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Phen375 Womens Review

phen375 reviewWow, I haven’t tried a diet pill that has worked so well since they used to put ephedrine in over-the-counter diet pills, which is no longer allowed as an ingredient.

Phen375 delivered its promise, which is to cause weight loss by suppressing the appetite and revving up metabolism.

I tried Phen375 for 5 days and lost 5 lbs! And it was simple; I just took one pill 20 minutes before breakfast and another pill 20 minutes before lunch.  You could lose endless amounts of weight on this stuff!

How Phen375 Works

The way this stuff works is simple. Aside from decreasing appetite, it helps your body burn excess fat by boosting metabolism. The ingredients, among other things, consist of L-Cartinine, which is an enzyme that helps release fat into the bloodstream where it is metabolized.

And you’ve heard of cayenne pepper right? This is a known metabolism booster. Any kind of pepper, but especially cayenne pepper, revs up your motors to help burn fat. Having a revved up metabolism not only burns fat on its own, but with the added energy, you’re going to want to exercise and be more active. That’s a bonus!

As a sidenote, this product should not be confused with “Phentermine” which is a prescription only weight loss medication. You may be interested in how I highlighted Phen375 in my blog on the best OTC Phentermine alternatives.

Phen375 is easily ordered without a prescription and is safe and effective as a means for weight loss and burning fat. Taking Phen375 for just 5 days helped decrease my appetite, and flatten my bloated belly!

My Results From Phen375

On my first day of taking the Phen, I immediately had an energy burst. I was at work and found myself getting all sorts of tasks done at an amazing rate, and the best part was, I was not hungry in the least bit. In fact, I had to practically force myself to eat my oatmeal breakfast.

Another good thing about this diet pill was that it didn’t give me that awful, jittery, over caffeinated buzz feeling. I drank my normal two cups of coffee in the morning prior to taking the Phen and felt fine.

I will note however, that one morning I did have three cups of coffee (which is more than my usual), and together with the Phen, I did feel over caffeinated and I didn’t like the feeling. It only lasted about an hour and I drank a little extra water to help flush it from my system.

By lunchtime, I was still not feeling very hungry, and I found that a small portion of chicken breast and salad was enough to make me feel full. Normally by the time lunch time rolls around, I am starving and eat much more than that.

Typically I could eat a whole sub, or sandwich and soup, and dessert with no problem. It was very easy to eat a small, healthy portion and feel completely full and satisfied.

And even though you don’t take any before dinner (because it would probably keep you up) I found myself not very hungry at dinner time and eating a smaller portion was plenty.  This stuff is amazing as an appetite suppressant and it lasts throughout the whole day.

Others’ Results From Phen375

phen 375 before and afterphen375 before and after


As someone who is in to health and fitness, I would recommend this product to any one of my friends and family who want to lose weight.  Whether you have a lot to lose, or you just Phen 375 fat burner want to get shredded, this is a product that works, and works fast.

I would recommend drinking plenty of water and also to be careful not to drink more caffeine than usual (like I did). And of course, eat enough calories to maintain healthy body functions and get plenty of exercise, but I guarantee you will not feel as hungry and will eat less, which will cause you to lose weight.

I also encourage you to further boost your metabolism while taking this product by adding a little exercise to your routine, even if it’s just walking.

But if your weight loss needs a jumpstart, losing 5 lbs in a week will probably motivate you to keep going!

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