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MD Lash Factor Reviews

md lash factor reviewsPromising a 40% increase in the length of the eyelashes, the MD Lash Factor was a product we wanted to investigate. Designed by a physician and promising noticeable results in around 4 weeks, it seemed like something we would find very interesting, and so we began to look around the Internet for details about the ingredients and any consumer reports.

How MD Lash Factor Works and Ingredients

Created by Dr. Susan Lin of MD Laser and Cosmetics, the MD Lash Factor product is meant to be a solution for people who use mascara and eye makeup remover on a regular basis. These products tend to damage the lashes and lead to thinning and even eyelash loss. The product uses the traditional liquid eyeliner type of application on the upper and lower eyelids, and is best when used in the evenings during the hours of sleep. It is also indicated as a good treatment for eyebrows too. Interestingly enough, the protein complex used as the main ingredient is derived from milk, with a secondary ingredient (a powerful conditioner) derived from mushrooms!

User Reviews

Though we found professional and user reviews indicating that the condition of eyelashes did improve while using this product, we also noted a lot of comments about irritation and lack of actual lash growth. Upon further inspection we saw that the manufacturer’s website actually features a disclaimer indicating that hair growth is not treated with the MD Lash Factor product.

A sample review of MD Lash Factor we found:

“My lashes are shinier, but not thicker or any longer even though I’ve used the entire bottle. It also made my eyes itchy for the first week or so of use.”

Betsey, CT

Where to Buy MD Lash Factor

At $140 per bottle, we think that this product is a bit pricey. It can be found online and in physicians’ offices, and the manufacturer makes it available directly through their site too. There are some pharmacies and drugstores where this product can be found, and while this can save on shipping fees, we did not find any retailers offering it for less than the price extended by the maker. There is a refund policy, but there is no guarantee.


Though marketed as an alternative to prescription formulas, we don’t recommend MD Lash Factor. It is too pricey, doesn’t have positive feedback, and doesn’t even claim to improve or promote the growth necessary for fuller and longer lashes.

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Rachel Vrabel

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  • Linda

    My eyelashes grew beautifully after chemotherapy with MD Lash and then after a month they became brittle and fell out

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Oh no Linda, I’m sorry to hear that. I can’t really use any of these lash enhancers, my eyes are too sensitive. My eyelids get really inflamed. Hope you’re doing better and thank you for sharing your experience with MD Lash. xo Rachel

  • Anneke

    Hi there
    I’ve just bought the MD lash factor today and was also surprised that it contradicts itself by promoting lash groth etc and in the same sentence says ‘not intended for lash growth’. Why spend so much on a product they dont velueve in themselves? Well unfortunately only read that’s inside the box after opening, so I have it now and will give it a good try and hope for the best. If my lashes just become more shiny I’ll be really dissapointed.
    Will let you know.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Anneke, thanks for your comment. That stinks, I can’t believe that it said that inside the box. MD Lash Factor happens to be one that we don’t recommend, because we could not find good reviews on it. I would say give it a good try, and if it doesn’t work for you, try my top eyelash enhancer Idol Lash. It has great reviews and proven ingredients that work to lengthen lashes!
      Good luck and let me know how it works for you.

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