hairstyles for black women 2012

Latest Short Hairstyles for Black Women

hairstyles for black women 2012Latest Hairstyles For Black Women For 2012

Most black women would agree that finding the right haircut can be a chore. Quite often, the longer it is, the more maintenance and care that is required. For this reason, many African-American women are opting for short, sleek hairstyles that take little time to style and look as good at night as it did when they first styled it in the morning.

Halle Berry is probably one of the best known black women who showed the world that very short hair can be ultra sexy. Her signature pixie hairdo never goes out of style. She continues to update it by either letting the ends grow out to create short spikes or keeping it extra short for a super sleek look.

Aside from her style, there are many other popular short hairstyles for black women such as:

asymmetrical bob cut for black womenAsymmetrical Bob Cut

With this cut, you take the traditional bob cut but make the back part shorter than the sides. The front ends are then angled and tapered to make it look more finished. This style in particular usually requires a relaxing or rebonding treatment prior to the haircut since this style is a smooth, sleek look that looks its best with straight hair.

Barely There Cuts

Many black women opt to cut their hair extremely close to their heads appearing almost bald. Aside from it relieving them of constant hair treatments and maintenance, it is the type of hairstyle that is representative of the independent black woman who wants to make an impression with what she has to offer and not on the hairstyle she chooses to wear. This is also a style that can be played up with oversized earrings and accessories if the occasion should warrant it.

Layered Cuts

What used to be viewed as a white woman’s hairstyle is now finding its way into the black community. Layered cuts give hair volume while adding some texture. But for black women, the opposite is achieved since their hair is already thick. A layered cut would actually tame the thickness and make styling the hair a lot easier. What is nice about these layered cuts is that they work well with a black woman’s naturally curly hair. Or a flat iron or relaxing treatment can straighten out those curls giving it a completely different look.

extremely short cut black womanBlack women are living proof that short can be super sexy when it comes to hairstyles. And with all the newest hair treatments that are available, they no longer have to succumb to wearing the typical hairstyles that black women have had to wear in the past. The new styles, whether straight or curly, are completely wearable and accessible for black women—not to mention they look great.

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