free trials, with 30 or 60 day money back guarantees. You just have to make sure and cancel before the free trial is over, or you will be billed for the product. Good luck with Pro Dermagenix, how do you like it so far?

  • Gayle Hoxie

    I just received my box yesterday, six days after i requested it from an add on Facebook. Inside my box there are no instructions of any type. There is a return address on a pre-printed label: Fulfillment Center-ProDermagenix 3033 Market Street Aston, PA 19014 It also says “100% Money Back Gurantee Subscription. Terms and Conditions apply.” Another return address at the top of the label is: 244 5th Ave. #1814
    New York, NY 10001 877-318-9598
    Hope this helps.

  • jean kemper

    This company is unethical and unprofessional and the product itself is crap. I have been unsuccessful in canceling
    the monthly deliveries thus far but after receiving the 3rd delivery yesterday I decided to devote my morning to finalizing my plan. I used the product for one month, in that time the pump action on the bottle broke. That was actually
    fortuitous for me because in that short time the product had so stripped my skin of natural oils, it has taken 3 months to recover and is not yet back to normal .The reviews are correct, the product comes with no information sheet and no
    contact phone number. Nobody answered at the number I
    finally tracked them down at then I received a solicitation call from the company in which I tried to express my concerns and the guy hung up on me. Thanks to the other people who
    wrote in giving phone numbers, I will follow through with those
    numbers and in addition, contact my card issuer to put a hold
    on any further charges.

  • Darlene

    I too just received my free sample in a box with nothing other than the product, which I thought was very strange. Especially for a company that is trying to promote products offering free samples. Today I decided to check them out on-line…Wow, what a shock I got finding out all this information. Just called my cc company and have cancelled my existing cc and ordered a new one. At least the theives won’t be getting any of my money.

    • Beverly

      I am also a victim of this Prodermagenix! I was just wondering I ordered on the 5th, and had my card cancelled tonight; after discovering it was a scam. Do you think I am save? I am so scared, cause I don’t have much money

      • Rachel Vrabel
        Rachel Williams

        Hi Beverly,
        If you’ve canceled your credit card, you’re probably fine. I would suggest that when you get your package, call Pro Dermagenix to cancel any further deliveries. If you do that on top of having canceled your card, you should be alright.


    • Darlene

      Update to my post from March 6, 2014. I ordered the free trial samples for the serum and eye cream on Saturday Feb 22nd. I received two boxes in the mail on March 5th, nothing else was included. I checked this company out on-line and because of this site and two others I contacted my credit card company and cancelled the card I had used. At the time of cancellation there were two very small charges for shipping of what I assumed were the samples. This morning I received 2 e-mails from Pro Derma RIPOFF stating that my account is $248.00 in arrears and I now owe them $496.00!! Not even 20 days have passed…Turns out they sent me full product orders rather than the samples….Tough Luck for them!!

      Anyway, here is another phone # people can try to call. It’s from the e-mails I received this morning from “The Loss Prevention Department” 1-877-318-9598.

  • Sharon

    I too got what I thought was a free sample which arrived with no instructions or any other documentation. I then found I had been changed 129.00 for the product. I only had it about 7 days when I was charged so certainly did not get the free 20 day trial offer either. I phoned 1 877 308-9501 which I found on this blog. I spoke to Clare who advised if I paid 24.00 for the product she would close my account and credit me the original 129.00 that I had been charnged. Two days later Clare did exactly as she promised. Thank you for posting the number here. If anyone else has had issued try this number. Incidently I did not find the product worked for me.

  • Gail Olds

    Just been reading all the comments i’m in QLD Australia, i started filling out the order for a free trial on line… thought something was “fishy” so i cancelled,some female rang my mobile and i to became a victim offering free trial bottle just pay postage of $1.99 AND IF I LIKE THE PRODUCT and i don’t call them they will then send and charge my credit card…Well recieved my trial offer have just got my credit card statement and not only have i been charged postage i have also been charges for the trial bottle AND Foreign Transation Fee !!!! the female i spoke to said they have a company in Australia… anyone have a Number!! …. Of to the bank tomorrow hopefully i can have no more payments to this PRODERMAGERIX.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Williams

      Hi Gail,
      Sorry to hear your troubles with Pro Dermagenix. I checked their website and found a phone number. They say it’s for ordering, but it should get you in the door (hopefully) It’s 1.888.918.6646. Good luck!


  • Connie

    I saw the add on Facebook & thought why not give it a go, so I ordered the serum back in beginning of October! It took them so long to send me anything finally 2 weeks ago I got a big box through the Australia Post with nothing else but a little jar of an eye cream & nothing else inside what so ever! Then my bank calls regarding my credit card going over the limit & was informed that $149.95 US dollars were charged on it from a Company called Pro Dermagenics. I have since called them 3 times on a 1800 769 456 number indicated on there web site for Australia customers & given the run round, but today I stood my ground & threatened with a Current Affair & exposing them on live TV in Australia & soon after that they changed the tune. Going from sorry we can’t give you a refund we are customer service to your Account will be cancelled & your credit card ending in xxx will be refunded for the amount of $149.95 US dollars & if in future you receive any products from us please feel free to keep them without any charge!!!! I thought what the crap is she on about she said she will cancel my account !!! So just keeping fingers crossed regarding refund wish me luck people 🙂


    After trying several times to contact (found 5 telephone numbers) Pordermagenix and being cut off, hung up on and insulted; I took the problem to my cc company. Apparently the cc has been dealing with the problem of Prodermagenix for some time, they are fully aware of this scam. Thankfully the cc was able to credit my account for two payments of $139.95 and block Prodermagenix from my account, If others are having a problem with this company call your cc, they are aware of the scam and they will help.

  • Violet

    I found your blog just trying to get in touch with them and get to their website. I got a bottle on 9/25 and nothing else in the envelope. I responded to a survey and signed up for the free trial. When I submitted the order I got a message stating that there was an error and order did not go thru to try again. I did not resubmit but somehow I got the bottle 10 days later. The shipping charges were on my cc and the phone#. When I called they say a confirmation email was sent to me. Never got it but they had my wrong email, I requsted a new email and gave my corrected email. She said it will take 24hrs to get it. 3 days later I called and was told the email will take 48 hrs to get to me. Very strange and now that I’m reading the comments I’m getting nervous about not been able to cancel and been rebill. THey went over the terms on the phone and also was given a trial extension of 14 days. I just used it 2 days-today it’s the 27. I do not like the sticky feeling left on my face and hand. I’ll keep using it to see what works. I’ll be back soon.

  • Deborah Darmstadt

    Hi I just used the product an am having a horrible reaction. My face is all broken out in hives and itches like crazy. Please cancel my order. I will be seeing an Urgent Care doctor in the morning. It just didn’t work for me. I’m really disappointed.
    Thank you kindly,
    Deborah Darmstadt.
    I just stopped payment online with my bank towards anymore orders.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Williams

      Hi Deborah,

      I’m sorry to hear about your reaction. I’m not affiliated with Pro Dermagenix. You’ll have to call the company to cancel your order. Check the paperwork that came with your order or go to the company website to find their contact information. Best of luck to you.


  • Jim Cruthirds

    This outfit SUCKS!!, they are thieves!! I am going to spred the word about this place everywhere I can!! Don’t order anything form this place unless you have lots of $$$$$ and can throw it away!!

  • Jim Cruthirds

    This is one if not THE most corrupt institutions I have EVER seen!! They have taken money out of my account without my know how, and refuse to replace it until i pay another $270.00
    If anyone buys ANYTHING from this outfit, be prepared to have your checkbook emptied!!

  • aj

    pro dermagenix is not compatible with my skin, called number to cancel as t
    its the only way, oper. kept me on for 15 minutes insisting I keep trying even though I had been to dermatologist and he said I was having a bad reaction to this stuff, finally the oper. agreed to cancel (cancel something I did not order in first place, found out with del. that they would use my card # from paying postage to keep charging. called discover and let them know as well.

  • Doug

    I tried the 14 day free trail with Pro Dermagenix and I did not receive the product until the 10th day and the stole the $89.00 out of my account. I called the company 5 times and went up the ladder with the same result. They would not refund my money and the product sucks. This company is highly unethical and please beware.

  • Karen

    I ordered my ProDermagenix on Aug 1st. With an estimated delivery date of 8/5. Nothing came. When the company called (around the 15th) to try to sell me another product I told them I had not received the ProDermagenix yet. They said I would receive it any day now. Well, on 8/24 I did finally receive the product also they had deducted 139.00 out of my bank account on the same day. I called them today. The woman was very soft spoken and I could hardly understand her. She told me my free trial was over that’s why the deduction from my account. ugg. I kept trying to figure out with her if this was my first order. Or if this was my second order coming to me since I had not complained or stopped the product from coming during my 20 day free trial. I still have no idea.(I asked for a manager, but, she told me that she is fully capable of explaining the issue and refused to let me talk to anyone else) here’s the deal. I have it. I’ve paid for it. I’m going to use it. And I will be back to let you know if it works or not. wish me luck !!! also they say 2 months. its a bottle. one bottle. i do not see it lasting 2 months if you use it the way they suggest. But, if you order it you will get one bottle every two months. or I guess whenever they decide to mail it out.

  • Shan Crystal

    Thanks for the number in case I need it. But right now, so far – so good. I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results of ProDermagenix…especially because I’m still on the free trial (I think it ends next week). After reading the reviews here I haven’t decided whether to continue or not, but my husband says my skin looks better, so that’s a good thing! Maybe I’ll just continue with the subscription for now so I can have a bit more time to see the results. I’ll keep everyone posted!

    • Karen

      I was given a second number to call in case anyone needs to try a different approach 877-318-9598. not that they were any more helpful. but it gave me new people to try to explain my problem to.

  • Melisa

    I just called to cancel the membership. I used 1-877-308-9501, and was able to get right through to a customer service rep. She did try to talk me out of canceling, she did cancel it, but I had to ask her for a cancellation #,since she didn’t offer one. She spoke good English,but the background noise made it hard to hear.I will be checking back to confirm…
    As for the product,I’m on week 2, I see improvement in the firmness of my skin,but not a big improvement in my wrinkles yet..I do like it, but it just feels very tacky when you apply it until dries.

  • pgho

    I realized after 5 weeks that I had not received this product and called the customer service number. I spoke to a customer rep who spoke so fast that I had to ask her to repeat herself 5 times. When I explained that I had not received the product, I was informed that they could credit me 1/2 of the price and cancel my account. I asked to speak to a supervisor who, after waiting 10 minutes, told me I should have called within the 30 day trial period. Who knew the 30 days started when I picked up the phone?
    I threatened to call my credit card company and the company that I saw the advertisement on. After a moment or 10 she agreed to credit back the total amount. I called back 3 hours later to make sure that was in the file. I will follow up again in a couple days.


    I rarely order anything online for fear of being scammed. I took the “free trial” product and have to say I was more than pleased. Other people besides myself noticed a difference in my skin. I’m 75 and enjoy good skin but Dermagenix improved it. HOWEVER, instructions were to use one “pump” in the morning and another at night. I could not use it all in one month. Then comes the next one. I thought, “I’m going to have this stuff running out my ears if this keeps up.” So, I tried to make a different deal with them. Perhaps one bottle every three months or even every two months. Nope. Won’t do that. So I then tried to cancel. Frankly, I was afraid the call was to China and feared a scam to boot. The girl (Maybe it was Mary Gonzales.) finally allowed me to cancel after much haggling. Now, I would like another bottle…but not every month.

  • B

    OMG What a Freaking nitemare this has been,the product is CRAP!!!!! And trying to cancel was a joke after calling 3 times and finally talking to the customer service manager Mary Gonzalas and threatening anything and everyting i knew of she finally cancelled my suposed contract. WHAT contract? I did not sign up for a year.
    this company needs to be shut down with serious legal consequences

    • Yolanda

      Ladies, what a nightmare indeed with trying to cancel the damn auto-ship orders from this company. The customer service manager Mary Gonzales tried to say I entered into a supposed “contract” (for 60 months) 60 freaking months, are they Serious. NO ONE in their right mind would sign-up based on a free-trial for 60 months/5 years at $89.95/mo! WTF
      I too, said…WHAT CONTRACT? This is ridiculous. After much frustration she agreed to cancel my order but I had to pay $89.00 cancellation fee.
      The product does not work. Actually the first trial cream is very different from the next bottle of cream sent. The trial cream is very watery and weak but the second (non-trial) cream is thicker in texture, more sticky and even feels different. I believe the scam is to try the trial size, they send a better version next and then stick you with the cost and supposed Contract fees. A TOTAL SCAM!

  • Kathy

    WARNING TO ALL OF YOU!! DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!! I don’t care if it works, their business practices are horrible. Call the customer service number to cancel and they did the exact same thing with me that someone else mentioned. They are trying to get you not to cancel by any means possible. It got to the point where I told the woman that AMEX would be called next and they wouldn’t see anymore of my money. She then relented and told me that it was cancelled. I will be calling AMEX to make sure.

  • Glenda

    Has anyone else had luck with prodermagenix? It seems to really be working for me…I think I’m going to go ahead and keep paying for it montly.

  • Labadee

    Thank you for providing the phone number. The product doesnt work for me. I called and told the customer service to cancel my order. I was offered the product at half the price if I dont cancel. Wow, it’s a pity that it doesnt do anything for me. When I insisted on canceling, I was offered another $10 discount. I still stood my ground and I was passed to the customer service manager, who came to the phone after a 10 min wait. She told me she will charge me $179 one time fee and ‘call it a day’. I firmly told her that she should not do that. She relented and told me that she wouldnt charge my card and had deleted my a/c. I have asked her to email me my cancelation number but she said that they dont email but will send the cancelation by mail. I have recorded the whole conversation and told her so. I am crossing my fingers that this will be the end of it.

  • Laura

    I just finished my “trail period” of ProDermagenix, I am always careful to read the fine print when I sign up for anything, so i knew I would be billed once the trail was over. I have to say though I really like this product, it really is worth the money. I can feel my skin get tighter after I put it on which I really like.

  • clemen

    Thank you ladies for leaving an honest response regarding this product. I hope Obama aslo does something about all the scam artist in america. I feel scam artist should have to pay large fines for not telling the truth, or go to jail.

  • Shannon

    I actually have had better then expected results using prodermagenix. The product IS quite good. The customer service is shaky and very difficult to hear with all the background noise but they have been responsive to my questions. I will continue to receive the product. When I initially ordered the free trial I took the time to read the fine print so knew I was in for an autoship situation. Fortunately there are ways to stop the shipments if you no longer want the product. If Prodermagenix will not respond document when you called then call your CC company and they will remove the charges. The product is worth alittle patience.

  • Regana Sellars

    Ladies, Thank you for the CSR number, I was one of the duped – the trial bottle was never received, but my money was debited from my account. I never got a chance to try it! I will closing my account immediately.

    Thank you for the address, I’m reporting to the BBB and Attorney General for fraud/scam/and false advertisement.


    • Janet

      This is the Customer Service number I found on the Pro-Dermagenix Terms and Conditions page. 888-592-4498

      I try to remember to print these things out or save them on my computer in a folder titled Terms and Conditions which I keep on my desktop for easy access.
      I do the same for most things I order. Just makes life easier.
      Hope this helps.

      • Rachel Vrabel

        Agreed Janet, that is exactly what you should do. The sad thing is that many of these wrinkle creams are actually quite good, but these auto-rebills leave us with a bad taste in our mouths.


    • Jackie

      This is a total scan and they never sent a thing in the box! it does not work at all and they totally mis lead you with the free trail.

      • Donna Fisher

        I hope I learned something. No product but billed $3.00 and another bill on my card for $129.00. I ended up having to cancel my card. Why can they get by with all of this. It has been a big waste of my time trying to get them to answer a phone and then having to cancel my card. I hope something is done about them.

        • Rachel Vrabel
          Rachel Vrabel

          Donna, sorry. This is because they have probably closed up shop by now because of all the complaints. I’m sorry this happened to you, you can learn more by reading my recent article Beware of Free Trials for Anti-Aging Products – an Investigative Report. Nothing is being done, because many of these companies are based out of South American countries where there is no extradition policy. All you can do it learn how to spot these scams and don’t purchase from those companies with bad reputations.

    • pat

      same thing for me. i called Chase Cards and their dispute office offered to credit my account and debit their account and block them from charging my account again. chase also gave me an 877-308-9501 number to call prodermagenix. i did. prodermagenix could not find any records and asked me to call back in a few days. i think i may call the attorney general’s office in virginia instead. this IS a scam.

      • Linda Jacobellis

        You’r so right, Pat. Unwanted, automatic shipments at an unauthorized charge of $89.95! We made 3 calls to 877-308-9501. They hung up on us each time, but not before we were told by 3 different people: there’s no returns, no way to access e-mail, and we were given a bogus return confirmation # and immediately hung up on; then, last call – they had no notes that we had ever called, and we were hung up on again! If anyone has an address to mail back these bottles, help!!

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