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Lash In A Flash Review

lash in a flash reviewAs you search for an eyelash growth serum it is interesting to note that none of the serums promise instant eyelash growth, because when think about it if we want our eyelashes to look as if they have grown overnight we just use mascara.  The goal of a good eyelash growth serum is to make eyelashes appear so much nicer naturally that it greatly reduces the need to wear a large amount of mascara.  Lash In a Flash labels itself as a natural eyelash growth enhancer that promises to strengthen and fortify the lashes from root to tip.  By strengthening the hair follicle itself, this product works to reduce the issues of lash fallout and lash breakage.

Product Overview

Lash In a Flash is designed to allow your eyebrows to reach their full natural growth potential.  It uses a distinctive dual tip applicator in order to accomplish this goal.  One end is designed to be used during the day, while the other end is specially formulated for use at night.  One of the things to keep in mind is that it does contain prostaglandin, which has been associated in some cases with eye discoloration.

Consumer Review

One consumer that tried this product stated:

“Having researched the topic pretty thoroughly the prostaglandin issue is a bit concerning, but really there are a lot of products where people have reported a recurring issue and they are still in use.  Plus it seems that the prostaglandin is the best way to accomplish the rapid lash growth that women are really looking for.  The serum applies easily and there was not way to tell that it had been applied under the regular mascara after it had been allowed to dry thoroughly.  Still a bit wary of the fact that the product cannot be returned or exchanged, but there seems to be some pretty good growth of the eyelashes after three weeks of using the product, so there will be no need to return it.”  – Lily, Georgia

Where To Buy

As with many of the products that turned out to contain prostaglandin Lash In a Flash is not sold by as many online retailers as it once was.  It can still be purchased from the manufacturers’ website for $99 a tube.  The two month supply lasts for about 2 months but that is still a pretty steep rice for the product.  It is actually a better idea to shop around a little more in this case.  Some searching turned up an online retailer selling Lash In a Flash for $60, which represents a significant amount of savings.


It is a simple fact that when you choose to use an eyebrow serum that contains prostaglandins you are running a risk.  The research into the matter that occurred after the eye discoloration cases began to crop up showed a fairly direct link to the prostaglandins.  Having said that, there are many people who have used the eyelash serums that contain prostaglandins who have not experienced any eye discoloration or eye irritation.  The prostaglandins were a key ingredient in most of the original eyelash growth formulas because it actually does helps to promote eyelash growth.  If you do not mind taking a chance with the prostaglandin issue Lash In a Flash does work.  Just be sure to follow the directions carefully and apply the eyelash serum as recommended twice a day.

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  • Nicki

    Flash serum !! Warning do not use! Does NOT work it’s rubbish’ have used now for 6 weeks and NO change,

    But li lash does work


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