ovvio anti aging serum review

Ovvio Anti-Aging Serum Reviews

ovvio anti aging serum reviewWe come across many anti wrinkle creams while doing our research, and one recent one we came across is a product called Ovvio Anti-Aging Serum. Like alot of these products, we found this particular one while browsing through Weather.com and noticed an ad on the right hand side of the page talking about some “Miracle” trick to look 10 years younger. Many of these so called “reports” are really just ads in disguise, and are perpetrated by the companies themselves. We decided to take an inside look at this anti aging serum to see if it really works they way they claim.

What is Ovvio Firm Anti-Aging Serum?

Manufactured by a company called Genolift, Ovvio anti aging serum is a unique product which uses ultra advanced nano technology to allow for great results.  They claim to be the best anti aging serum for a number of reasons.  According to the website, this product use a number of special ingredients including ginseng, algae, and mushroom extract, as well as Sacred Lotus Seed Extract.

They also list that Ovvio has won awards, including the Glamour 2008 “Best of the Best” award. We decided to research this particular award to see if we could find out more on this, but this award does not seem to exist. The site also makes a variety of claims including over 95% of women who used it felt their skin looked tighter and firmer, over 90% reported a decrease in wrinkles, and over 87% reported improved skin clarity.

User Reviews of Ovvio Anti-Aging Serum

Despite the fact that this company advertises heavily and their product is relatively well known, there are very few review on the web from women who have used Ovvio Anti Aging therapy. We did come across a testimonial from a woman on a forum that was complaining about their billing procedures.

Here is a sample of that review:

“I ordered Ovvio firm after reading about it on some related site, and I decided to order their free trial. Little did I know this free trial wasn’t so free, they ended up billing me about 3 weeks later for around $80! Whats worse is when I tried to cancel or get a refund, they told me it was too late. I guess the old adage “buyer beware” applies here.”
Lisa, Maryland

Where To Buy Ovvio Anti-Aging Serum

What shocked us even more was the fact that we could not find one place on the internet, other then their official site, to buy Ovvio Anti-Aging Serum.  Usually products of this caliber can be found on Amazon, Ebay, or even in your local department store, but we searched far and wide and could not find this product sold anywhere except their site, and only in free trial form.


Their is too little known about Ovvio Anti-Aging Serum to give this product a thumbs up.  The lack of any clear reviews from independent trusted third party sources, as well as the fact that you can’t but it anywhere except for their website, leads us to believe that this product is untested.  We would recommend it if we had further proof that it works from honest and reliable reviews, but their is nothing out there.  If you have used Ovvio Anti-Aging Serum and would like to share your review, please leave a comment below or email us.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: You tell people to pay package and post and then you rip people off as you have dun to me. But I am going to put together a case that you will no longer be able to do this scam in England, we have laws.j -Diana Haddad

A: Diana, don't kill the messenger here:) I don't recommend this product, nor do I sell it. I merely wrote a review on the product. Had you read my review you would know that I do not recommend it. I'm sorry you got scammed by this company. Rachel ~WomensBlogTalk.com

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Rachel Vrabel

Rachel is Chief Editor of Women’s Blog Talk and writes reviews across the spectrum of anti-aging, health and beauty. She has an English degree from USF and worked in finance for 15 years before establishing this website in 2011. She loves having a place she can share her inspiration for health and beauty and continue to help others! She lives in South Florida with her husband and her hobbies include beach volleyball, HIIT training and combing the beach for sea glass and shells.


  • Meena

    Hello Everyone!!~ Thank you for all of your comments- I found this page because I wanted to find out more information about Ovvio products. I had tried the trial once before (probably over a year ago now??) and absolutely LOVED it!!!! I believe I canceled because I too got charged what I thought was just too much for the products, so I did receive a full shipment of the face serum and eye cream. I must say that although initially the “funky smell” turned me off, I did try it out and had AMAZING results!!!!!!!! My skin never felt more smooth/soft and my eyes felt nourished and “happy” and I’ve never felt my face/skin and eyes as firm from using any other (also very expensive) products….. I actually regretted canceling my “membership/subscription” since I have not been able to find any other products that had the same results and was determined to order it again BUT wanted to research other people’s experience as well as find out if the “ingredients” are indeed safe- if anyone has any more information regarding the validity of the claim of “natural ingredients” and/or the safety of the ingredients I would greatly appreciate it!!!!! Thank you so much in advance and best of luck to everyone out there in finding a good match of products for your skin!!!!!

  • Christine

    I tried this product about a year ago and I LOVED it! I’ve tried so many other things (I’ve found that sour cream, avacado and baking soda work the best and are the cheapest). Due to financial reasons I had to cancel and when I called to cancel she told me to keep it and they would charge me $24.99 one time payment. I agreed to it because it made my skin glow. I never had any other issues with the company. But the ‘eye’ treatment cream they sent did not due anything what so ever. Due to financial reasons I had to learn to use natural products. my favorite skin regimen is … sour cream for about 10 minutes, followed by a light baking soda paste, scrub in circular upwards motions, lightly, and followed by an avacado mask for 15-20 minutes. The results are amazing!

  • Lind R Stevens

    I have been recieving the Ovvio anti-aging cream for the last several months. I like this product very much but for personal reasons I want to cancel my order. I will return any further products recieved unopened. Thank you very much.

  • Joyce

    I tried this product, IT REALLY WORKED FOR ME! I saw a tremendous difference in my appearance and will definitely try the product again.

    Continued to phone the company making them aware that I had not received the trial in a timely manner (and) contacted my bank as well to avoid some of the problems that others have experienced. I must say things went well for me in this situation.

  • Michelle

    So sorry that all of you experienced another common rip-off. But, thank you Ladies for sharing your stories. I’m so happy that I researched this before purchasing and found your reviews. I was hoping that this would help with my red marks on my face from a very bad allergic reaction to red peppers. Thank you, I guess I can live with the red lines, just more makeup.

  • maggie

    very unhappy with product didn’t do anything for me i had better results with another product.and there customer service was the worse ever.try to get across English language was the worse.never again not money not worth it they start out with the trial then you need the rest of the products to go with it too costly in the long run advertisement really buys you into it and then you get discouragement good luck to all that are getting results don’t be surprise that once you stop your face will dry up

  • Rod

    Well I read all of the fine print and I understood the billing procedures. I was actually shocked because they DIDNT take it out of my account as soon as I thought. As for the product I have been using it for three months and have seen a big difference in the the firmness of my skin and wrinkles going away. Yes Im a guy but it works well for me and I plan on using it indefinitely.

  • Helena

    Hey again Rachel,

    I have been using the ovvio creams for 3 weeks now and I now understand why my Tia loves it. The eye cream is wonderful, but was lost when carmelita found it in my purse. Based on Julie’s suggestion, I called them and they gave me a special price to continue with both creams. AND they sent me a new eye cream for free when I told them about carmelita eating the free sample.

    I feel sorry for the people writing here that it is a scam. It is expensive for me, but so far it has been great. And I read EVERYTHING before buying, thanks to you Rachel. Thanks again.

    • Rachel Vrabel

      Hey Helena,
      There is no doubt that Ovvio actually does work. Alot of women are calling it a scam because of the billing procedure, and many feel like they have been duped. I can totally understand their frustration because I have been there before. I am glad that you are getting great results from it, how much did it end up costing you for the special price by the way?


  • patricia

    If I would try any of these TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE I would buy a visa card at the bank, as you can get one for almost any amount.It costs a minimal fee to get one of these pre loaded cards, but well worth it. Then when they try to get more money HA HA, not enough money on the card.

    • Rachel Vrabel

      Sometimes that works, sometimes the companies will not allow you to input a pre-paid debit card though. Good tip though!


  • Paul

    This is a scam pure and simple. If you fell for it as I did. Contact your credit card company asap after you get the sample and request them to stop the upcoming payment before it comes through.
    Contact your better business bureau. This is the kind to crap yopu government should be stopping. As usual the little guy gets no protection from corporate America.

  • Helena

    Hey Rachel,
    The website of the product you endorse – lifecellskin – looks exactly like ovio’s website. Is it the same company. Do they pay you?

    BTW, I wanted to go order some lifecellskin product today based on your review, but the links go to all kinds of marketing sites – different products but same trial offer. I thought you were warning us against that?

    • Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Helena,
      Thanks for writing. Lifecell is in no way affiliated with Ovvio firm, so you are ok there. They do have a free trial, but the terms and conditions are alot more clear and instead of 14 days to try it you have 30. On top of that, you have 4 months to try the product, and if you feel you are not satisfied, you get your money back for up to 4 full months. I am compensated for clicks made through my lifecell page, but I really have tried it and I truly think it is the best anti wrinkle cream I have tried. The other product on my “top wrinkle creams” page needs to be removed, because it mistakenly redirects to the wrong page.



      • Helena

        Thanks Rachel.
        My tia loves the ovvio, but she doesn’t care about money. I really can’t afford Lifecellskin, so I am going to give ovvio a try. Now I know what to expect and how much it really costs (and how to get mo money back if no good.) Thanks all for advise.
        PS. I will post here how it works

  • Julie

    I’ve been using here product now for 2 months and i called to cancel my continuity cause i could not afford the full price and was able to get the 2 product down to $55…..nb

    • Rachel Vrabel

      Yeah they will negotiate with you on the price, but if you threaten them enough they might get rid of all the charges. It really is amazing that these companies get away with this!


    • Juie

      I have been using this product for 2 months now and am looking to order more, but did not want to pay the $74.95. What number did you call to get both for less? I think the product IS GREAT! I use both each morning and evening. Don’t be afraid of using it, JUST GET A BETTER PRICE.

  • relieved

    If you feel you have been duped. I did, take them on, call ask for a supervisor, Explain that it didnt work. Cancel your order and if they continue to resist giving you a refund file a conplaint with the Attorney Generals office in Florida you can do it on line. Then make a copy of your complaint send it attached to the ceo. of the Company and demand your refund. Call your bank or credit card com. and put a stop on your payment and tell your bank or credit card co not to allow any further charges from that company. Hope this helps all of you it worked for me.

  • tgrady

    I had the same experience as the above mentioned rip-offs.
    I did, however, get a credit back to my credit card for the 74.98 and an extension for the trial period. I don’t think the product is any better than most out there making similar claims. I called today to arrange for
    the return and all toll free numbers for Ovvio are disconnected.The ph# for their web security certificate is also disconnected. I guess the chickens finally came home to roost for them.
    Simply Bad Actors.

    • Rachel Vrabel

      No surprise there. Best thing you can do is call your bank, and they should have an alternate number to call them at. I have actually done that once or twice. Hope this helps.


  • Karin

    Thank you ladies, you saved me from another “rip-off” – I just went through a very similar experience with another product. I will always check this site before getting scammed.


  • JoAnn

    I tried the two week trial and it does work! My results were favorable and I am going to continue using the product.
    As for the people feeling “duped” , READ THE CONTRACT AGREEMENT BEFORE GIVING YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO TO ANYONE! It is clearly stated that the trial is for 17 days from ordering and you will be charged unless you cancel within the trial period.
    Not feeling duped, feeling grateful to have found the product 🙂

    • Jayne

      So JoAnn, it sounds like you are a representative for them.

      It is bad business practice to hide this information from consumers. Notice all the people who did not see what you say is “clearly stated”?
      My husband ordered it for me and he didn’t see this information either.

      As for my experience with the product, it seems to be ok but in 17 days I have not noticed anything major happening. If anything some dark spots have faded but that’s all I’ve noticed so far. I’ve used other products with that same effect. The smell is nice and it doesn’t give you an oily face.

      I chatted online with the service person there and complained of the monthly billing, as I did not know about it. They gave me a discounted price for the “trial product” of $39.95 so I can keep the product and cancelled the monthly billing. I also mentioned that I did not receive the eye cream it states you will receive just for trying. She said she would mail it to me. We shall see if it gets here. I’ve emailed myself the copy of our chat to keep on file if needed for future reference or proof.

      The product is decent so they really don’t need to sell it in this way. It just makes people want to avoid it.

  • M. Henry

    I wish I had read the reviews earlier. I too have been duped over their business practices. I never even opened the package & they wouldn’t take a return. I’m contacting The Florida State Attorney General’s Office for Consumer Affairs. Interestingly they posted a charge of almost $80 to my credit card on 8/21/11, & then turned around & made another charge,this past week, so the customer service rep. said. I was able to get them to remove that charge.
    BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!

  • Cindy Walker

    Just got the product today and I was shocked also after reading the return policy. To further complicate the situation, only the face cream was in the box and not the eye cream. I will be contacting my credit card company on Monday but don’t know how this will play out when I can only return half the product. I feel so stupid, what was I thinking?

  • joanne

    Product efficacy cannot be determined in 14 or 17 days. Most company’s give 30 days to try.

    I don’t think we were given enough time to test the product.

    Yes there is something we can do to ensure a refund, that is right to the attorney general and report to bbb, which is what I intend to do next.

  • Biffie

    Hi Ladies – outside of their miserable tactics, did anyone actually try the product and what results did you see?

    The pictures on their website are pretty impressive – if it works, it’s worth every penny of that $80.

    Would love your feedback on product efficacy! Thanks!

    • Nina

      The “impressive” photos are fakes. I guess legally they have to admit that. Otherwise, the website would be shut down.

      If you carefully looked at the very bottom of the add page, in the shaded area, there in smallest of letters and barely visible, is a terms and disclosure link. There, barely visible (I had to lower my lap top’s screen light for more contrast), it clearly states that the photo’s and reviews are not real and are fiction, used for purposes of selling the product. Also, it says that there have been no clinical trials done, or any other studies performed, and that all such supporting information in the add, was fiction, for purposes of selling (what they believe is a good product).

      So make sure to read the barely noticeable, fine print in the shaded bottom section.

      I have learned that allot of interesting information is hidden there. I once was looking up a product that the add claimed was FDA approved. At the very bottom in the shaded area was a tiny link to the FDA site. If you entered the product name on the FDA site, the reply came back: No Records Found.

  • Jan

    ** Beware **
    Same thing happened to me. Is there any legal action that can be taken so companies like this do not continue to deceive people?
    What a shame that companies like this have to stoop so low to get their product out. It eventually will catch up with them. When we stand before God and give an account for what we did in our lives we will all see what will happen to these people.

    • Rachel Vrabel

      Hey Jan,
      Unfortunately, these companies get away with it the same way banks and other institutions do….they bury their billing practices in fine print. The unfortunate side of this is, of course, that the consumer gets screwed in the process, which basically undermines the companies reputation, and will probably put them in either court or bankruptcy. If they would just sell a legitimate product with no strings attached, maybe, just maybe, they would have customers for a lifetime, rather than just make a bunch of money and screw over a few thousand people.

      all the best,


      • Cheryl Gibbons

        I to ordered this product. Then went and seen the comments. I called and got the order cancelled, but was stuck with the $3.95!! I never do these kind of things but was duped to!!

  • Amy

    Just found out the same thing happened to me. Don’t order this product if you don’t want duped. You won’t get the money back.

  • allison

    I had seen ovvio’s free trial in an ad for $3.95 shipping and handling. When i went to their website, the $3.95 became $5.95 so i went to close the tab, however a message came on saying something to the effect of *did i really want to navigate away?* Now the site offered me the shipping for only $1.95. Normally, i would have just closed the tab but remembering that i had a “virtual” credit card with a couple of dollars left on it, i decided to give it a try, as it was only $2 and i wasnt planning on using the card for anything else. My ovvio arrived and i honestly forgot about it, 17 days has come and gone, and i found the package this morning. i decided to search for reviews before putting this stuff on my face and came upon this website. Although the company has my address, they have no actual credit card number on file, only a *virtual* one. i have yet to hear from them again thankfully so i guess virtual cards are the way to go with free trial offers.

    • agreed

      I have found the ONLY way to order ANYTHING off the internet (unless it’s a tried and true company like Amazon) is to use a VISA gift card. They cost around $3.00, then put only what you will be spending on line over the next few days and toss the card away. The scam artists do not have any connection to your actual credit card or bank account information and you can try products without getting burned.

  • rosalie

    What a rip off!!– got the free trail for $3.98. When I received the package, I read that the billing to my credit card would be $74.98. I called and talked to someone in Samolia of all places.. When I complained she told me they would send a RMA number to my E-mail which would show me how to return product… There is no address given, just PO Box #, and when I asked for a mailing address I was told she could not give it but it was in Miami..I called my bank and alerted them of the situation…I sent product back to the address on the box which is a Post office box and I requested a return receipt.. It cost more to return it than the free trial offer. How do they get away with this crap..A sucker born everyday I guess..

  • kathy

    Always read the terms and conditions. I just read it because I got in this same situation a few years ago. Buy the trial product for $5.95 and then 2 weeks later it was $80.00 something that came out of my account. I wrote the district attorney in that State and also turned them into the BBB. My bank not only refunded my money but the company refunded me which the bank recovered when it came in. I was only out the $5.95 for a product that I could have bought over the counter which was a lot better over counter. If its too good to be true it usually is. I have been told to always read the fine print and please do..

    • neda

      You are definitely right!!
      I am so upset… I feel duped.I just ordered OVVIO –‘ try out for free- you pay just shipping $3.95’, and I was charged separately $74.98 for ‘free try out’!
      How they approach the potential costumers it’s a scam.

      When I called to complain they told me that I suppose to send ‘left’ over cream back after 17 days – if I didn’t want to be charged (what was under “the terms and conditions”, what I didn’t read!).
      I was in Europe for 6 weeks and missed my ‘sending back’ date.
      Know I have to pay full price, $74.98 and is painful if you were not expecting to pay anything except shipping cost $3.95 for your ‘free try out’.
      No more ‘free try outs’ for me!!!

      • marge

        I, too , was duped and the woman with whom I spoke, a bit rough around the edges- it is a rip pff. but alas, one is stuck….BEWARE-

        • Rachel Vrabel

          Marge and other women who visit this page. Do you want to avoid getting scammed again? SIGN UP FOR MY FREE GUIDE ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE PAGE! Also, refer this site to your friends, lets help to stop these Criminals from stealing your hard earned money!

      • disappointed

        I got taken too on top of it i contacted the company and they never told me to return the free sample which I offered to doas I had a horriable reaction to it. My eyes swelled up like i had been beated. I will let the girls on Broadminded Surris radio Know so they can tell all the listners not to buy from them as they are crooks
        very diappointed.

      • Shannon


    • Debee

      This is exactly what happened to me!!! Ordered the “FREE” trial, charged for s&h, the product took 1 month and 3 phone calls before it finally arrived! Used the product for two weeks saw no changes and cancelled, two days later my account was charged 80.00!! I am in the process now of getting my money refunded!!!!! SCAM!SCAM!SCAM!!!!!

      • relieved

        I took them on and reported them to the Floridas attorney general got my refund in 3 days. All 74.99 of it too. Try that Call them and complain if they dont refund it. Report them and send a email to the co. of the company. Copy the letter to the Attorney general to them. You might get your refund I did

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