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Lash Relonge Reviews, Ingredients, and Best Price

lash relonge reviewWhen any product claims to provide “longer, darker, fuller lashes” AND to be “safe for sensitive skin,” AND to proclaim itself “safer than extensions”…well, we had to investigate! All of those claims are made by the Lash Relonge product, as well as some comments about the natural ingredients and the speed with which the product will work. So, with all of that in mind, we started to do a bit of research and discover the truth about this eyelash lengthener.

How Lash Relonge Works and Ingredients

With the somewhat hyperbolic language on the main product page, we were very surprised to learn that Lash Relonge, from Beaute de Paris, can back up a lot of the claims. There are the clinical tests that were done to guarantee eye safety, low reaction (for those with sensitive skin), and to gauge the speed of the results. What the makers discovered was that their product increased eyelash density by roughly 55% to 82% in only 4 weeks. Some of the clinical trials showed improvements in just two weeks! The formula uses some of the most effective ingredients for the promotion of lash growth and eyelash enhancement. We found a short list (which is something that will always get our approval because it means that everything is more effective and less watered down), which contained Hyaluronic Acid, ProVitamin B5, Biotin, Pumpkin Seed, and Allantoin.

User Reviews

When we began looking for feedback we were not surprised that professionals and consumers gave it solid reviews. Not only did most consumers like the easy, liquid eyeliner-style applicator, but many also were astounded by the speed of the results. The professional reviews all indicated the validity and safety of the ingredients.

A sample review of Lash Relonge we found:

“Excellent results…that’s really all I can say about it! My sparse and thin eyelashes took six weeks to become lush and full, and it is all due to Lash Relonge.”

Karen, NY

Lash Relonge Best Price

You can find Lash Relonge available at many online vendors, but it is only through the manufacturer’s site that we found the best price. For instance, there is a lash and brow product combination for $149 and a two bottle deal for $159. The 100% money back guarantee also shows how much faith the maker has in the product.


We recommend Lash Relonge for people who are looking for a permanent improvement in the looks and condition of their eyelashes. With safe and effective ingredients, a fair price, positive feedback, and wide availability, this is a trustworthy product.

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  • carolyn calderon

    After I had chemotherapy, my eyelashes and eyebrows did not grow back. I have used Latisse, and the eyelashes did grow back, but sparsely and the eyebrows did not. I had my eyebrows tattooed so than I could stop the eyebrow pencil. I would love to try Lash Reonge, but simply cannot afford the cost of it.I found Lattise for $59.00 through will continue to look for a lower price on Lash Relonge.
    Thank You,
    Carolyn Calderon

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