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Powher Pre-Workout Review – #1 Choice for Women and How It Works

Powher pre-workout is made by Ultimate Life LTD, a company that specializes in women’s workout supplements.

You can visit the official Powher website here: www.powherofficial.com

It’s a premium formula, which means it features some pricey branded ingredients not commonly available in GNC or Amazon listed products. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find Powher’s leading ingredient EnXtra in any other female pre-workout on the market. 

Ultimate Life claims that their Powher pre-workout formula is one of the very first to be properly designed for women, and we wanted to put their claims to the test.s

Ultimate Life also makes Leanbean Fat Burner for women, one we’ve tried here at Women’s Blog Talk and really like.

So, below, you’ll find a comprehensive review of the Powher pre-workout formula, which will explain how it works, its ingredients, what it’s missing, as well as pros and cons.

You’ll find my personal Powher review towards the bottom!

powher review

How does the Powher Pre-Workout Formula work?

While most pre-workout formulas are only marketed for gym goers, Powher’s specifically designed formula is suitable for any active woman looking to improve their diet and training.

And if you aren’t a weight lifter but get your endorphin rush from running, cycling or hiking, Powher can work just as well for you. 

Here’s how it can help:

  • More energy and focus
  • Increased strength to the lower limbs
  • Better blood flow to the muscles 
  • Increased stamina during the final minutes of exercise

How does it do this?

Pre-workout supplements typically contain ingredients such as caffeine, creatine, L-Citrulline, and other essential amino acids that help muscles recover after any type of strenuous activity.

Male supplements typically focus on helping you build strength and pump up your muscles.

According to the makers of Powher, their formula is meant to provide you with ingredients that support your bodies fat burning ability. The key objective is to help you tone up whilst also avoiding muscle plumpness and water retention.

Anything else?

Powher is lower in caffeine than most other pre-workouts. Therefore, it is friendly for women with lower bodyweights or those who are sensitive to caffeine. Instead its formula gives your body a boost through non-stimulant alternatives like EnXtra and Oxyjun. 

Ingredients Found in Powher Pre-Workout

Powher pre-workout ingredients

Powher pre-workout is made using a variety of natural and scientifically-proven, energy-boosting ingredients. 

These include:

Natural Caffeine

Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance that can provide humans with a boost of energy whenever we need it most. Aside from increased energy levels caffeine has also been proven to provide us with an abundance of other health benefits such as:

· Improving brain function

· Helping to burn fat

· Improving physical performance


EnXtra is a premium pre-workout ingredient and is considered to be one of the best alternatives to bodybuilding supplements on the market. It is the proprietary extract of the compound Alpinia Galanga, a safe and natural alternative to caffeine.

It gives you a boost and is not supposed to leave you with any of the “crash” symptoms often associated with energy products. (jitters, heart palpitations, headaches, sleeplessness, etc.)

Alpinia Galanga helps users maintain their energy levels and mental focus for up to 5 hours, whereas, caffeine users typically experience a loss of energy after only one hour.

Vitamin B5, B6 and B12

B vitamins are a unique class of vitamin that they help to reduce tiredness and fatigue, as well as coming with an abundance of other mental and physical benefits. 

B vitamins promote healthy cell growth and can help in proper fetal brain development, as well as reducing the risk of birth defects.

Aside from that, B vitamins also support and promote: 

  • Proper nerve function
  • A normal energy yielding metabolism
  • Healthy brain function
  • Proper digestion


In the fitness industry, L-citrulline is widely used as a pre-workout ingredient.

This is because it’s a non-amino acid and when consumed, our kidneys metabolize it and transform it into L-arginine and nitric oxide. In turn, nitric acid causes our arteries to relax, improving the flow of blood throughout the body.

Naturally, this doesn’t provide you with any sort of energy boosting benefits, however, it could help you feel much stronger throughout your workout, as well as helping you recover faster afterwards. According to some research, L-citrulline has been claimed to lower blood pressure levels in people who suffer from prehypertension.

Other research suggests that L-citrulline could help increase muscle protein levels.

Coconut Powder Water

Coconut water is a health product, made from the juice of the coconut fruit, that is touted by many fitness enthusiasts as a natural alternative to regular energy drinks.

It provides a natural balance of electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorus) and hydration, which help you maintain your energy levels throughout your entire workout.


Taurine According to MayoClinic, taurine is a natural compound, known as an amino acid, most readily found in fish, meat and dairy products.

It is found in large quantities in the brain, heart, retina, and blood platelets of mammals and is widely used in many big-name energy products because of the fact that it is thought to have antioxidant and energy boosting properties.

Missing Ingredients in Powher Pre-Workout

Powher doesn’t contain any creatine, which is actually considered to be a good thing for most women.

Although creatine is effective for building strength, it mostly works by increasing the body’s water retention, causing muscles to appear bigger and fuller than they actually are.

But since bulky muscles are usually what women are looking for, the fact that Powher left creatine out is great!

Pros of Powher Pre-Workout

  • Blend proven and experimental ingredients
  • More energy for faster fat loss
  • Formulated specifically for women
  • Contains Natural caffeine and caffeine amplifier EnXtra

Cons of Powher Pre-Workout

  • Pricey
  • Only comes in one flavor

Suggested Serving of Powher

Powher only comes in one flavor: pink lemonade.

To use the product, simply mix about 10g of powder into about 250ml of water, shake or stir vigorously and consumers about 30 minutes before your next workout.

powher pre-workout serving

Potential Pre-Workout Side-Effects 

Although pre-workout formulas are generally safe to use, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any potential side-effects.

For example, since Powher pre-workout contains caffeine, some natural stimulants and B vitamins, meaning it’s advisable not to take it within a few hours of bedtime.

Anything else to know?

Pre-workout formulas are bodybuilding supplements that contain ingredients which are hydroscopic. 

This means that pre-workouts can “clump up” a little in the container once they have been opened, something that happens because they are made with natural ingredients which can easily absorb and hold moisture.

Therefore, always keep in mind that it’s perfectly normal to find your pre-workout slightly clumpy, especially if it’s been left unused for any extended period of time.

There are, however, several ways that you can prevent your formula from clumping. This includes:

  • Storing your product in a dry and cool area
  • Shaking or stirring product regularly
  • Keeping the product’s silica gel packet inside the container

If you find that your pre-workout formula does harden or clumped together at times, you can easily fix this by putting the product in a blender or simply breaking it up with a knife or some other kitchen utensil.

Powher Pre-workout Review – My Experience

The first time I tried the Powher pre-workout, I used one scoop with about 8-10 oz water and ice. Powher tastes super refreshing and has a great raspberry lemonade flavor – super yummy!

I made mine a little more concentrated because I wanted to slam it before heading to my workout. It was very easy and enjoyable to drink.

I went to my Orange Theory Fitness workout (HIIT training) and had an AWESOME workout! I definitely felt a big boost. I was running faster, rowing harder, and just pushing myself harder with the weights.

I noticed my heart rate was slightly more elevated than normal throughout the workout which helped to burn even more calories – lots of splat points!

My sister was struggling beside me while I felt great! She has since tried it however and she also loves it! Sometimes I pick her up for our workouts and I’ll make a double dose so she can drink some on the way. You feel it quick.

I feel that “runner’s high” when I drink it which normally I don’t feel – I just feel like I am floating along on the treadmill, so that’s a huge score – anything to make it less painful and help you push, right?

I really like the energy and focus it gives me for a more productive workout, not one where I’m dragging and watching the clock. If you feel that way during your workouts, try Powher and watch your workout and your whole attitude change!

Check out these results…on the left is a typical workout (without Powher), on the right is today’s workout after drinking the Powher. As you can see, more time in the orange and red zone, higher splat points, and higher heart rate because I’m able to push harder!

Overall it gives me a MUCH more effective workout!

powher review and results

What I love most about Powher is that it energizes me without making me feel “cracked out” if you know what I mean. This is because it’s formulated for women and doesn’t have a crap ton of caffeine and other things to jack you up, it’s a perfect blend in my opinion.

I actually don’t like many preworkouts for this reason, they’re just too strong (made for big guys!) so I was pleasantly surprised by Powher. I tried Redline once and felt completely jittery and nauseas – I would never drink that stuff again.

One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve continued to drink it (which I didn’t notice the first time) is that is gives me a slight “tingly” feeling which is from the Beta alanine, a common ingredient found in pre-workouts.

Beta alanine is simply an amino acid which can improve muscle performance. And it’s not a bad feeling, it’s actually a good feeling! Tingly and energized!

Beta alanine helps reduce lactic acid build up in your muscles while you exercise to help you last longer. The tingly feeling only lasts about an hour and it’s subtle. Not a negative side effect in my opinion at all – it makes me feel like it’s working!

The other thing I like about it, is that it doesn’t keep me up at night. I usually drink it around 4:30 or 5 for a 5:30 workout, and I fall asleep just fine.

When I came home from my very first workout of trying the Powher, I started telling my husband about it (actually raving about it), and he told me I should go make a Youtube video instead of telling him, so I did and here it is.

Powher Summary 

As we’ve mentioned, Powher is a premium pre-workout formula, designed specifically for active women.

It combines scientifically-proven ingredients such as caffeine and Vitamin B, as well as a range of more expensive, branded ingredients like EnXtra and Rednite, which aren’t often found in many of the product’s cheaper competitors.

With that said, I believe that Powher is an excellent pre-workout product and should be used by any active women who want to supplement their diet and nutrition, and take their workout to the next level.  I highly recommend!

To learn more or buy visit: www.powherofficial.com 

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