LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum Review

LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum Review

LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum Overview

The anti-wrinkle industry is always evolving and introducing new skincare products.  If you’re looking for solutions to the problems of aging skin – wrinkles, age spots, dull skin – it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of a new miracle product. LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum is one such product that claims it has “uncovered the most incredible breakthroughs in anti-aging science” and will make your skin youthful and radiant.  Is it true?

LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum ReviewLorDaVie Anti Aging Serum Ingredients and How They Work

LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum claims that it uses an advanced combination of botanicals, anti-oxidants, nutrients, and biopeptides to repair and rejuvenate skin, but the specific ingredients are not listed on their website or anywhere I could find.  They further claim that they’ve used nanotechnology to allow better penetration of the ingredients into the skin.

When applied to clean, slightly warm and damp skin morning and night, LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum is said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity and firmness, increase hydration and smoothness, give you a glowing complexion, and even firm and tone the muscles in your face.

LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum Pros and Cons

Before deciding to purchase a new product, it is important to consider both the pros and cons.

Advantages of LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum

  • LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum claims to use ingredients, such as biopeptides and antioxidants that have been shown to improve the look and health of skin.

Disadvantages of LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum

  • LorDaVie does not list the actual ingredients in the product.
  • At $129.99, LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum is quite expensive.
  • LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum offers a deceptive “Free Trial Offer”.  It is advertized as free, but unless you call and cancel within 12 calendar days of ordering the product, your credit card will be charged $85.95 for the “free” product.  In addition, you will be sent more LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum automatically each month and charged $85.95 for each shipment.  The $85.95 is a significant discount off the regular price of $129.99, but still quite expensive.  12 days from the date you order the product is hardly enough time to determine whether or not you’re happy with it, especially when you consider that normal shipping times are 5-7 days.

    These kinds of offers (called negative option offers) seem to be quite common in the anti-aging skin cream business, and a few of these companies are developing negative reputations as a result.  LorDaVie is relatively new on the scene, and already there is a published complaint from a customer who ran into quite a bit of trouble when trying to cancel her membership.

  • LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum offers a 30 day money back guarantee, but only if you return the product unopened.  And you will be responsible for paying all shipping charges and a 15% restocking fee.

Where to Buy LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum

LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum is only available online through their own and affiliated websites.  If you order one bottle at a time, the cost is $129.99 plus shipping. If you join their Autoship program, it’s $85.95 each month, including shipping.


We can’t really say whether or not LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum works.  The only reviews by actually users we could find were a few testimonials on the LorDaVie website.  If the peptide, nutrient, and antioxidant ingredients are used in the right combinations and strengths, it could be a useful product.  With that said, there are so many other anti-wrinkle serums available from reputable sources and at better price points.  Unless you’re very diligent about canceling on time, and prepared to battle if they don’t follow through with your cancellation, we would not recommend signing up for the LorDaVie Anti Aging Serum free trial offer.  Try a product with a real satisfaction guarantee or one that you can truly try before you buy.

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  • Loretta Kapp

    This is the best product I have ever used. I got the free trial after seeing the recommendation on the Dr. Oz Show. I use it every night at bedtime. The lavender oil in it gives an amazing fragrance to the product. My skin looks fantastic.The only problem I’m having is being able to order more! The website does not have an order form – only an opportunity for the free trial.

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