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Relaxaderm Review – Does Relaxaderm Really Work?

relaxaderm reviewsRelaxaderm Review

The Relaxaderm product is designed to correct some of the signs of aging in mature skin and to also prevent these same signs from appearing in the skin of younger people too. It relies heavily on the peptide known as Argireline to yield its results. This is a compound that is known to inhibit facial muscle movement, thereby causing skin to smooth out and wrinkles to shrink immediately.

Relaxaderm is made by the Australian firm of Skin Doctors, which provides a lot of clinical data and information at the official website. Their studies indicate that it will take 30 days of continuous use to get optimal results, but if this is done the “average” user can expect to see a 30% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and that a 50% is possible as well. The one thing that we were unhappy to discover was the presence of paraben in the compound as this is a preservative with a dubious reputation.

Where to Buy Relaxaderm

We found the Relaxaderm product available directly through the manufacturer and several international websites, but none were offering guarantees or discounted shipping.  A single 50ml jar costs approximately $65 from any of the available retailers, plus a rather high shipping charge. There are no guarantees or refunds available.

Pro’s and Con’s of Relaxaderm

There is an even mix of pros and cons for Relaxaderm. On the negative side:

  • It is not easy to purchase;
  • There is no guarantee or bulk discount; and
  • There are no independent trials.

On the positive side:

  • This product does list all of its ingredients;
  • It uses materials known to generate excellent results;
  • It has a reasonable price;
  • There is quite a bit of positive feedback;
  • It is safe for all skin types; and
  • It is a reasonable, safe, and affordable alternative to Botox or other injections.


With its difficult purchase arrangement, lack of guarantees, high costs for shipping, and use of paraben (a known carcinogen) we just cannot advocate the use of Relaxaderm. If the manufacturer could give fewer conflicting reports about the materials, an independent assessment done by a third party, and make the product available at a discounted price, we would be able to say it was a good solution for a large part of the anti-aging audience. However, these things are not yet available and we cannot support a consumer risking the money on a purchase.

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